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Pink Smile Lip Spraying – For Bright and Forever Young Smiles

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Pink Smile Lip Spraying is said to become more and more popular among women and sisters in recent years. With this Korean beauty method, you will have brighter, younger, attractive, and more natural lips. Brighter lips help you stand out and become more attractive.

As a woman, anyone must have used to have dried lips, dull lips,…that make them lose confidence in daily communication due to their unattractive lips. Even though lipsticks can improve this problem, it is also one of the main reasons why your lip is damaged.

Understanding this, experts have studied and invented the Pink Smile lip spraying method to help customers to get rid of this problem after only one course of treatment. Do you want to know more about this method? Read the article below to understand it better.

What is pink smile lip spraying?

Pink Smile lip spraying is a method that the specialists will use a micro sprayer to apply tattoo ink into the epidermal layer of the lips to lighten its color. Then a layer of natural collagen essence will be applied to preserve the softness, beauty of the lips and simultaneously boost the recovery process.

This cosmetics trend is very popular among women and sisters. This method not only lightens dark lips like other methods but also boosts the collagen production on the lips that makes the lips softer and more attractive.

On top of that, the Pink Smile method is carried out quickly, you will not feel any pain or discomfort during the procedure, and you need not to rest afterward.

Phun Môi Pink Smile Khiến Nụ Cười Thêm Xinh
Pink Smile Lip Spraying For Prettier Smile

The advantages of pink smile lip spraying

The Pink Smile lip spraying method brings to you outstanding advantages as follows:

  • Completely improve dried lips, pale lips, dull lips, deviated lips.
  • Lighten and make your lips brighter, fresher, and softer.
  • Reshape your lip border, create a visually thicker or thinner look for the customer.
  • Preserve softness, the elasticity of the lips, and prevent aging, lip damage.
  • The procedure ensures safety, no swells, and no rest.
  • The ink used in the procedure has natural quality without any toxicity, and the color can last over time.
  • The trendy new lips can last up to 3 years.
Phun Môi Pink Smile - Tư Tin Khi Mỉm Cười
Pink Smile Lip Spraying – Confidence In Your Smile

The process of pink smile lip spraying

At Gangwhoo Cosmetic Hospital, the Pink Smile lip spraying method follows an international procedure. This method is directly transferred to Gangwhoo and strictly supervised by the experts to ensure the best result for the customers.

  • Step 1: The specialist will examine the customer’s current lip condition to suggest the most suitable method. Depending on the hair, skin color tone, the specialist will suggest the most suitable color spray for the customer.
  • Step 2: The specialist will remove the makeup layer and perform lip hygiene. At the same time, the dead skin cells will be removed in order not to badly affect the procedure.
  • Step 3: Different sets of toolkits will be assigned to each customer during the procedure. To ensure safety, the specialist will perform sterilization before the procedure.
  • Step 4: The exclusive anesthesia technology will be applied to numb the lips area so that the customer will not feel any pain or discomfort.
  • Step 5: The specialist will perform the Pink Smile lip spraying procedure by using a tattoo machine with a microneedle to spray tattoo ink into the lips area. This has to be performed carefully and precisely to avoid uneven color tone. Then a layer of moisture will be placed on the lips surface to enhance the softness.
  • Step 6: The specialist will inspect the result one more time and instruct the customer on how to do self-care at home for the best result.

Lip spraying, tattooing price list at Gangwhoo Cosmetic Hospital

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Service Price Discounted price
Heaven Powder Brow Spraying 2,000,000
3D Ombre Brow Straying 4,000,000
Perfect Microneedle Brow Spraying 5,000,000

Shading Luxury Brow Spraying


Anthropology Brow Spraying


Discolored Brows Treatment


Brow Revision (Mildly Damaged Brow)


Brow Revision


Upper Lid Spraying


Lower Lid Spraying


Diamond Lip Spraying


Pink Smile Lip Spraying


TBG Lip Needling Spraying


Nano Lippi Lip Spraying


Dark Lip Lightening for Men/Women


Nipple Lightening


Multi-Line Brow Sculpting


Sculpture Revision (Mildly Damaged Brow)


Meliora 9D Brow Sculpting


Ordill Sculpting


Sculpting Revision

Phun Môi Pink Smile Khiến Đôi Môi Thêm Quyến Rũ
Pink Smile Lip Spraying For Prettier Smile

Why should you choose Pink Smile lip spraying at Gangwhoo Cosmetic Hospital?

Gangwhoo Cosmetic Hospital is a prestigious cosmetics facility for customers to do Pink Smile lip spraying. This technology is transferred to Gangwhoo directly from Korea, it has a strict procedure and supervision for the best result.

The Pink Smile lip spraying of Gangwhoo is highly recommended by women and sisters. Hundreds of sisters became more confident in themselves after doing Pink Smile lip spraying. Our hospital is equipped with state-of-the-art facilities, machinery systems, and the top doctors, nurses, cosmetics experts to help you to achieve your dream beauty.

Gangwhoo is also an international cosmetic hospital with various beauty methods. We can help you to eliminate anybody defects you have. The hospital also focuses on investing, updating the latest beauty trends to serve our customers.

These are the essential information of the Pink Smile lip spraying method for you. if you have any questions or concerns, visit Gangwhoo Cosmetic Hospital to have further consultation.

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