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What Are The Pros And Cons Of Breast Augmentation?

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What are the pros and cons of breast augmentation? Should you have a breast augmentation or not? Take a look at all the advantages and disadvantages of breast augmentation in the article below!

Breast augmentation obviously is too familiar with anyone who wishes to have a beauty makeover. This method will increase the breast size quickly without wasting too much effort. There are many different breast augmentation services nowadays. So what are their pros and cons?

What are the pros and cons of breast augmentation?
What are the pros and cons of breast augmentation?

The benefits of breast augmentation

Breast augmentation is becoming more and more popular, especially with anyone who is not confident in their chest sizes. This surgery will bring about the following:

Offer a variety of sizes

A breast augmentation will not “upgrade” your breast to a certain size but rather depends on your size and shape preference. The doctors will base on your body condition to advise you on the most suitable material and incision site.

For hidden breast augmentation, the incisions are made at some tough-to-see places. Therefore, you don’t have to worry about others noticing your surgery.

Improve your breast size quickly

There are many methods to increase your breast sizes like diet, exercises, massage, and medications. However, they require a lot of patience and persistence. Meanwhile, a breast augmentation will only cause you a couple of hours to give you the big and round contour that you desired.

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A breast augmentation will elevate your breast significantly

Allow you to dress differently

When having voluptuous breasts, women will surely feel more comfortable and relaxed. You can show off your cleavage and your curves with sexy and attractive outfits.

Having a beautiful breast behind the silk dress will definitely make you more attractive and sexy to the opposite’s impression.

Keep your marriage heat

One of the benefits of getting a breast makeover, especially for married women, is the sexy look in the eyes of their husbands. If you are already a mother and having a saggy breast makes you less confident, this is the perfect option for you.

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The drawbacks of breast augmentation

Aside from all the wonders that this procedure can provide, they can also leave some unwanted problems like:

Allergy or body incompatibility

Breast implants are made from silicone with gel, saline, or hydrogel inside. According to medical experts, silicone is widely used in breast surgery; however, it can cause some dangerous issues.

This is even more likely to happen if you choose to have cheap breast augmentation at disreputable facilities that use low-quality implants for your chest. This can lead to allergic or body incompatibility that requires the implants to be removed from the chest.

Serious diseases and health conditions

After breast augmentation, some cases show signs of chronic fever, dermatitis, arthritis, inflammation, blood clots, scarring, etc. Some severe cases even have capsular contracture and breast deformities.

Stroke and coma

Having plastic surgery at unprofessional facilities with poor expertise can lead to stroke and coma, or even death. This is very unlikely, but not impossible.

Nâng ngực lợi và hại chịu ảnh hưởng bởi trình độ bác sĩ, phương pháp nâng ngực và loại túi nâng ngực
The pros and cons of breast augmentation depend entirely on the skills of the surgeons and the quality of the hospital

Factors that can affect the pros and cons of breast augmentation

The skills of the surgeons and the facility

Keeping the breast beautiful and durable after the augmentation is based on the hands of the surgeons. The experience, expertise, and equipment used are the key factors in creating a beautiful, safe, and lasting breast. Therefore, you should choose a prestigious facility with safety and a lifetime warranty.

The aftercare and the body condition

Post-operative care and the adaptability of each person are the 2 crucial elements in prolonging the results. Although post-operative care is considered to be the step to protect the breast, not many centers are paying enough attention to it. In addition, as the breast shape and the adaptability of the body to the implants are unique for each individual, you should take extra care when following the doctor’s instructions.

Overall, breast surgery will bring about mixed pros and cons. For that reason, if you want to “upgrade” your breast, make sure you do your research carefully and thoroughly beforehand. You should only choose a reputable and trustworthy facility for direct doctor’s consultation and health examination.

If you are worrying about whether you are suitable for breast augmentation or not, you can contact Gangwhoo cosmetic hospital to talk and discuss with our doctors. They will directly diagnose and advise you on a suitable and safe procedure.

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