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Rhinoplasty Healing Time – For The Natural And Stable Nose

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Different from the older technique, nowadays, rhinoplasty will affect the 2 main parts of the nose, which are the tip and the dorsum of the nose, allowing the result to last longer. So how long is the rhinoplasty healing time?

Rhinoplasty Healing Time
Rhinoplasty Healing Time

How long is the rhinoplasty healing time?

The rhinoplasty healing time is a matter of great concern to many customers, especially those who do not have much time to recover.
With any surgery, there will be inflammation, swelling at the surgical site. Similar to other rhinoplasty techniques, the rhinoplasty healing time for it to no longer be swollen depends on the skill of the surgeon and the body condition of the patient.
If using autologous cartilage, the rhinoplasty healing time will be shorter than that of artificial rhinoplasty. The time it takes for a rhinoplasty to heal depends on how well you subside the swelling after the surgery. You can use a combination of cold and hot compress. In the first 1 to 2 days you will apply cold continuously, but be careful not to let the nose area become numb. Each cold compression should only last for 5 minutes, then stop for about 15 to 20 minutes, and then start applying again.
Usually, about 10 days after rhinoplasty surgery, the nose will no longer have swelling and begin to heal. 1 month later it will be completely healed. However, you still need to monitor the results closely and oblige to the doctor’s instructions for the wound to heal quickly. In case of edema, it is necessary to have a check-up to reduce swelling and help the nose quickly become more beautiful.

Common signs of rhinoplasty complications

In some cases, if the swelling lasts longer than 5 days, it has already passed the average threshold. However, if the nose shows the following conditions, it is best to return to the hospital immediately to be checked.
+ The nose is swollen for too long without any sign of recovery: Usually, swelling will last for at least 5 days and up to about 15 days (depending on each person). However, if this period is prolonged for too long and there are no signs of improvement, it is likely that your nose is infected.
+ Nose has continuous discharge: If you have a nose with dark red discharge (light pink is normal), it is certain that the nose has been infected.
In addition, if your nose shows signs of yellow discharge or is very itchy and uncomfortable, it is possible that the nose has an infection inside.

How to take care of the nose to heal quickly

After rhinoplasty, in order for the wound to heal quickly and for the nose to be naturally beautiful, it is necessary to note the following 3 main factors:
  • How to clean and care for the nose.
  • Selection of foods.
  • Go for regular check-ups.

1. How to clean and care for the nose

Always keep the wound dry and only clean the nose with saline in the first few days after surgery.
  • Apply an ice pack for the first 2 days to subside the bruising. Do not apply ice directly to the incision. Instead, wrap the ice in a bag or thin towel and place it on the nose area.
  • During the first few days, the nose is not stable yet. Therefore, to avoid causing the nose to deviate, you should sleep in a straight position and do not let the nose collide with anything.
  • You may feel a little itching in the wound, but do not use your hands to scratch hard because this is a normal phenomenon in the body’s recovery process.

2. Selection of foods

In order for the wound to heal quickly, you need to supplement the necessary foods such as:
Protein and Calorie-rich foods for tissue regeneration: Cheese, lean meat, legumes, milk, etc.
Foods rich in Vitamin A: They help soften, smoothen, and fade scars. Therefore, after rhinoplasty, you should actively eat foods containing these nutrients.
You should also avoid the following foods:
  • Foods that cause indigestion and fermentation such as salted fish, bean sprouts, melons, etc.
  • Foods that cause scarring such as seafood, water spinach, eggs, chicken, etc.
  • After rhinoplasty, it is necessary to abstain from having stimulants such as beer, alcohol, tobacco, coffee, etc.
  • Do not eat fruits that are too sour or too hard or foods that cause allergies, etc.

3. Go for regular check-ups

Attend follow-up appointments as scheduled.

If there are any abnormal signs during the rhinoplasty healing time, you should seek a doctor to be treated in time.

When will the nose tip become soft?

To answer the question of how long will the tip of the nose be soft? Because the tip of the nose will take more time to form than the body of the nose, it will take 1 or 2 months to feel the tip of the nose to be soft and slimmer.
Don’t worry too much about the rhinoplasty healing time and when will the nose peak become soft. Technology and materials for rhinoplasty are now advanced and very suitable for the human body. If you want a faster recovery time for the tip of your nose, then you can consider having a cartilage rhinoplasty.

How long until you can lie sideways after having rhinoplasty?

On average, the period of abstinence from lying on the side that the nose specialist advises is from 15 to 20 days.
In essence, after rhinoplasty, the doctor used a stiff splint and a cotton pad for both nostrils to stabilize the nose area. Therefore, the risk of having deviated nose will be minimized as much as possible.
However, the shape of the nose in the early days is not stable, so the doctor advises the customer to avoid lying on his side until the nose recovers. When the soft tissues are filled and covered with the rhinoplasty cartilage, then the customer can lie on the side.

Gangwhoo cosmetic hospital – The facility that many trusts in

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Gangwhoo has successfully performed tens of thousands of rhinoplasty cases, helping many customers to alter their luck, become more confident, and shine brighter with a nose that is delicate and perfect.

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Hopefully, after reading this article, you no longer have to wonder about the rhinoplasty healing time and also have more experience in taking care of your nose after having the surgery. We hope that you will soon have a stable and beautiful natural nose shape. If you are experiencing any unusual signs, do not hesitate to contact us by leaving questions below or contact Hotline 0901.666.879 for free consultations.

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