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Perfect Rhinoplasty – For The Perfect And Elegant Desired Nose

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Perfect rhinoplasty brings you an elegant nose shape with a straight dorsum and narrow tip. Compare to the traditional methods of rhinoplasty, this is a safe and simple minimally invasive procedure. Gangwhoo cosmetic hospital proudly presents to you detailed information about the service!

What is Perfect rhinoplasty?

Perfect rhinoplasty is the modern way of improving your nose shape Doctors will use a combination of high-quality artificial cartilage and autologous cartilage to form a new nose shape. At the end of the procedure, you will possess a high and elegant nose, away from all the previous defects that you once had.

Traditionally, autologous cartilage is extracted from a part of the high compatibility rib cartilage to prevent any reaction at the skin area of the nose. The doctors will sketch a new shape of the nose to create the most suitable nose for the face.

Who is suitable for Perfect rhinoplasty?

All men and women above 18 (those under 18 years old will require a sponsor)

Customers need to change their nose shapes.

Patients will the intention to fix their defects like a broken nose, wide nostrils, snub nose…

Customers that want to change their fate and luck.

For those with a broken nose due to accidents or awry surgery can also undergo this rhinoplasty to bring back their “perfect” face.

The nose is considered to be the “pillar” of the face That is why, having an elegant, straight with a small tip will make one’s face more aesthetic. Perfect rhinoplasty is the way for you to achieve all that you have ever wanted:

  • It will give you a high and smooth nose. At the same time, your new nose will last for a long time.
  • The dorsum and the tip will fit your face perfectly.
  • High compatibility ensures that no complications or reactions happen after the surgery.
  • Effectively correct all the birth defects and disfigurations.

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The advantages of Perfect rhinoplasty.

The 5-star rhinoplasty procedures

To guarantee our patients’ safety and to bring them a natural beautiful nose, Gangwhoo cosmetic hospital conducts the Perfect rhinoplasty in a closed and sterile environment. Here are the details:

Step 1: Consultation

The customers express their cosmetic needs and flaws. The doctors inspect the current nose form to understand the situation. At the same time, the patients are informed about the Perfect rhinoplasty procedures.

Step 2: General health examination

This step is to ensure our customers’ safety. During this part, they will have to undergo some basic tests like ultrasound, examinations… To prove that they are qualified for the surgery. The doctors may adjust some technical elements to suit each individual.

Step 3: 3D render

Simulate the post-surgery outcome using 3D images. Illustrate the before and after photos of the nose for comparison. Any additional wishes from our patients will be taken for adjustment.

Step 4: Measure, sterilize, anesthetize

Directly draw the nose shape using the collected data. This allows the procedures to be more precise and favorable.

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Next, the entire area of the surgery will be cleaned beforehand. After that, the doctors will anesthetize the patient to minimize the amount of pain. One special thing about Gangwhoo cosmetic hospital is that we use our exclusive anesthesia.

Step 5: Form the nose shape using autologous cartilage

Autologous cartilage is a material that got extracted from either the helix, the rib, the temple, or the septal cartilage to be used for the new nose dorsum. This is an accurate and gentle procedure. The doctors later then use the specialized thread to close the incision after finished extracting the cartilage.

The extracted autologous cartilage will be used to create a new nose form. Depend on the facial structure and the current state of the nose, each customer will receive a different form.

Step 6: Perform the rhinoplasty

Start with making a small incision inside the nasal cavity. Then, gently and slowly extract and implant the augmentation material in. After that, quickly and precisely adjust the nose structure to create a straight and tall nose. Finally, the doctors close the incision using a cosmetic thread.

By the end of the Perfect rhinoplasty, the customer will be moved to the post-surgery special care unit. Based on the state of the patient’s health, the doctors can either let them stay at the hospital for further recovery or allow them to go home.

Nose makeover price list at Gangwhoo cosmetic hospital

Here is the official price list for rhinoplasty in Gangwhoo. Some can be discounted for up to 50% on holidays. In addition, there are special promotions for customers every month.

Click the button below to see the latest discounts for rhinoplasty at Gangwhoo


Gọi tư vấn miễn phí

Korean Rhinoplasty 870 5 years
Cartilage Rhinoplasty 1,090 10 years
3D Sline – 3D Lline Structural Rhinoplasty 1,720 15 years
4D Sline – 4D Lline Structural Rhinoplasty 2,150 15 years
6D Sline – 6D Lline Structural Rhinoplasty 3,000 Permanent
3D Nanoform Rhinoplasty 1,720
4D Nanoform Rhinoplasty 2,150
6D Nanoform Rhinoplasty 3,000
Rib Cartilage Rhinoplasty 4,290 Permanent
Nose Revision (Cases vary) 230 – 310 Permanent
Alar Base Reduction 440 Permanent
Nasal Hump Removal 879 Permanent
Nose Tip Reduction (Soft Tissues) 1,080 Permanent
Nose Tip Reduction + Nose Tip Enhancement 1,300 Permanent
Nasal Bone Correction 870 Cases vary
Bio Rib Cartilage 1,470 Cases vary
Bio Ear Cartilage
Zose Rhinoplasty (Rhinoplasty for GenZ) 1890  

Receive Discount


  • Nanoform Cartilage: an extra 10 million VND;
  • Korea VIP Cartilage: an extra 3 million VND;
  • USA Implant Cartilage: an extra 10 million VND;
  • Megaderm Cartilage: an extra 5 million VND;
  • USA Sugeron Cartilage: an extra 20 million VND;
  • Autologous Fat from Dermis: an extra 5 million VND;
  • Temple Muscle: an extra 9 – 10 million VND;
  • Abdomen Wall Muscle: an extra 9 – 10 million VND;
  • Sedation: an extra 15 million VND;

Ready your nose for holidays from just 10 million VND

Images of our customers before and after undergoing the Perfect rhinoplasty

Images of our customers before and after undergoing the Perfect rhinoplasty with exceptional results and phenomenal changes.

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Hình ảnh khách hàng trước và sau nâng mũi Perfect Hình ảnh khách hàng trước và sau nâng mũi Perfect Hình ảnh khách hàng trước và sau nâng mũi Perfect

What to remember after a rhinoplasty surgery

After undergoing the Perfect rhinoplasty, you can immediately return to your normal life. The wound can become swollen, but soon to be faded after a few days. The swollen area of the wound depends on each person’s condition.

For the first few days, the patient should avoid direct contact with the sun.

Try to remain flat on the back when lying to secure the nose form.

Take the medications given by the doctors to speed up the healing speed.

Avoid food that can contribute to the form of scars like water spinach, seafood, beef, glutinous products, and consume more vegetables and fruits.

Intense movement like jogging is not allowed to prevent any impact on the shape of the nose. However, mild movements are acceptable.

Maintain the hygiene of the nose with the use of saline and cotton swabs to clean the fluid and the future.

When showering, contact between the nose and water is forbidden. Moreover, avoid starching or shaking the nose when it is not in form.

Follow the guidance from the doctors and visit the hospital as scheduled.

Is Perfect rhinoplasty permanent?

Gangwhoo cosmetic hospital use nothing but the best cartilage and technology to ensure that our customers’ augmented nose can remain for a long time. Whether it is permanent or not depends on each individual. Good daily routines also contribute to the longevity of the nose hence careful care plays a major role in its time.

Why should you choose the Perfect rhinoplasty procedures of Gangwhoo cosmetic hospital?

The 2 main factors that define the trustworthiness of a cosmetic facility are its safety and result. That is why Gangwhoo cosmetic hospital has always been improving itself and becoming a top cosmetic hospital that is believed by many customers.

  • Our doctors are well-trained with a lot of experience in specialized cosmetology. They also understand each and every need of the customers.
  • We are equipped with cutting-edge infrastructure and the latest technology from foreign countries.
  • Our exclusive anesthesia – is integrated to allow the procedures to be as safe and painless as possible.
  • The finest cosmetic trend and technology are constantly updated.
  • In addition, we offer the most caring, friendly, and hospitable customer service.

Having a perfect rhinoplasty at Gangwhoo cosmetic hospital is a quick and safe choice that can bring you a beautiful nose. Contact our consulting box or hotline for answers to your questions.

Our team of doctors is always invited to the annual International cosmetology conference, in which they get to learn and exchange their techniques with cosmetologists around the world. This is not an event where you can get invited easily, yet Dr. Phung Manh Cuong, the “Cosmetology wizard” was invited to be the honorary guest to talk about difficult cases.

Feedbacks of our customers after undergoing the Perfect rhinoplasty

Ms. Hoai (Ho Chi Minh city): “I didn’t feel any pain after getting the Perfect rhinoplasty at Gangwhoo. While others at different facilities have to wait a whole month, I only had to wait 7 days to have my nasal splint remove. By that time, my nose was already beautiful and very elegant. Many even wonder why do I look so gorgeous.”

Mr. Phong (Dong Nai province) “I had checked 3 to 4 places before choosing Gangwhoo as the place to have my rhinoplasty. When I arrived here, I was so convinced. The doctors told me that my nose is not only quite short, it is also snubbed with a blunt tip. After the surgery, I was blown away by how my nose suits me so much.”

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