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Plagiarizing Lipo Ultrasound rising, beware!

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Gangwhoo Cosmetic Hospital urges everyone to be careful when looking to lose weight.  Plagiarizing, i.e. stealing and copying of our brand, imagery, and technology is being widely practiced by many bad faith actors. This is copyright violation, potentially harmful to customers and negatively affecting our reputation.

beware of lipo ultrasound media being plagiarized
Beware of lipo ultrasound media being plagiarized
Please be careful if you hear about any business claiming to use Lipo Ultrasound fat reduction technology. Gangwhoo Cosmetic Hospital would like to confirm that we are the only proprietor authorized to transfer this technology directly from Korea.

Dr. Quynh’s unit plagiarizing Lipo Ultrasound technology to defraud patients

Plagiarizing our Lipo Ultrasound techniques name is Dr. Quynh’s unit – specializing in liposuction and waist tightening. This unit blatantly stole and publicized not only the images but also the videos from us, using sophisticated techniques to extract the media and replacing it with their branding in attempt to defraud patients.

This has been ongoing for quite a while at a frequent occurrences. The media they are using are all taken from us, with reappropriated brandings using image and video editing.

Lipo Ultrasound is highly effective and trusted by many patients, thus lending the fraudsters unearned credibility and regrettably resulted in victims being misled into wasting money on these imposters.

Stay away from shady businesses plagiarizing Lipo Ultrasound to ensure your safety

The above case are not the only instance of shady businesses plagiarizing our media to advertise themselves to unsuspecting patients. We have spotted and report many illegitimate businesses to appropriate authorities whenever possible.

It is very difficult to control the plagiarizing of media due to the public nature of our media for advertisements. While we try our best to limit these illegitimate practices, patients are still urged to be careful when looking to lose their fat through medical intervention. Be especially alert against those not affiliated with Gangwhoo claiming to use Lipo Ultrasound technology to ensure safety for your health and wallet.

Against trickery employed by Dr. Quynh’s and businesses similar to the above unit, the reputation of our Lipo Ultrasound techniques has suffered negatively. Many misinformed victims took it onto blaming Lipo Ultrasound techniques and Gangwhoo Hospital by associations for their undesired and undeserving results.

tranh xa don vi nhai ten gangwhoo en

This is injustice when our technology name is used and is also affected by the consequences caused by bad and poor quality units. We speak up to protect customers’ rights and affirm the reputation and quality of Gangwhoo Commercial Hospital.
Therefore, if customers want to perform liposuction with Lipo Ultrasound technology, they need to be careful. Stay away from units that copy names and steal images because they will likely cause some unpredictable consequences. Certainly no one else but you are the one who suffers in terms of health, beauty and money.

Lipo Ultrasound at Gangwhoo, the ideal choice for a slim waist

Gangwhoo Cosmetic Hospital is a pioneer and leader in investing in modern machinery and technology. We are one of the top 5 high-quality cosmetic units in Ho Chi Minh City according to the standards of the Ministry of Health. Gangwhoo is lucky to achieve a perfect score of 5/5 for safety and quality.

bvtm gangwhoo dia chi tham my an toan en

We are the unit transferring Lipo Ultrasound liposuction technology directly from Korea. Customers who do it directly at 576 – 578 Cong Hoa, Ward 13, Tan Binh, Ho Chi Minh City will be completely assured about the effectiveness of the technology.
Lipo Ultrasound uses focused ultrasound waves to liquefy excess fat and release fat to the outside to help customers have a slim body. If applying Lipo Ultrasound technology at Gangwhoo, customers will enjoy outstanding advantages such as:


Gọi tư vấn miễn phí
  • Safe, painless, no surgery required, no scarring, minimally invasive on surrounding tissues..
  • Effective, reduce up to 10cm of your waistline after one treatment, can be performed on many other body areas such as abdomen, thighs, arms, back, chin
  • Quick, easy implementation, only takes about 60 minutes per session.
  • Quick recovery period with minimal downtime allows you to return to normal life in a short time.
  • Technology has been certified and tested before being applied to customers
  • Convenient for intensive fat removal, highly effective and safe
  • Gangwhoo’s Doctor proficient skills and professional techniques, help accurately identify and mark areas of excess fat..

Images of customer performing liposuction with Lipo Ultrasound technology at Gangwhoo

Customer feedback after performing Lipo Ultrasound liposuction technology

For the health and wealth of customers, Gangwhoo cosmetic hospital urgently informs customers to be careful when looking into losing fat using medical intervention. Don’t let underground and low-quality cosmetic facility relying on plagiarizing scam you, causing you to waste your money at best and actively causing you harm and disability at worst. Be wise when looking to reinvent yourself with a slim waist, a beautiful figure and always opt for safety and quality over promises of cheap prices.
Don’t hesitate to connect with Gangwhoo cosmetic hospital for CONSULTATION and SUPPORT if you have any other questions that need answering!
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