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Effective Persistent Keloid Scars Therapy

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During our life span, we encounter various injuries in our life, leading to keloid scars all over the body. Normal scarring wouldn’t be much of a problem, but keloid scars are different as they can damage the aesthetic of a woman. So where can you find persistent keloid scars therapy? Let’s Gangwhoo cosmetic hospital answer your question today!

What are persistent keloid scars?

Keloid scars are formed due to the body’s healing factors. When the generated amount of Collagen exceeds the needed threshold, the damaged region will rise. In addition, the rapid generation of fibrous tissues inside the dermis is the reason causing the keloid scars to become bigger. Although they don’t cause any pain or itchiness, they can affect your skin aesthetically.

Keloid scars show up the moment the wound healed in the form of dark red color with sizes vary by injuries. When you give it a look, you can see that it is tightened and with veins visible underneath.

The longer the scars persist, the further they spread away from the original area with different projections and harder than other regions of the skin. Experts suggest that you should get persistent keloid scars therapy as soon as possible as they will become darker and bigger over time.

Not only that, the tissues and collagen over the course of time have formed firmly under the skin, causing the wound to harden and making it more difficult to treat completely.

The persistent keloid scars cannot be treated using natural materials as they can only affect the surface of the skin and cannot impact the dermis and hypodermis to improve the structure of the skin. This condition can only be treated with more in-depth therapy. Treating keloid scars with natural methods can only be effective for new scars, not persistent ones.

Persistent Keloid Scars Therapy
Persistent keloid scars therapy

Persistent keloid scar therapy with advanced technology

1. Cryotherapy

By freezing the area with liquid nitrogen, the veins will be damaged, creating the opportunity to destroy the collagen and fiber structure and flatten the scars.

This persistent keloid scars therapy is very effective with few complications and is applied at major hospitals. You need to keep in mind that the freezing time must be under 25 seconds to avoid losing the pigments and the freezing region must not be bigger than the scars as it can cause the scars to expand.

This persistent keloid scars therapy using cryotherapy must be done 4-10 times, with the time between each session being 3-4 weeks.

2. Laser therapy

This technique is applied for keloid scars that are difficult to treat. This persistent keloid scars therapy using the laser will be based on the mechanism of using wavelength to flatten the scars. Each scar might require different laser therapy. For example, yellow lasers can be used to treat keloid scars.

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Among all the cosmetic procedures, laser therapy is the most effective method in treating keloid scars and whitening the skin.

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3. Mesotherapy

Persistent keloid scars therapy using essence (also known as mesotherapy) is done by injecting essences deep inside the dermis with a tiny syringe to nurture and recover the skin. These essences will help to break the connection between the scars tissues, stimulate the transformation of skin cells, and generate elastin and collagen to fill the wound.

This will not only treat persistent keloid scars but also balance the moisture of the skin, softening it to eliminate the flaws of the skin. Essence injection will not only quick but also aesthetic and safe, causing no pain and negative impacts to the surrounding tissues.

Điều Trị Sẹo Lồi - BVTM Gangwhoo
Keloid scars therapy at Gangwhoo cosmetic hospital

What Gel is effective for persistent keloid scars therapy?

1. Hiruscar gel

Hiruscar gel is a type of cream that flatten the scars, moisten the skin, protect the scars from UV light, and regenerate the cells so that the skin is naturally whitened and smoothened.


  • Can be used for moderate keloid scars.
  • Works best on scars under 2 years of age.
  • Offers results after 8 weeks.
  • Contains safe and non-allergic ingredients.


2. Sodermix Cream

Sodermix cream is made from green tomatoes which help to prevent the overgeneration of collagen. It can also prevent itchiness for those with other skin conditions.


  • Contains safe ingredients for all types of skin.
  • Offers visible results after 8 weeks.

sodermix cream

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3. Mederma Advanced Scar Gel

Mederma is a type of product that can be used at home to flatten the keloid scars on the skin caused by injuries.


  • Can be absorbed quickly to prevent the skin from losing moisture.
  • Assists in the exfoliating process of the scars.
  • Treats keloid and pitted scars quickly.
  • Contains harmless ingredients to the skin.

mederma advanced scar gel

Facility to have effective persistent keloid scars therapy

Nowadays, there are many different techniques of persistent keloid scars therapy. Some of them are already mentioned above like cryotherapy, laser therapy, etc. These treatments can affect the keloid scars greatly. However, as the condition of the scars can continue to grow, many cases have a reoccurrence. The result, therefore, will not very long.

Gangwhoo cosmetic hospital chooses the internal methods of using essence (Mesotherapy) to subside the accumulation of collagen, flatten, and minimize the scars. If the recovery of the skin is optimal, the scars will fade away and heal. If your scars are new, the therapy’s proficiency will even be higher than the persistent ones.

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Keloid Scar Treatment
The cost of persistent keloid scars therapy is from 200,000 VND to 3,000,000 VND depends on the size of the scars.

This is some information about the persistent keloid scars therapy that Gangwhoo cosmetic hospital has put together to help you understand it more. We hope that this will help to lower your anxiety of scars and be more confident in yourself.

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