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Where Is A Place For Men’s Beautiful Rhinoplasty In Ho Chi Minh City?

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Where is a place for men’s beautiful rhinoplasty in Ho Chi Minh City? This is certainly the question of many men with the intention of getting a nose lift. The information given in the article below will help you to choose the facility to have a nose makeover in the “matrix” of clinics.

What is rhinoplasty for men?

A lot of gentlemen seek plastic surgery to improve their nose shape and their manliness. Rhinoplasty for men will directly change the structure of the nose, correcting the flaws like a snub nose, flat nose, crooked nose, or short nose.

For this to happen, the entire structure of the nose must be looked into to achieve the best result and the most harmonious ratio to the face. A successful rhinoplasty for men must be able to create a manly beauty and look.

Normally, the surgeon will create an incision at the nasal columella. After that, the nasal cavity will be adjusted to fix the flaws of the nose and elevate the nasal dorsum. Specialized cartilage will be used to place inside the cavity. If your nose contains too many flaws, the surgeon might have to use autologous cartilage (taken from the nasal septum, the rib, or the ear).

Right after the surgery is finished, you can see and feel your beautiful and new nose shape.

Place For Men's Beautiful Rhinoplasty
Place For Men’s Beautiful Rhinoplasty

What are the differences between rhinoplasty for men and women?

Since the structure of the nose and the cosmetic standard between the 2 sexes tend to be different, the rhinoplasty procedure for each gender is unlike the other.

  • Nose structure:

+ Women: Has thinner and small alar base.

+ Men: Has relatively bulky alar base and nasal bone with thick skin on the nose tip.

For that reason, when performing rhinoplasty for men, the surgeon will focus on the nasal bone and dorsum. This technique will require precision and dexterity, costing more surgery time.

  • Beauty standard:

+ Women: The elegant and soft S-Line nose contour.

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+ Men: A completely different story with a high nose shape, resembling a letter L from the side.

Of course, the surgeon will still have to choose base on the overall beauty of the face to give out the best nose contour.

Some notices when choosing a place for men’s beautiful rhinoplasty

The reality is that most rhinoplasty nowadays is done for women. And as mentioned above, the nose structures of men and women are entirely different, making finding a place for men’s beautiful rhinoplasty in HCMC a tough matter.

Men tend to be less open about having plastic surgery. They usually avoid consulting their friends or family about the matter. For that reason, they have to do their research on their own to find out a place for men’s beautiful rhinoplasty. One of the ways for them to do their finding is searching for a facility with many pictures of rhinoplasty for men.

Rhinoplasty for men is only increasing in popularity in recent years, with very few surgeons experienced in this service. Therefore, you should choose a place that has rhinoplasty experts to ensure the best result and safety.

For extra reassurance, you can choose a big cosmetic hospital with professional procedures. You can also check if the place has a standing anesthesiologist as the body of a man would require different anesthetic doses compare to that of a woman.

Gangwhoo cosmetic hospital – The place for men’s beautiful rhinoplasty

To fulfill all the need for men’s cosmetic makeover, Gangwhoo cosmetic hospital has received technology transferred from Korea and has successfully applied the rhinoplasty technique for men to bring about satisfaction and trust from the customers. The surgeons at Gangwhoo will give out a nose contour based on the condition of the current nose so that the future one will look harmonious and symmetrical for the most affordable price.

  • A team of exceptional and experienced doctors

Due to the complexity of each rhinoplasty surgery for men that experienced surgeons are required to ensure the aesthetic aspect and safety. Gangwhoo cosmetic hospital is proud to be the place with the best reputation and quality in Ho Chi Minh City. Having a team of skillful, dedicated, and experienced surgeons who consider plastic surgery to be their art, Gangwhoo will perform its best to give out outstanding and satisfying outcomes.

  • The aim of great quality

Gangwhoo cosmetic hospital is equipped with the most cutting-edge and modern technology delivered from Korea to ensure the best quality of services for the customers.

The operation rooms at Gangwhoo are sterile just as the requirements from the Ministry of Health to ensure safety for the clients, limiting the risk of wound infection during the surgery that can affect the recovery of the procedure.

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With its achievements over the course of time, Gangwhoo has received the trust and recognization from the patients to be a place for men’s beautiful rhinoplasty with safety and quality.

  • Safety without a scar

Unlike the traditional rhinoplasty technique that causes unwanted complications like deviated nose, nose redness, dorsum exposure, etc. The Korean rhinoplasty for men involves autologous cartilage with great compatibility with the body and durability to ensure a natural nose shape and get rid of the fear of having complications.

Moreover, having rhinoplasty for men at Gangwhoo cosmetic hospital also means that you will not have to spend too much time recovering and will not have any scars.

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We hope that with our answer to the question “where is a place for men’s beautiful rhinoplasty?”, you now have the knowledge about this procedure. If you still have any questions, you can dial 0901.666.879 or click the button down below to receive an online consultation with answers to all of your questions.

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