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Python Fat Treats Pitted Scars – True or Fake News?

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It is true that anyone who cares about treating pitted scars has heard about the rumor that python fat treats pitted scars. So is that remedy truly effective? Let Gangwhoo plastic surgery center solve the mystery for you!

What is Python Fat?

Python fat is a type of animal oil. It is taken from a python. For a long time, our ancestor has been making use of python fat both in healthcare and beauty.

At the moment, python fat is considered to be a rare “medicine”. You can hardly get this anywhere. In addition to python fat, its blood is also used as a medicine in many different places.

In this article, we will tell you about the way that python fat treats pitted scars. Many of you must be very much concerned about how python fat is used and its benefits.

Python Fat Treats Pitted Scars
Python Fat Treats Pitted Scars

Python Fat Treats Pitted Scars – True or Fake News?

Python fat is known to have the amazing capability of treating pitted scars. Not only that python fat treats pitted scars and keloid scars, but it also helps to smoothen the skin and effectively regenerate the skin cells without causing new scars. For newly formed scars, python fat is extremely effective. However, for older scars, it would take a very long time for python fat to be in effect.

That said, whether if python fat treats pitted scars or not is still unproven by science. Therefore, treating pitted scars with python fat is something based only on rumors and stories from the past. It might not be as effective as many believed.

Experts in skin therapy also believe that treating pitted scars with python fat (especially burn scars) will only worsen the burns, causing infection if the fat is not sterile.

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For that reason, in order to keep yourself safe, you should not use python fat on open wounds. Instead, check the quality of the fat and consult a certified doctor beforehand.

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Python Fat Treats Pitted Scars

What Are The Effective Ways to Treat Pitted Scars?

As mentioned above, the effectiveness of python fat in treating pitted scars is still undefined. Therefore, when having scars, you should not use python fat. Instead, use safer and proven methods. the sooner you treat the pitted scars the better, as the efficiency will be higher.

Gọi tư vấn miễn phí

Gangwhoo plastic surgery center is currently applying the latest pitted scars treatments like LASER CO2, MICRO-NEEDLING, PRP, STEM CELLS, etc. that can offer great effectiveness. Each technology will treat a certain type of scar. Therefore, applying multiple techniques at once will help to bring about the best results.

  • PRP technology: This technology makes use of the enriched plasma (centrifuged from the blood of the patient) and the subcision technique to stimulate the production of collagen, filling the pitted scars effectively. In addition, using autologous stem cells will also prevent side effects and the reoccurrence of scarring.
  • LASER CO2 technology: The noticeable technique of this technology is that it can be applied for all cases of scarring. The laser will use a wavelength of 10.600nm to enter deep inside the scarring areas. The CO2 Laser will also act as heat treatment to reduce the size of the scarring and flatten the surface of the scars. The skin cells will be restructured to get rid of any sign of scarring quickly without causing any damage to the surrounding tissues.dieu tri seo lom 1

Come to Gangwhoo plastic surgery center, you will get to consult and discuss with experienced dermatologists. You will receive a personal regimen depending on the scarring condition to ensure the bang for the buck. By the end of the therapy, you will achieve your perfectly smooth skin!

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