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Top 3 Methods of Pitted Scars Treatment with Fresh Turmeric

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Much scientific research over the past years has pointed out that the curcumin in fresh turmeric plays an important role in treating pitted scars. This is indispensable for any cream and medicine used for pitted scars treatment. This article will show you the simple pitted scars treatment with fresh turmeric that can guarantee the result of even the most effective medicine nowadays.

The use of fresh turmeric – Can fresh turmeric treat pitted scars?

Pitted scars treatment with fresh turmeric is an effective way to deal with the problem that many are rumoring about. This, to be explained by experts, is due to the curcumin active element inside that can prevent inflammation and get rid of free radicals.

Aside from curcumin, the other essences inside turmeric can generate Elastin and Collagen to fill the pitted scars.

In addition to this, the pitted scars treatment with fresh turmeric can also suppress the melanin inside to allow the scars and the surrounding regions to be evenly colored, whiter, and softer.

All of the methods of pitted scars treatment with fresh turmeric below can be used to deal with acne, whiten the skin, and minimize the pores.

Pitted Scars Treatment with Fresh Turmeric
Pitted Scars Treatment with Fresh Turmeric

Effective pitted scars treatment with fresh turmeric

Fresh turmeric is a great ingredient used to deal with scarring. However, to get rid of pitted scars or red scars, as well as dark spots effectively, you should read the most effective pitted scars treatment with fresh turmeric provided by Gangwhoo cosmetic hospital!

Pitted scars treatment with fresh turmeric

There is no need for complicated ingredients as it can be done just as simple as below:

  • Step 1: Mash or chop the turmeric into thin slices.
  • Step 2: Place the turmeric slices onto the scars. You can use cotton swabs to avoid infection and get turmeric on your hands.
  • Step 3: Leave the turmeric there for 15 minutes to allow the essence to be absorbed fully into the skin and stimulate the scars filling process. After that, you can use water or fresh milk to wash it.

For the best result of pitted scars treatment with fresh turmeric, you can apply this every day.

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Pitted scars treatment with fresh turmeric and honey

Honey is also another ingredient that can be used for skin therapy. Studies have shown that the active elements in honey can make your skin tight and get rid of the wrinkles effectively and safely. By using fresh turmeric with honey, you will be amazed by the result that you can achieve.

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For the pitted scars treatment with fresh turmeric and honey, you will need to do the following steps.

Ingredients needed: One fresh turmeric, honey, and a jar.

How to do it:

  • First, you will need to wash the turmeric, chop it, and the slices in the blender.
  • Next, mix the turmeric with one teaspoon of honey evenly and put it into the jar.
  • Rub the mixture onto the scars and massage the skin daily for 15 minutes in 1 – 2 weeks. You will soon get your white skin without any signs of scarring soon.

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Pitted scars treatment with turmeric alcoholature

Fresh turmeric contains lots of vitamin E and curcumin that can stimulate the generation of collagen to heal the wound and erase the pitted scars. By using the phenol white wine to prevent skin deterioration. Therefore, the combinations of the 2 ingredients will bring you the most effective pitted scars therapy.

How to do it:

  • Wash the turmeric and mash it.
  • Put the turmeric in a glass jar with white tine and place the jar somewhere dry.
  • Leave the jar for 1 – 2 months for use. You can rub the mixture onto the scarring regions daily for the best result.

If you wish for the procedure to be faster, you can mash the turmeric and steam it. After that, mix it with a bit of wine and rub it onto the pitted scars daily. You can also drink the wine and turmeric mixture for even better results.

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Some notices when having pitted scars treatment with fresh turmeric

Although this may have lots of effectiveness in treating pitted scars, you should keep the following things in mind to allow the therapy to go safely and efficiently.

  • Don’t use fresh turmeric for acne treatment if you are allergic to it.
  • Buy fresh turmeric only.
  • Buy turmeric from a local farm or a reputable store with a transparent origin.
  • Don’t apply the turmeric directly onto the untreated wound to avoid ulcers.
  • You should use the fresh turmeric treatment in the evening to allow the body to fully rest. In the evening, your skin will be away from the sun – a factor that can cause dark spots.
  • These methods could take lots of time so you should be patient to achieve the best results.

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Treating stubborn pitted scars at Gangwhoo cosmetic hospital

At the moment, Gangwhoo cosmetic hospital has applied plenty of advanced technology to treat the scars for the best results.

For newly formed scars, you can use pitted scars therapy using CO2 Laser. However, for stubborn scars that the roots have fully attached and hardened, the most effective method would be subcision. If the roots are not fully treated, after some time, the Collagen fibers will continue to form and hold on to the scars roots.

The best treatment there is at Gangwhoo cosmetic hospital is still Laser technology. This will beam the laser deep inside the dermis to destroy the fibrous structure, stimulating the generation of Collagen and fulfilling the scars. In addition, laser technology can so get rid of the cell damages, regenerating the cells by 10 – 45%. After having the pitted scars treatment, the skin will be elastic, tight, and strong.

Having CO2 laser treatment means that you will undergo no surgery. The laser will affect the scars, level them, and activate the healing process of the body. The elastin and collagen will fill the scars. The beam will be stable to allow the therapy to be safe and accurate. The 10.600nm wavelength can easily go deep inside the dermis and stimulate the generation of new cells to make up for the missing tissues. The CO2 Laser treatment will not require a recovery process, meaning that the patient can return to their work and daily life.

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Now that you know the pitted scars treatment with fresh turmeric will not give back the best result. If you wish to have therapy for stubborn scars, head to Gangwhoo cosmetic hospital. With its team of experienced dermatologists, you will receive the best treatments and consultations for skin therapy!

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