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Pros and Cons of Cartilage rhinoplasty

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Pros and Cons of Cartilage rhinoplasty is an essential prerequisite when customers choose this service. In fact, cartilage rhinoplasty includes many highly appreciated advantages. How about disadvantages? Let’s find out below!

Pros and Cons of Cartilage Rhinoplasty
Pros and Cons of Cartilage Rhinoplasty

Definition and Price of cartilage rhinoplasty 

Cartilage rhinoplasty is a surgery that helps improve the flaw of customers’ noses by combining autologous and artificial cartilage. Autologous cartilage can come from the ear, the rib or the septum to cover the nose’s tip, while artificial cartilage is used to reshape the nose bridge.

Considered one of the most chosen services, it not only brings a nicer and more natural nose shape, but its cost is also at a moderate level. Nowadays, the cost for cartilage rhinoplasty is about 10.000.000 VND – 30.000.000 VND, depending on many factors to determine the final cost. Its advantages and disadvantages also play important parts.

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Pros and Cons of Cartilage Rhinoplasty

General knowledge

Cartilage rhinoplasty is an advanced method, that presents the innovation of cosmetic surgery and brings customers a nice shape of the nose. Before deciding whether it is the most suitable for yourself, let’s explore the pros and cons of Cartilage rhinoplasty with Gangwhoo hospital:


Cartilage rhinoplasty is a method combining autologous and artificial cartilage. Bringing a nice and natural nose shape via a process of raising the bridge, covering the tip and contouring the shape. Besides, cartilage rhinoplasty also has many other advantages that can not be ignored:

  • Autologous cartilage used to cover the nose tip can become compatible quickly with customers’ nose, lessen cartilage resistance, red nose tip or exposed nose bridge after surgery.
  • Artificial cartilage can easily be shaped to create a new nose bridge, which is aesthetically pleasing and long-lasting.
  • Suitable for those wanting an elegant nose shape, especially for South-East Asian face shapes. Support to fix and help customers own a new nose shape quickly.
  • No scars or any trace of cosmetic surgery left
  • Long-lasting refined nose shape
  • The process only lasts 45-60 minutes

Cartilage rhinoplasty is the perfect choice for a better look thanks to the above advantages.

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Besides advantages, there are certainly some disadvantages.

  • Need time to extract autologous cartilage before beginning the rhinoplasty process.
  • There are many steps so it requires the operators to be skilled with good techniques and experience to meet all the requirements for rhinoplasty surgery.
  • Post-surgery care takes time and customers need to follow an assigned diet for fast recovery.

Possible Complications

Not only pros and cons but post-surgery compilations are also taken into consideration. If operators don’t have the ability to control those disadvantages due to poor skills, old facilities, or disqualified cartilage, there are high risk of complications:

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  • Deformed or necrotic ears: For autologous cartilage, if operators perform a wrong procedure, extract too much or stop blood flow carelessly, it will lead to many unexpected dangerous situations. And if they won’t be solved in time, there is a high risk of deformed or necrotic ears.
  • Exposed cartilage: Even though the prevalence of this case is low, there’s still a possibility if operators extract too much. If the skin covering the tip of the nose becomes too thin, it will lead to exposed cartilage or even more serious situations. Once happened, it won’t look good and hard to fix.
  • Infections: The causes are unskilled operators, unsterilized surgical instruments or careless post-surgery care.
  • Allergy after surgery due to cartilage incompatibility.
  • Unsatisfying nose shape due to lack of experience from operators, wrong dose and measurement of cartilage extract, wrong procedure.


Below are what operators should take note of to have a satisfying result and reduce the risk of complications:

Do not raise the nose bridge too high

A high nose bridge can include potential risks to the quality and longevity of the nose. There are even possibilities of exposed cartilage and red nose tip that can affect the health and aesthetical appearance of the nose. Therefore, the nose bridge should be raised moderately.

High-quality, clear origin of artificial cartilage

For every cosmetic surgery, operators should choose cartilage with clear origin and high quality to prevent any complications that harm customers

Prestigious clinics with skilled doctors 

The credibility of the clinics/hospitals and the skills of operators decide 80% of the final outcome of rhinoplasty. During a rhinoplasty, if the operators are poorly skilled, it will be hard to manage whenever there’s anything happens. Therefore, if wanting to reshape your nose, you should consider a prestigious hospital with skilled operators to avoid any potential risks.

Great outcome from great credibility

Choosing a prestigious clinic/hospital is the key to solving all concerned problems of customers about the disadvantages of cartilage rhinoplasty.

  • A Safe hospital approved by The Health Ministry with many experiences in the cosmetic surgery field, provides a wide range of services to help customers archive their desired appearance.
  • A team of renowned Vietnamese – Korean doctors with many years of training abroad, They are skillful with good aesthetic vision and will help you archive a dramatic change after rhinoplasty.
  • Five-star facilities that meet international standards provide customers with the most comfortable experience right from the beginning.
  • Gangwhoo hospital also owns many advanced technologies. Among them, the computerized AI 3D X-ray photographic technology plays an important part in helping customers have an early vision of their nose shape before and after performing rhinoplasty. Providing customers with a professional rhinoplasty experience in one of the leading cosmetic hospitals.


Above are the pros and cons of cartilage rhinoplasty that Gangwhoo hospital would like to provide so customers can have a better understanding of this method as well as make a quick and exact decision. Please come and experience a professional rhinoplasty procedure at Gangwhoo hospital.


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