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What is periareolar breast augmentation?

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What is periareolar breast augmentation? What are its benefits and limitations? Where are the implants placed inside of the breasts?

Periareolar breast augmentation is one of the favorable techniques that many women choose to have nowadays. What is this technique about? When having breast augmentation with it, what will you gain and lost? Let’s find out in the article below.

What is periareolar breast augmentation?
What is periareolar breast augmentation?

What is periareolar breast augmentation?

Periareolar breast augmentation is not only the choice of Vietnamese women who want to improve their breasts but also international ladies as well. The reason is that this method will not leave scars like the traditional techniques.

The incisions will be made at the areolar, an area with dark color, so that the scars will blend in with the surrounding surface, making it nearly invisible to the eyes. First, the surgeon will create a small incision at the areolar. After that, they will create the breasts cavity and place the implants inside.

Dr. Phung Manh Cuong explains the periareolar breast augmentation

The 2 common placement locations for the breast implants are under the chest muscle or under the milk glands. The customer will choose this based on their need so that the surgeon can bring about the most natural results.

However, this technique would require great expertise, meaning that the standing surgeon must be equipped with the necessary knowledge and the dexterity to successfully perform safe periareolar breast augmentation for the customer.

Therefore, before making the final decision, you need to do your research on the facility and the standing surgeon at the place to see if they are truly reputable and professional or not. Otherwise, things could get serious sooner than you could notice.

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The advantages of periareolar breast augmentation

It is no coincidence that periareolar breast augmentation is widely chosen by so many women. Comparing to the traditional methods, this technique offers many great benefits.

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The incisions are made at the center of the breast, allowing the placement of all the breast implants possible. Moreover, this procedure also allows you to combine the breast lift at the same time, limiting the chance of having saggy breasts in the future.

Moreover, getting a periareolar breast augmentation will lower the risk of having scars after the surgery. The scars will either never be formed, or be bare visible thanks to the synchronized color with the areolar.

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Periareolar breast augmentation lower the chance of having scars

The limitations of periareolar breast augmentation

There are good sides and bad sides to everything, and periareolar breast augmentation is not an exception. The incision requires the surgeon to cut through the tissues of the gland, raising the risk of causing the loss of sensation at the areolar.

This can lead to some effects in breastfeeding later on as the milk glands might not function correctly. For that reason, if you wish to have a baby in the future, this technique might not be for you.

Additionally, if your areolar is too small or the color is too light, you will have a harder time hiding the scars. Moreover, if you have your surgery done at non-prestigious facilities, the risk of having capsular contracture is much higher as this technique affects the nerves directly.

Therefore, you should only seek an operation from an experienced and reputable surgeon to ensure no dangerous complications happen.

By getting yourself big and attractive breasts, you will never have to worry about not being breathtaking to the eyes of men. The fulfilling breasts will also help you to be more confident in your daily life and work, opening the doors to many opportunities.

Now that you have got your explanation about periareolar breast augmentation, we hope that you can choose a prestigious brand for yourself. You can contact Gangwhoo cosmetic hospital to experience the best breast augmentation services in the industry performed by skillful and experienced surgeons.

We hope that the information above has helped you to understand more about periareolar breast augmentation. If you still have any questions, you can leave a comment down below to receive immediate advice and consultation. Remember, no woman is ugly, only those who wish not to improve themselves.

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