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Periodontal Scaling – Enhance Weak Teeth

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Periodontal scaling helps reduce damages caused by periodontal diseases and makes your teeth healthier. This method applied advanced techniques regarding non-surgical intervention so it would not cause any pain, bleeding, or inflammation afterward.

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Periodontal Scaling – Enhance Weak Teeth

Periodontal pocket lies between the gum and tooth, it is red and can leak pus while being pressed on. This is a dangerous dental disease caused by lacking regular dental care. As a result, tartar starts to accumulate, and periodontal pockets start to form around the jaw areas.

Periodontal disease is the main reason for bad breath, toothache, or bleeding. In serious cases, this disease can weaken the teeth and cause gum recession, pulpitis… Because of this, as soon as you see symptoms of periodontal disease, you must come to a dental clinic or a cosmetic hospital for treatment.

What is the periodontal scaling method?

Periodontal scaling is a dental method that the dentist will use specialized tools to remove all the plaque and tartar, making sure to clean all the pus that causes the oral inflammation.

This method helps take care of and remove all the plaque and bacteria in the oral cavity. Based on the seriousness, the dentist will determine the most suitable solution. If the customer’s condition is mild, the dentist needs to perform periodontal scaling once; otherwise, the dentist needs to perform this method plenty of time.

Although periodontal scaling does not involve surgical intervention, the dentist needs to perform hemostatic and anesthesia methods to ensure the customer’s safety. After the surgery, the customers can come back to normal life. Although they may feel numb in the surgical areas, the feelings will soon wear off.

The advantages of the periodontal scaling method

Periodontal Scaling is considered one of the best dental methods nowadays thanks to the following advantages:

  • Completely getting rid of periodontal disease, shaken tooth, pulpitis…
  • Completely removing bacteria, dental plaque, and preventing tartar reaccumulation.
  • Keeping the gums and the roots safe, and preventing the prolonging damages.
  • Guarantee dentures’ aesthetic, and keep them healthy.
  • This method ensures non-surgical intervention and swells.
  • Quick surgery and recovery time,

The periodontal scaling procedure

At Gangwhoo Cosmetic Hospital, the periodontal method is performed by doctors will years of experience and high expertise. The procedure requires high accuracy, so an advanced machinery system is equipped to follow and prevent risks. The periodontal scaling procedure will be divided into these steps:

  • Step 1: The doctor will examine the customer’s current condition as well as make X-ray scanning to understand how the disease affects the gums and the roots area. Then the doctor will suggest the most suitable solution.
  • Step 2: The customer will use physiology saline to remove bacterias and food crumbs.
  • Step 3: The doctor will sterilize and anesthetize the surgical areas for the customer not to feel any pain or discomfort during the procedure.
  • Step 4: The doctor will use a specialized dental toolkit to clean the periodontal pockets In mild cases, the doctor will only remove the tartar and dental plaque. In serious cases, the doctor will proceed to completely clean the periodontal pockets and rearrange the tissues. The wound will be closed with cosmetic thread to ensure safety and prevent infection. If the teeth are too weak, the doctor will perform the dental correction.
  • Step 5: After the surgery, customers need to take medicine according to the doctor’s prescription. The customers also need to do dental care regularly and make the following check-up under the doctor’s instructions.

Dental Services Price List at Gangwhoo Cosmetic Hospital

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ServicePriceDiscounted price
Tartar Removal & Teeth Whitening for Adult200.000 – 400.000
Tartar Removal & Teeth Whitening for Children100,000
Dental Operculum Removal200,000
Periodontal Scaling300,000

Why should you choose periodontal scaling service at Gangwhoo Cosmetic Hospital?

Periodontal disease is very common nowadays. So you should see your dentist regularly for dental care and check-up. Gangwhoo Cosmetic Hospital is a prestigious place for you to have dental care and keep your teeth bright and healthy.

Periodontal scaling is one of the most chosen dental methods by the customers. This method is performed directly by cosmetic experts. Advanced technology and machines will be used for the fastest and most accurate results. Hence, all of the above are made to ensure safety and positive outcome for the customer.

As an international cosmetic hospital, Gangwhoo offers you the latest beauty technology in the world. Nowadays beauty plays an irreplaceable role, cosmetics trends are becoming more and more important every day. Gangwhoo is a place that helps you achieve your desired beauty.

In conclusion, the periodontal scaling method helps get rid of periodontal disease, gingivitis, tooth decay…safely and make your teeth brighter, healthier. If you are suffering from these diseases, come to our hospital for further consultation.

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