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Double Light Permanent Hair Removal – Effectiveness Up To 99%

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Is the cost for permanent hair removal expensive? What are the benefits of permanent hair removal? Is it hurt? Does it have any influence? That is what most women who intend to do it are concerned about.

Right now, so that your questions can be solved in the most satisfactory way, please follow us to find out through the following article!


1. What is permanent hair removal?

The method of permanent hair removal is a direct impact on the hair follicles, and hair roots to completely remove hair or cause hair to stop growing. In case of regrowth, it is also weak and pale in color, make sure aesthetics.

The areas in which people often need permanent hair removal are the legs, arms, bikini, and armpit or face.

Therefore, the need for permanent hair removal on the body is essential to maintain healthy hygiene habits, and bring aesthetics and confidence to many people. Women usually more remove hair than men do, however, both men and women should clean their body hair.

Permanent Hair Removal
Permanent Hair Removal

2. Permanent hair removal using old technology

New-Elight is the method by uses high-frequency light to root hair follicles. The spectral rays go deep inside the hair follicle, “burning” the hair, making it impossible to grow back.

New-Elight equipment combines a cooling system – Sapphire ice helps to cool down during the process. As a result, the method does not make people feel pain, burning, or heat like many old and outdated technologies.

The results of New-Elight bring 90% effectiveness, but the ability to grow hair quickly after a short time of use.

3. Permanent hair removal by using DOUBLE LIGHT technology

OPT – Double Light hair removal technology is one of the most effective methods of hair removal by experts today, not only eliminating but also permanently, ensuring safety for all skin types. Besides, during the session, customers can completely relax, without pain, giving smooth white skin.

OPT – Double Light hair removal is a combination of IPL – RF technology that absorbs melanin in the hair, transmits energy to the end of the hair follicle, and destroys all hairs from the very beginning.

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OPT hair removal with OPT – SHR goes deep and destroys sources of nutrients to feed the hair, making the hair weaker and softer, falling off naturally.

OPT – Double Light also contains a light strip that creates a barrier to prevent hair regrowth.

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Hair removal with high safety, suitable for all skin areas

The Double Light method is painless, safe, and suitable for all skin types.

The effectiveness of permanent hair removal is up to 99%.

OPT – Double Light hair removal uses IPL – RF technology to absorb the melanin thereby eliminating all hairs when its first layer

Hair removal at the root does not cause burning, pain

This method uses light to remove hair. Therefore it does not cause burning or pain.

Short time and economical hair removal treatment

With only one course of treatment in a short time, you can completely remove that hateful hair without regrowth.

Overcoming all disadvantages of old and outdated technology

With disadvantages such as causing heat, easy hair regrowth, and rough skin, Double Light has completely solved these problems.

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When you come to Gangwhoo Cosmetic Hospital, you will get:

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  • Experience a professional examination and consulting environment according to international standards
  • A team of highly skilled and well-trained medical doctors from abroad.
  • Gangwhoo Cosmetic Hospital always focuses on improving equipment and machinery as well as the latest beauty methods.
  • Every year, the doctors here are invited to attend research sessions, seminars, and research on cosmetology by leading cosmetic organizations in the world: Germany, the USA, Korea, India… 

This helps the quality and prestige of Gangwhoo Cosmetic Hospital increasingly be affirmed in Viet Nam.

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1. Permanent hair removal services at Gangwhoo Cosmetic Hospital

  • Armpit hair removal

Armpit hair removal is currently priced at 8,500,000/10 times.

  • Facial Hair Removal

Facial hair removal is currently priced at 1,900,000/10 times.

  • Arm and leg hair removal

Arm leg hair removal is currently priced at 2,600,000-3,300,000 / 10 times.

  • Permanent hair removal of the bikini area

Bikini hair removal is currently priced at 3,000,000 / 10 times.

  • Abdominal hair removal

Hair removal on the abdomen is currently priced at 4,900,000/10 times.

  • Full-body hair removal

Body hair removal is currently priced at 13,000,000/10 times.

2. Permanent hair removal process according to international standards.

Coming to Gangwhoo Cosmetic Hospital, customers are completely assured because the surgical procedures here are all performed according to the standards of the Ministry of Health, and rigorously tested for all sterility criteria.

Step 1: Consulting and checking whether the customer’s health condition is eligible to use the service or not.

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Step 2: The doctor will measure and mark the areas that need to be removed, helping to overcome the defects of the skin that needs to be changed.

Step 3: Prepare mandatory aseptic steps before the hair removal process.

Step 4: Start the hair removal process.

Step 5: Finish the area to be cleaned and cleaned for the last time.

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3. How much does DOUBLE LIGHT technology for permanent hair removal in Gangwhoo

For DOUBLE LIGHT technology for permanent hair removal, the fee will depend on each customer’s situation. And on the occasion of this June, Gangwhoo Aesthetic Hospital is having many attractive offers… you can contact us to know more!


Skin care routine

Hair grows on the skin to protect the body, and limit dirt and bacteria from outside. After hair removal, this protective layer is lost. Therefore, the skin needs to be taken care of more carefully to avoid inflammation.

Use it with saline every day, especially after going out or sweating. At the same time, use exfoliating and moisturizing products to deeply nourish from the inside for healthy skin.

What to do after permanent hair removal? Absolutely do not scratch or apply any medication. It is normal for the skin to be itchy or red after permanent hair removal because under the skin there are new hairs that cause mild itching.


After permanent hair removal, you should choose mild makeup products, extract natural ingredients, and limit the use of strong detergents.

Choosing clothes

After hair removal, you should prioritize choosing loose, airy, good absorbent clothes. Absolutely do not wear tight clothes, because they can rub against the new skin area, causing redness and discomfort during daily activities. 

If it is armpit hair removal, be careful not to wear tight underarms like a croptop because it will cause the skin under the arms to sweat, which is harmful to hair removal, even causing the skin to become inflamed.


What to do after hair removal? You need to have a nutritious diet, eat a lot of fruits and vegetables, and drink a lot of water. Besides, you also need to go to bed early so that the skin can be exchanged better.

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Can totally remove hair after only 1 time?

Normally, a hair removal treatment requires at least 5-10 times, once a week. In some areas, it takes even longer. Therefore, if you only remove hair once, it is not possible to completely destroy the hair.

How many times to remove facial hair?

Most people are advised to cleanse 6-10 times, each time 3-6 weeks apart… In addition, different body conditions also have different treatment results, especially for guests with unstable factors who often require more treatment.

How many times to remove leg hair?

Similar to the question above, how many times it will go away will depend on the condition of the customer’s skin. Therefore, there are no specific data for how many times the leg hair removal will completely go away.

Does hair grow back after permanent hair removal?

Permanent hair removal does not cause hair to regrow, but only finer, thinner, and silkier hairs. These hairs are hard to see so it is not unsightly.

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So we have finally come to the end of the journey to find out the questions surrounding the issue of “permanent hair removal” and other related factors… Right now, if you have any questions, Do not hesitate, immediately contact Gangwoo Hospital for more advice on services!

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