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PRP Technology for Pitted Scars Treatment

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Pitted scars make you lose confidence in yourself, make you lose interest in dates and meetings. Do not be worried because the PRP technology for pitted scar treatment – skin reconstruction at Gangwhoo Cosmetic Hospital shall help you get rid of pitted scars quickly.


Pitted scars are a very common condition of men and women of various ages. Symptoms of pitted scars are tiny holes in the skin that make the skin rough and less smooth. The areas of skin with pitted scars are often rough and thick, quickly aging, making you lose confidence. This has a significant impact on daily life, especially for women.

There are many causes of pitted scars as follows:

  • The pitted scar left by chickenpox, this type of scar usually has a wide surface but is shallower and will grow scattered, not densely concentrated on the skin surface.
  • Pimple scars caused by acne, cysts, blackheads, pustules, those who have acne are not treated properly, which damages the skin and leaves deep pitted scars.
  • In addition, you can have pitted scars due to a few other reasons such as improperly squeezing acne, irritated skin, squeezing acne during folliculitis.
PRP Technology for Pitted Scar Treatment
PRP Technology for Pitted Scar Treatment


PRP stands for Platelet Rich Plasma. Treatment of pitted scars with PRP is a technology to take autologous blood and then centrifuge to take out platelet-rich plasma and use that plasma to return to the body, the area needs to be treated.

Treatment of pitted scars with (PRP) has the following benefits:

  • Proliferation of fibroblasts and enhancement of skin thickness.
  • Stimulates the synthesis of extracellular matrix and especially collagen.
  • Retain moisture, prevent the formation of wrinkles, and resist oxidizing agents that damage the skin, which can improve skin structure and increase skin elasticity.

In short, after performing pitted scar treatment with PRP, the skin will be completely restored, pitted scars, concave scars on the skin will be filled, wrinkles will fade, skin tone will be improved to be firmer, smoother, and healthier.


1. Safe without side effects

The first advantage of pitted scar treatment with PRP is the safety, no side effects, thanks to the use of autologous cells treat. In fact, it is very rare for those who undergo pitted scar treatment (PRP) to have an allergic reaction or side effect.

2. High efficiency

The platelet-rich plasma will help stimulate new skin cells to grow continuously, which is effective for treating pitted scars, concave scars, and even more effective than other invasive methods.

3. Long-lasting effects

In addition, the growth factors in the platelets also help to promote the continuous proliferation of new cells to maintain long-lasting effect.

4. Treating other skin problems

PRP not only treats pitted scars, concave scars but also can solve many other skin problems at the same time such as dull skin, dark spots, large pores, wrinkles, … After only one course of PRP treatment, the skin is completely regenerated and becomes brighter, smoother and younger.

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Step 1: Remove makeup with a makeup remover extracted from avocado that is gentle to the skin to remove makeup, skin oil, dirt, deep in the pores.

Step 2: Exfoliation on the skin.

Step 3: Wash your face with the Korean cleanser to gently clean the skin without causing irritation.

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Step 4: Have a steam bath to soften the skin and open up the pores.

Step 5: Absorb oil, wipe face with physiological saline.

Step 6: Disinfection

Step 7: Perform acne removal with 100% new medical instruments

Step 8: Disinfection

Step 9: Conduct electrophoresis

Step 10: Perform 20 to 30 minutes of anesthesia to reduce pain and discomfort during the treatment of pitted scars with PRP.

Step 11: The doctor will extract autologous blood with a special needle, this will help prevent red blood cells from breaking, ensuring the best quality of PRP.


After having pitted scars treatment with PRP, customers must comply with the following instructions for the best result:
  • Preserve carefully the stem cells at home in the refrigerator, apply 4-5 tubes per day, use in the first 3-4 days after treatment.
  • Do not touch your face for the first 4 hours, so that the treated areas above the skin are healed.
  • Wash your face: After 4 hours you can wash your face with clean water. (Preferably use cooled boiled water or Aquafina mineral water).
  • However, the skin is still “sensitive”, if you still want to use a cleanser, you have to wait 24 hours after treatment.
  • You should use a natural cleanser, it will help the skin not to be irritated. Organic brands are recommended.
  • Do not use facial cleansers with strong detergents and foams in the first 3 days.
  • Divide PRP into 14 small tubes for use in 3 days, 5 times a day: 3 hours, then reapply. Store in the cool zone of the refrigerator.
  • Avoid sunlight: Avoid going out, if you go out, you must use sunscreen, it is best to use it with a sunscreen pill.
  • After 1 week, you can take care of your skin and massage it normally.
  • Do not go swimming because the pool water has chlorum which is not good for the skin.
  • Eat and rest normally, avoid going out in the sun, avoid alcohol and tobacco.
  • Drink a lot of water and eat a lot of green vegetables to quickly recover the skin.


Finding a quality and prestigious cosmetic facility is not easy because it will greatly determine the final result. If you come to the wrong place, you may face consequences such as Infection, poor doctor skills, poor-quality facilities, etc.

Therefore, to achieve the expected results as well as ensure safety, you need to choose a famous, quality, and prestigious cosmetic hospital.

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Gangwhoo Cosmetic Hospital is always proud to provide quality skin treatment, using the latest beauty technologies nowadays, including pitted scar treatment with PRP. The treatment of pitted scars is directly performed by a team of highly qualified doctors to ensure safety and aesthetic efficiency.

Patients will be examined and given the most appropriate treatment. Gangwhoo is committed to complying with the course of treatment, the price of treatment is clearly listed, there will be no additional fee or tip.

State-of-the-art facilities and operating rooms that meet Korean standards.

Working based the Korean standards, serving customers with the greatest dedication.

Pitted scars treatment with PRP

dieu tri seo ro bang te bao goc tu than

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We hope you’ve had enough useful information about the pitted scars treatment with PRP at Gangwhoo Cosmetic Hospital. If you have any further questions or concerns, please leave a comment below or come to Gangwhoo Cosmetic Hospital for the most thoughtful consultation and advice.

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