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The persistent facial palsy procedure at Gangwhoo

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Can persistent facial palsy be treated? What facility is reputable for the persistent facial palsy procedure? The article will answer the question.

Cranial nerve VII paralysis (facial palsy) can happen to all ages with the main cause being sudden cold exposure. The condition can make the patient feel less confident in their life as their daily routines and appearance are greatly affected. For that reason, finding a prestigious facility to have facial palsy treatment is the concern of many. Let’s take a look at the persistent facial palsy procedure at Gangwhoo cosmetic hospital that is studied and researched by the experts and doctors here.

Khách hàng điều trị liệt mặt tại BVTM Gangwhoo
Customers having facial palsy treatment at Gangwhoo

What is facial paralysis?

Facial paralysis or cranial nerve 7 paralysis is due to the damages like inflammation or immense pressure onto the natural functions of the face, causing malfunctions and complete paralysis. This can happen to all ages and gender. However, people under 15 or over 60 have a lower chance of getting the condition.

When having cranial nerve VII paralysis, the person will have difficulties functioning one side of the face. This makes the patient cannot express the emotion, eat properly, talk, or taste.

It does not only affect the functions of the patient but also the appearance of them as well. The person will have an asymmetrical face, ptosis, and the inability to fully close one eye.

Finding out the condition and having appropriate treatment will greatly increase the health of the patient. In addition, choosing a reputable facility is also important as well. Next, we would love to have you take a look at the persistent facial palsy procedure at Gangwhoo cosmetic hospital that is highly recommended by many,

Điều Trị Liệt Mặt (Chỉnh Liệt Dây Thần Kinh Số 7) Hàng Đầu Việt Nam

How to treat persistent facial palsy?

Step 1: Consultation

After seeking Gangwhoo cosmetic hospital for facial paralysis treatment, the patient will be directly diagnosed by experts on their facial muscles. After that, the doctors will explain all the questions related to the condition. The patient will be provided with information about the persistent facial palsy procedure, including the steps to help patients understand and feel more confident in the treatment.

For severe cases, the patient will have to discuss with Korean experts to choose out the best and most effective treatment.

điều trị liệt mặt
The new face of Ms. Phuong after years of suffering from the condition

Step 2: General health assessment 

To ensure the safety of the patient during the persistent facial palsy procedure, general health examination is never mandatory. The doctors will thoroughly check the health of the patient with tests on drug reaction, sugar level, blood pressure, and CT scan.

Gọi tư vấn miễn phí

This is to determine if the patient’s health is qualified for surgery or not.

Bác sĩ Phùng Mạnh Cường chuyên gia chỉnh liệt mặt tại Gangwhoo
Dr. Phung Manh Cuong – Facial palsy experts at Gangwhoo cosmetic hospital

Step 3: Sterilization and Anesthetization

With the exclusive technology at Gangwhoo cosmetic hospital that has got recommended greatly by experts at the International Plastic Surgery Conference, the patient will not suffer any pain or discomfort during the facial paralysis surgery. The patient will be completely awake to cooperate with the surgeons for the best operation.

  • Gangwhoo cosmetic hospital will make use of a specialized needle imported from Korea with a tip smaller than your hair to ensure a painless feeling.
  • The injection will not be made before the anesthetization.
  • The anesthetization will be done at your bottom where there is little to no nerve.
  • Gangwhoo cosmetic hospital will use the least amount of certified and safe anesthetic as possible.

Step 4: Facial palsy surgery

The details of the procedure will depend on the specific condition and the time that the patient has suffered from the problem.

điều trị liệt mặt
The appearance of Ms. Loan after 40 minutes of procedure

Bước 5: Aftercare

The patient will be taken care of at the post-anesthesia care unit for further monitoring. Before leaving the hospital, the patient will receive complete instruction on the diet and the aftercare.

The persistent facial palsy procedure will have the best effect if the condition is identified early and properly treated. Choose Gangwhoo cosmetic hospital to receive your effective and safe treatment today!

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