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7 Rhinoplasty Complications That You Need To Look Out For

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Rhinoplasty complications are something that nobody wants to have; however, they still happen due to various reasons. This article will give you a quick run-through of 7 rhinoplasty side effects that you need to be alerted of and treat immediately.

Rhinoplasty complications
Rhinoplasty complications

Is there any risk of having rhinoplasty?

Recently, there have been a lot of cases having rhinoplasty complications on the Internet and the media. Many of them are not too serious but some are very severe. This makes many wonder if rhinoplasty comes with any risks? And the answer is yes.

Rhinoplasty can cause complications depends on the severity of the case. According to the statistic, most patients encounter complications are due to putting their fate in the wrong hands as they chose to have rhinoplasty at unlicensed facilities that do not meet the safety requirements.

Complications after rhinoplasty


7 rhinoplasty complications that you need to look out for

Persistent pain and swelling

After nose surgery. the surgical area will become swollen and bruised with mild pain. This is a completely normal phenomenon.

Normally, 2-3 days after the procedure, the bruises and swelling will subside. However, if the problem does not disappear and begins to worsen, you must return to the clinic as it is a sign of rhinoplasty complication.

Swelling after rhinoplasty
Swelling after rhinoplasty

Nose redness and cartilage shift

Nose redness is a very common side effect after rhinoplasty. This is because the cartilage used is too stiff and not compatible with the human body. After a while, the cartilage no longer attaches to the nose, leading to rejection that pushes the cartilage outward.

Nose skin puncture

A more severe complication that we must look out for is the skin puncture problem.

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This side effect occurs due to the doctor’s miscalculation on the ratio of the nose skin, along with the low compatibility of the cartilage. After some time, the cartilage is beginning to be rejected, making the skin of the nasal bridge thinner and puncture it.

Deviated dorsum

The crooked dorsum is one of the rhinoplasty complications that you must look out for. The main culprit is the improper care of the nose that makes the nose comes in contact with outside factors, causing the cartilage to deviate from the original position.

Infection and necrosis

Infection and necrosis are 2 very dangerous rhinoplasty complications. The reason behinds this side effect is that the operation rooms are not sterile, creating the perfect environment for bacteria to get inside the wound. If it is not treated for a long time, infection will lead to necrosis.

Infection after rhinoplasty
Infection after rhinoplasty

Unsatisfying result

This is the least severe “rhinoplasty complication”. It can happen because the customer is not satisfied with the projection of the nose, shape of the nose tip, the width of the alar base, or the look of the nose is not satisfying to the client’s eyes.

Vision problems

If the complications above happen after rhinoplasty, this one is exclusively for filler injection.

Nose filler injection is the method of elevating the nose without the need for surgical intervention. If the doctors are not qualified or the type of filler used is low quality, the customers can encounter some very major issues. Some cases even had lead to permanent blindness.

Reasons that cause rhinoplasty complications

Inexperienced doctors with bad expertise

This is the main factor that causes rhinoplasty complications. Although the technique is not too complicated, success can only be brought by the hands of experienced and well-trained surgeons.

Entrusting your nose to inexperienced surgeons is the fastest and simplest way to destroy your own nose. Therefore, you must seek good surgeons and a reputable facility.

Giao phó chiếc mũi cho một bác sĩ không có chuyên môn, non kinh nghiệm và tay nghề là cách hủy hoại chiếc mũi nhanh nhất và đơn giản nhất. Chính vì vậy, chúng ta cần phải tìm một bác sĩ nâng mũi giỏi hoặc một địa chỉ nâng mũi uy tín.

You may find this useful: Reputable rhinoplasty surgeons in HCMC

Gọi tư vấn miễn phí

Low-quality cartilage

The cartilage quality is also a common element that leads to rhinoplasty complications like nose redness, cartilage shift, etc.

Nowadays, doctors and cosmetic experts highly recommend the nano rhinoplasty cartilage with great compatibility so that the nose will not have any allergy or cartilage rejection, limiting the risks of rhinoplasty complications.

Allergy problems

The result of rhinoplasty also depends on the patient’s body condition. Although this is not a major factor, there are some cases that the cartilage rejection is too severe, leading to the complications above.

Improper post-operative care

Rhinoplasty complications can be avoided easily with the help of logical post-operative care.

Although the surgeons have guided the patient carefully beforehand, for some reasons, the client still underestimate its importance, leading to the unwanted complications

How to treat rhinoplasty complications?

To fix rhinoplasty complications, you must consult a reputable cosmetic facility or hospital. At these places, the doctors will diagnose and determine the type of complications and their causes to come up with the safest and most effective solution.

Normally, you will have to have cartilage removal surgery. After that, you will have to wait 6 months for the nose to recover completely to undergo the nose revision.

Customers with contracted and deformed nose having nose revision at Gangwhoo cosmetic hospital

Gangwhoo cosmetic hospital – the best place for nose revision

Gangwhoo cosmetic hospital is the place that performs the best nose revision nowadays.

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The hospital has a team of renowned doctors and rhinoplasty experts who have saved the appearance of thousands of customers.

Among those people is Dr. Phung Manh Cuong, the “savior” of many with deformed noses. Many cases of rhinoplasty failure has been corrected thanks to the hands of Dr. Phung Manh Cuong.

Dr. Phung Manh Cuong - Nose revision experts
Dr. Phung Manh Cuong – Nose revision experts


Rhinoplasty is a very simple technique; however, a nose revision is a completely different story as fixing the complications after the failed surgery is a very complicated thing, meaning that not all doctors, even rhinoplasty experts can perform nose revision.

For that reason, Gangwhoo cosmetic hospital, with Dr. Phung Manh Cuong, is a trustworthy facility for those who are unlucky enough to have rhinoplasty complications.

Images of customers having nose revision at Gangwhoo cosmetic hospital

sua mui hong bvtm gangwhoo 1

The journey to get rid of all the nose flaws and self-pity of the woman.

sua mui hong mat 1 ben canh mui


sua mui hong bvtm gangwhoo 1

Hình ảnh khách hàng sửa mũi hỏng tại bệnh viện thẩm mỹ Gangwhoo

Hình ảnh khách hàng sửa mũi hỏng tại bệnh viện thẩm mỹ Gangwhoo

muihong 6

muihong 2

Khách hàng sửa mũi hỏng trước và sau

Final words

The article above has presented to you 7 rhinoplasty complications and the way to treat in. In addition, we also provide the address for a place to handle all of these problems. We hope that the reading has brought you valuable information. Thank you for your time.

If you still have some questions that need to be answered, you can contact Gangwhoo cosmetic hospital by leaving a comment down below, call our hotline 0901666879, or reach out to our fan page  www.facebook.com/benhvienthammygangwhoo!

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