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Red nose tip after cartilage rhinoplasty – How to prevent

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Known for its advantages in bringing customers an elegant nose shape, there is still a red nose tip after the cartilage rhinoplasty procedure, even though complications rarely happen, which raises concern in customers. To identify its cause and how to prevent it, let’s find out below!

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The cause of Red nose tip after cartilage rhinoplasty

What is cartilage rhinoplasty?

When it comes to cartilage rhinoplasty, we often hear that the advantage of this method is to give the customers a naturally beautiful, Korean standard with an S-line nose shape. Moreover, cartilage rhinoplasty also lessens the risk of potential complications such as red nose tip, exposed nose bridge, or nose skin puncture.

With the help of advanced technology, the combination of autologous and artificial cartilage guarantees outstanding effectiveness, and fast and safe result.

Why are there still red nose tips after cartilage rhinoplasty?

The inflammation symptom is common after the procedure and it will eventually disappear. However, in parallel with this phenomenon, there are still unsuccessful rhinoplasty surgeries with prolonged red nose tips, which makes many customers concerned about whether this method is truly good or not. The potential reasons are:

– Low-quality clinics, poorly skilled doctors that don’t meet the technical standard of a rhinoplasty procedure, and push pressure to the nose tip, lead to redness of the affected area.

– Errors from choosing artificial cartilage materials, poor quality cartilage (too hard or too thick) that causes friction on the tip or irritates the skin causing redness.

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– Problems during the process of placing the cartilage, the size of the cartilage is too long or too high compared to the size of the nose, leading to the nasal skin being stretched too much.

– The nose skin is too thin, and can not fully cover the inserted cartilage.

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–  Atopic allergy, incompatible with the implanted cartilage. Most of the causes come from incompatible artificial cartilage material.

– Incorrect post-surgery care according to the doctor’s instructions, or excessive exercise, causing damage to the nose.

Is red nose tip after cartilage rhinoplasty dangerous?

If you only experience redness at the tip of your nose, then you can be completely assured because this is just a normal phenomenon after rhinoplasty due to its being a minor surgery and not pose any danger. However, if there’s a prolonged red nose tip after cartilage rhinoplasty and even causes persistent pain, this is a sign of an unsuccessful procedure and needs to be handled promptly to avoid further complications; the worst cases are nasal necrosis and nose skin puncture.

How long will the redness last?

After the procedure, in the first 1-2 days there will be swelling, redness, and bruising, and depending on the location, the degrees of pain are different. After 3-4 days this phenomenon will decrease and then disappears after 7- 10 days. It’s the body’s natural response. After the pain and redness are gone, the nose will gradually become compatible with the cartilage material and begin the process of recovering into a fixed form. About 1 month later, the nose and cartilage have completely adapted successfully and turned soft and natural.

However, depending on the condition of the red nose tip, there will be different ways to handle it, there are cases that just need proper care and medication, but there are also some cases where the doctor has to remove the cartilage to avoid causing more severe damage.

How to prevent red nose tip after cartilage rhinoplasty 

Even though it is considered an effective procedure with a low rate of complications, there is still the possibility of a red nose tip after cartilage rhinoplasty due to the above reasons. To reduce the risk of it, customers should be prepared:

– The first important thing is to choose a reputable cosmetic hospital to make sure the doctors have more than 10 years of experience, and enough expertise to ensure that there are no complications after surgery. In addition, at reputable facilities, modern aesthetic technologies will often be applied to ensure a safe procedure.

– If the nose skin is thin, priority should be given to choosing a combination of autologous cartilage and artificial cartilage. Under the support of autologous cartilage taken from the body, the risk of complications will be limited.

– Should only choose a moderately high nose shape, a nose too high in shape may cause an unbalanced feeling on the face and make it look fake.

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Solutions when red nose tip after cartilage rhinoplasty happens 

In case of light redness 

If there is a red nose tip after cartilage rhinoplasty, the skin of this area feels stretchy, the doctor will advise the customer to choose the best solution in this case which is structural rhinoplasty to completely change the nose structure.

In case of extreme redness

In the case of prolonged redness after rhinoplasty, the doctor must remove the old cartilage and replace it with new, better-quality cartilage. New cartilage must be carefully selected with the best quality and ensure softness, elasticity, and no irritation to the customer’s nose.

After the examination, depending on the level of redness, the doctor will specify the time to redo the procedure and the most appropriate method to fix it.

Choose a safe and prestigious address for rhinoplasty

If you have been through a process of “struggling” with a nose shape that is gradually showing signs of complications, you must choose a safe and reliable place to improve this situation. However, now there are quite a few beauty centers with many advertisements about the service in a cheap and highly effective way, but operating without a safety certificate from the Ministry of Health will cause even more damage.

In those poor-quality cosmetic centers, you will not be guaranteed the quality of the rhinoplasty procedure as well as the quality of medication and cartilage. Besides, if the doctors perform poorly, the consequences, sequelae as well as damages are even more severe. Therefore, choose a prestigious, safe, and reputable address to give your trust for a rhinoplasty procedure. They can handle the problem of red nose tip after cartilage rhinoplasty promptly for the best effect.

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Where to undergo a rhinoplasty without experiencing a red nose tip?

An important criterion right from the first step if you don’t want to have a red nose tip after cartilage rhinoplasty is carefully considering where to do it. In particular, Gangwhoo Aesthetic Hospital is a cosmetic unit that owns a team of Vietnamese – Korean doctors with solid expertise and high skills. Not only that, but the hospital is also proud to be named “Vietnam’s leading prestigious cosmetic unit” when it fully meets the following criteria:

– The doctors at Gangwhoo constantly attend advanced courses abroad, exposed to much cosmetic knowledge in the world to apply successfully in the procedure at Gangwhoo, from the most simple to the most complex one.

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– Ensuring a safe plastic surgery process, from professional reception to examination, surgery, post-operative care, and finally periodic re-examination. Everything is done in a modern, sterile environment.

– The system of facilities at Gangwhoo is a Korean architectural style and guarantees modern 5-star international standards.

– And another important factor is the modern technologies used in the process, the 3D AI computerized imaging technology, which brings the best experience. The rhinoplasty experience is especially effective, helping customers have access to the most modern technology of the 5.0 period in cosmetology.

– In addition to beautiful successful rhinoplasty cases, Gangwhoo Hospital is also a place of “rebirth” for failed surgery that experiences signs of complications and improves many cases of red nose tip after cartilage rhinoplasty.

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