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How to prevent facial paralysis effectively?

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Cranial nerve 7 paralysis is becoming increasingly popular and has become the concern of many, especially those who are not equipped with effective prevention. So how to prevent facial paralysis effectively? Let this article below tell you how.

What is facial palsy?

The cranial nerve 7 main function is to control the activity of the face and neck muscle. This nerve also controls the production of the tear glands, the saliva glands, etc. Moreover, it is also in charge of the taste sense of 2/3 of the tongue and the palate. Facial paralysis can occur to anyone regardless of age or sex.

The cranial nerve 7, therefore, is also known as the facial nerve. For that reason, anyone with cranial nerve 7 paralysis also means to have facial paralysis with mouth distortion, eye closing difficulties, and the inability to close the mouth.

According to studies, facial palsy is divided into 2 types: peripheral and central facial palsy. Peripheral facial palsy is the more common type with cold exposure making up 80% of the cause of the condition. The other reasons can be due to otitis, skull damages, lupus disease.

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How to prevent facial paralysis effectively?
How to prevent facial paralysis effectively?

Some noticeable symptoms of facial paralysis

The cranial nerve 7 paralysis can be noticed simply if you care about your health. If you find yourself having the following abnormalities, you should consult a doctor to get immediate treatments.

  • First, the patient will have difficulties doing morning routines like washing the mouth or chewing. In addition, the person will also find themselves having an asymmetrical face, with distorted medial cleft, lip, and mouth.
  • When sleeping, the patient will not be able to close the eyes fully at the paralyzed side. You will not be able to whistle. Moreover, your sense of taste at the tip of the tongue will be lost, along with a worse hearing capability. This can be due to petrous bone damages.
  • The patient also won’t be able to close the eyes entirely. Their face will be stiff. The patient will also encounter problems like difficulty speaking, dry eyes, etc.

How to prevent facial paralysis effectively

To prevent facial paralysis effectively, you should do the following:

  • Keep your body warm when it gets cold. Avoid sitting close to the windows on a train or a car. Moreover, you should not be going out at night as the wind could get worse for you. You should not let the air condition or the fan point directly at you during the hot season.
  • If you have a medical history of having otitis or sinusitis, you should have them all treated as they are the culprits behind cranial nerve 7 paralysis. Look out for any temporal damages as well.
  • When finding out that you have symptoms of facial paralysis, you should head to a neuro department at a hospital for the doctors to find out the causes and prescribe medications for treatments.
  • You can head to Gangwhoo cosmetic hospital to receive consultation and treatment. This is considered to be a highly reputable and quality facility for facial palsy surgery. Gangwhoo cosmetic hospital for a long time has been known for its eyes and nose makeover. The place also offers very effective facial paralysis treatment for you to regain your beautiful face.

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We hope that the article we just shared can help you in many ways. Make sure to remember all of the ways to prevent facial paralysis effectively. Don’t forget to leave a message for Gangwhoo cosmetic hospital down below or by contacting our fan page so that we can listen to every single need of yours!

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