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Pitted Scar Treatment for Men – Most Effective Treatment You Must Know

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Unlike women who always care about their skin, most men do not pay much attention to skin care, so once their skin has a problem, it will often be worse than those of women, and the pitted scar treatment for men is also a matter of concern today.


In fact, there are 6 main causes that make your facial skin rough and appear many pitted scars:

  • Constantly touch your face and squeeze acne: The bacteria will enter the acne wound, hide and multiply, making it difficult for the wound to fully recover.
  • Have had acne for a long time and have not been treated properly: Causing the acne scars to be necrotic and tissue loss, which creates scars.
  • Facial massage for inflamed facial skin: It will make the damaged area more widespread and deeper.
  • Improper face cleansing: When there are strong rubbing movements on the skin surface, the damage to the skin will be worse.
  • Affected by ultraviolet radiation: It is easy to make the wound difficult to heal if you do not have any protection when going out.
  • Diet: It will also affect your skin, especially with processed foods, alcohol, etc., which interfere with the wound healing process.

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Most pitted scars are caused by acne. In men, the percentage of people who know how to take care of their skin and protect it properly is very low, almost unnoticed. Therefore, the infection of the wound is more severe or the treatment is not suitable, which causes the skin to be damaged more and more badly than normal.
Pitted Scar Treatment for Men
Pitted Scar Treatment for Men


There are several male customers who often wonder if there is a technology to treat pitted scars for men because the skin condition of men is usually thicker than women in the epidermal layer of the skin, so if there is less caring for the skin, the pitted scars of men are often worse, …

Currently, the technology applied to treat pitted scars for men is the scar dissection method, which is a pitted scars treatment to the root and is suitable for severe scars. This method is an invasive procedure that works directly inside the skin cells. Dermatologists shall use a medical needle to impact the bottom of the scar to cut off the sclerosing scars located deep below, the skin surface will be completely lifted, especially there shall not be scar recurrence. This procedure will help stimulate cells to produce elastin and collagen and will break down the structure of the old pitted scars.

After have pitted scars treatment, it is necessary to avoid alcohol and stimulants to make the recovery process faster.

However, in order to find the best method of scar treatment, men should consult their relatives, it is best to consult a specialist in skin treatment to be able to find the best pitted scar treatment method for men.

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Although the pitted scars treatment for men using scar dissection method has become familiar in most beauty salons in our country. However, the scar dissection method is considered a difficult method, requiring experienced, highly qualified, and dedicated doctors for this method.

Therefore, to have the best results, you need to come to a reputable cosmetic facility to avoid wasting your money.

At Gangwhoo Cosmetic Hospital, every procedure is carried follows a standard to ensure safety and effectiveness and is carried out by a team of doctors with years of experience in the cosmetic industry. Gangwhoo Cosmetic Hospital is equipped with state-of-the-art machinery systems and advanced equipment, Gangwhoo is committed to bringing the best results to customers.

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Especially, Gangwhoo Cosmetic Hospital always offers plenty of promotion programs with an extremely favorable price to help customers save money.

With the trust of thousands of customers who had pitted scar treatment here. Gangwhoo Cosmetic Hospital affirms its prestige with the following commitments:

  • The pitted scars will improve gradually after the treatment is done.
  • The procedures will be conducted safely and compatibly to all customers and cause no side effects.
  • Surgeon tools are sterilized according to medical standards.
  • The tools used are completely new tools and only used once.

Gangwhoo Cosmetic Hospital hopes you’ve had for yourself the most appropriate pitted scar treatment method thanks to this useful information above.

Pitted Scar Treatment for Men
Pitted Scar Treatment for Men

If you have any further questions or concerns, please contact our Hotline: 0901.666.879 or directly visit Gangwhoo Cosmetic Hospital for free advice and guidance.

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