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How Long Until You Can Remove The Splint After Rhinoplasty?

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Hi doctor. I just have my rhinoplasty done recently and I have to wear a nose splint. May I ask how long until I can remove the splint after rhinoplasty? Can I take it out at home by myself or do I have to go to the hospital to remove it? I would love to hear from your expertise. Thank you.

Ms. Van Anh (Bien Hoa, Dong Nai)

Dear Ms. Van Anh. Thank you for choosing Gangwhoo cosmetic hospital as the place to answer your question. Splint removal is a thing that you must do after rhinoplasty. But how long until you can remove the splint after rhinoplasty is still a mystery to many. The article below will give a detailed explanation to you and all those concerns.

How long until you can remove the splint after rhinoplasty?
How long until you can remove the splint after rhinoplasty?

How long until you can remove the splint after rhinoplasty?

Having rhinoplasty is a normal need for anyone, especially those who value their appearances. The surgery will help to elevate the dorsum, making the nose contour beautiful, elegant, narrow, and symmetrical – a total “upgrade” to the look of oneself.

As the need rises, many questions and topics come along with it. Among them is the time you will have to wait to remove the splint after rhinoplasty, a query that many have been asking since day one.

We all know that after the rhinoplasty, the doctors will put a splint and dressing on the nose to secure its position. This splint also protects and keeps the nasal dorsum in shape, which is why it is mandatory to wear a splint after rhinoplasty.

However, having a splint on the nose will affect the aesthetic look dramatically, making the patients feel inconvenient during their daily routines. Regardless, we still have to be very patient and wait for the nose to be in contour and recovered to have splint removal.

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How long do you have to wait to have your splint removed after rhinoplasty depends entirely on the doctors’ decision

So what is the recovery process of the nose will be like? A patient after undergoing rhinoplasty must go through these stages:

  • Stage 1: For the first 1-3 days, the nose will become swollen and irritated for a bit. This is a completely normal phenomenon after rhinoplasty so you shouldn’t be too concerned about it. This can be subsided quickly with cold compress.
  • Stage 2: From the 4th to the 6th day, the swelling condition will reduce greatly, with some cases even have the swelling disappeared.
  • Stage 3: From day 7-14 after rhinoplasty, the nose has now healed considerably with the wound closed and the swelling subsided. You can return to the doctor’s office for splint removal at this stage.
  • Stage 4: 1 month after the rhinoplasty, the nose has become stable and the contour is well-shaped and natural.
  • Stage 5: From 3-6 months after the surgery, the nose is now fully recovered and having its best shape. It is also very durable and can be twisted normally like a regular nose.

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One thing you need to remember that there will be a difference in the time an individual has to wait to remove the splint after rhinoplasty. For some, the period will only be for 7 days, while the others will require a longer waiting period of 7-14 days.

The doctors will decide when to remove the splint after rhinoplasty and schedule the follow-up appointment. Once due, you will need to return to the hospital to have the dressing, suture, and splint removed, as well as dealing with any occurring issues (if any).

Is it dangerous to remove the splint after rhinoplasty at home?

A splint’s purpose is to protect and secure the nose from being shifted or coming in contact with the outside environment. Therefore, you must NOT remove the splint by yourself at home. Instead, you should go to the hospital and let the specialist do their work professionally.

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If you remove the splint after rhinoplasty by yourself without consulting the doctors, the risks could be unpredictable. The most severe problem that could occur is an infection due to bacteria living in the air.

How to take care of your nose after having the splint removed?

After knowing how long can you remove the splint after rhinoplasty, you should also take some time reading the way to take care of your nose afterward.

  • You must avoid letting your nose come in contact with water or dirt as it can easily get infected if done improperly.
  • You have to clean the nose frequently using saline.
  • You should not let your nose take in any forces and must not twist or touch it.
  • You must avoid having intense activities or sports like football, swimming, jogging, etc.
  • You should limit the consumption of allergy-causing food and products that are bad for the wound like chicken, duck, seafood, beef, stimulants, etc.
  • You have to have more vegetables and fruits in your meal and drink plenty of water. (1.5 – 2 liters per day)

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What you need to stop having after splint removal

  • Stop having beef and water spinach as this food can cause keloid scars.
  • Avoid eating chicken, seafood, and fish as they can cause allergy and itchiness at the wound.
  • Stop eating glutinous products because they can cause purulence, which can greatly affect the recovery of the nose.
  • Stop or avoid smoking as the nicotine inside the cigarette is very dangerous to the body.

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Can you wash your face or do makeup after removing the splint?

After rhinoplasty splint removal. you should limit the contact with water and should only clean the wound using saline to maintain its hygiene.

All of the makeup or face-washing activity must not be done for one month after the surgery.

How long until you can return to work after rhinoplasty?

With the current rhinoplasty technology, you can return to your daily work and lifestyle immediately. However, you still need to follow the post-operative guidance and take care of the nose pursuant to the doctors’ instructions.

Should you remove the splint at home or go to the hospital?

You HAVE TO go to the doctor’s office to remove the splint after rhinoplasty. Removing it at home is forbidden.

Final words

Through our explanations, we hope that you now know the answer to the question “how long until you can remove the splint after rhinoplasty”. Thank you for taking your time reading this article. If you still have any questions, please contact Gangwhoo cosmetic hospital to receive the detailed consultation!

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