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Effective Treatments for Pitted Scars on The Nose

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Pitted scars on the nose are the reason why you may feel ashamed about your appearance. To deal with the condition of pitted scars on the nose, you can apply the following methods to allow the skin to be smooth and natural-looking.

What are the pitted scars on the nose?

Pitted scars are the type of scars that is hollow. They tend to have different shapes and sizes.

Pitted scars don’t cause any pain or irritation. Although they don’t affect your health in any way, pitted scars on the nose can affect your appearance and aesthetics.

Pitted scars on the nose
Pitted scars on the nose

The causes of pitted scars on the nose

There are many reasons behind the formations of pitted scars on the nose but for the most part, they are caused by the skin damages caused by acne.

  • Acne

The nose is a place with lots of follicles and sebaceous glands. This, along with the effects of environmental pollution. The nose can be the victim of many types of acne. If these conditions are not properly treated, pitted scars are easy to form.

  • Improper acne removal

Many cases of this problem are due to the severed structure of Elastin and Collagen on the skin, forming scars on the nose.

  • Wrong cosmetic use

If the cosmetic products that you are using are not quality or suitable, the skin will have acne. In fact, the acne condition could even worsen, leaving pitted scars on the nose.

  • Chickenpox

The blisters caused by chickenpox could lead to pitted scars.

How to treat pitted scars on the nose using natural ingredients

Using natural ingredients to deal with pitted scars on the nose is a simple yet effective method. These ingredients are safe and friendly to the skin. They are usually used for skincare, especially for pitted scars on the nose without worrying about skin reaction.

Pitted scars on the nose treatment using honey

Honey is believed to be the magic potion that can treat pitted scars effectively. The nutrients within honey can heal all the swellings and inflammations.

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  • How to do it:

Step 1: Rub the honey onto the pitted scars on your nose after cleaning your face.

Step 2: Leave it for 15 minutes for the honey to soak in and wash away with warm water.

Not only it is effective in treating pitted scars on the nose, but honey can also beautify the skin as well. By using honey every day, your scars will soon be filled, returning the skin to its original and beautiful form.

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Treating persistent pitted scars using Vitamin E

Treating pitted scars with Vitamin E is applied by many and is quite easy to do because Vitamin E is considered to be the essence for all skin and scars problems.

There are plenty of ways to use Vitamin E for the nose’s pitted scars:

  • Rub the Vitamin E directly onto the skin regions with scars.
  • Take Vitamin supplementary products – the maximum amount is 15mg per day for 3 – 4 weeks then stop for 1 week.
  • Supplement your body with appropriate food: Your everyday food can contain lots of healthy Vitamin E. Some of them are almonds, avocados, papaya, tomato, mango, kiwi, etc.

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Using suitable cream for pitted scars

Cream for pitted scars is the product that you can use to deal with pitted scars on the nose. The main reason is that they are more effective and can take effect quicker than skin therapy with natural ingredients. The specialized essence inside the cream can help to hasten the process of filling the pitted scars.

In addition, the nutrients can also deal with some other flaws of the skin. However, the one disadvantage of the cream is that it is only effective for newly formed scars since the tissues are still vulnerable. For people with long-term pitted scars, an interference procedure is required.

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Pitted scars therapy using advanced technology

Treating the pitted scars on the nose using the micro-needling technique will quickly take care of the flaws above. This is an advanced technology that can soften, fulfill, and regenerate the skin. The birth of pitted scars therapy using micro-needling has fulfilled the need for a complete, safe, and quick pitted scars treatment for many.

This micro-needling technology is currently applied at Gangwhoo cosmetic hospital. To understand more about this technology, please message our website to receive a free consultation from our experts!

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