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Perfect Non-incisional Blepharoplasty – To Possess Beautiful Double-lid Eyes In No Time

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After only one course of perfect non-incisional blepharoplasty, you will have natural big round harmonious eyes. This technique is considered safe, quick, and suitable for many different ages and genders. Especially, this technique was transferred directly to Gangwhoo Cosmetic Hospital and performed by doctors with high expertise, giving highly effective results.

Whoever you are, the eyes are very important because they are not only used for observation but also an impression to everyone. Besides, those who have beautiful eyes are always attractive and have a better life than others. So, the eyes beauty makeover is always interested in by many customers and the perfect non-incisional blepharoplasty technique is much more popular than others.

What is the Perfect non-incisional blepharoplasty?

In Viet Nam, Non-incisional Blepharoplasty is not unfamiliar to many customers but Perfect Non-incisional Blepharoplasty is still quite a new name. The Perfect non-incisional blepharoplasty is a method by which the doctor would add an extra clear lid crease above the eyes to form double-lid eyes. Comparing to the traditional non-incisional blepharoplasty methods, the Perfect non-incisional blepharoplasty shall help you have bigger, more rounded eyes, even big changes to your face.

This technique is considered the simplest method to help overcome common defects of the eyes, especially the small eyes of most Asians. After only one course of Perfect non-incisional blepharoplasty, you will have your small, loose, unclear double-lid, monolid, and eyes with excess eyelid fat changed… into completely new and natural big round eyes.

The advantages of perfect non-incisional blepharoplasty

It is the no.1 beauty method at Gangwhoo Cosmetic Hospital. Perfect non-incisional blepharoplasty has ground-breaking advantages which were highly evaluated by doctors and customers. This technique not only changes the appearance of your eyes but also brings many plus points as follows:

  • Overcome eye defects such as small eyes, monolid eyes, multiple-lid eyes, eyes with much excess fat, excess skin, drooping eyelids,…
  • Shaping a new pair of big round harmonious eyes with the face with clear creases.
  • The exclusive anesthesia is applied in the procedure which can give customers a painless experience without leaving scars.
  • With only 30 minutes of the Perfect non-incisional blepharoplasty procedure, you will have long-lasting beautiful, and harmonious eyes.

The thread used in the procedure is the specialized medical self-consumption thread, which guarantees safety and non-complication, and leaves neither scars nor stitch marks.

Who should choose the perfect non-incisional blepharoplasty method?

Whoever needs beauty service and a change for their eyes are all welcomed to use Perfect Non-incisional Blepharoplasty. However, according to the experts at Gangwhoo Cosmetic Hospital, those who meet these following conditions are the most suitable ones:

  • Customers above 18 with a fully and stably developed body.
  • Customers having monolid eyes, multiple-lid eyes, diving eyelids, blurred eyelids, eyes with much excess skin.
  • Customers who want to change eyes shape into a bigger, clearer, and more rounded shape.

The international 5-star standard Perfect non-incisional blepharoplasty procedure

At Gangwhoo Cosmetic Hospital, regardless of the method, the implementation process always ensures adequate elements, under specifications and regulations. In particular, the safety and efficiency factor for customers is the top priority and the professional mission that we aim to.

  • Step 1: The doctor inspects and gives consultation for the customer’s eyes current condition. Then the doctor shall listen and advise on the most suitable eye shape with the face.
  • Step 2: The doctor would make a general health check for the customer to ensure health, physique and there is not any dangerous disease. Consider if the customer is whether qualified enough for the surgery or not.
  • Step 3: From consultation, the doctor will use a pen to directly measure and sketch the new eye shape above the old one. From here, the client will also observe and visualize a rough picture of his / her eyes after the surgery.
  • Step 4: Applying state-of-the-art Plus anesthesia for the customer to feel comfortable and painless during the whole Perfect non-incisional blepharoplasty procedure. After anesthetizing, facial sterilization will be done to ensure safety and non-infection that can affect the surrounding tissue area.
  • Step 5: Shaping new eyelid by twisting thread to raise eyelid muscles to the eyelid skin to form clear creases. The blepharoplasty procedure will be finished in around 20 minutes.
The procedure of Perfect Non-incisional Blepharoplasty
The procedure of Perfect Non-incisional Blepharoplasty

Blepharoplasty Price List at Gangwhoo Cosmetic Hospital

Korean Blepharoplasty3503 years
Dove Eyes Blepharoplasty4405 years
Permanent Blepharoplasty520Permanent
Perfect Blepharoplasty1,080Permanent
Eyelid Method Blepharoplasty4405 years
4 in 1 Blepharoplasty700Permanent
Eyelid Excess Skin Removal440Cases vary
Endoscopic Fat Removal220Cases vary
Plasma Dissection220 
Perfect Lower Eydlid Blepharoplasty620Cases Vary
Endoscopic Eyelid Fat Removal360Cases vary
Endoscopic Eyebrow Lift6603 – 5 years
Upper Lid Excess Skin Removal Through Eyebrow4403 – 5 years
Mini Medical Canthoplasty310Cases vary
Medical Canthoplasty660Permanent
Lateral Canthoplasty870Permanent
Single Lid Ptosis Correction660Permanent
Asymmetrical Eye Correction870Permanent
Eyes Enlargement Surgery1,300Permanent

Images of our customers before & after blepharoplasty

Perfect Non-incisional Blepharoplasty To Regain Confidence
Perfect Non-incisional Blepharoplasty To Regain Confidence
Korean Non-incisional Blepharoplasty Based On Feng Shui
Korean Non-incisional Blepharoplasty Based On Feng Shui
Korean Non-incisional Blepharoplasty To Improve The Fates Of The Bearer
Korean Non-incisional Blepharoplasty To Improve The Fates Of The Bearer

How to care for your eyelids after a blepharoplasty procedure?

Perfect non-incisional blepharoplasty is a simple and quick beauty method and non-invasion, so after the surgery, you can return home without having to rest at the hospital. However, one thing needed to be carefully remembered is the home care method to ensure healthy eyes and quick recovery.

  • Applying cold compresses using a soft bandage for about 2 days to reduce swelling.
  • Do not rub, touch, or have strong interaction with the eye skin areas that are still weak.
  • Avoid intense sunlight, smartphone light, TV, computer.
  • Have a reasonable diet, give your eyes time to rest, go to bed early without using stimulants, avoid sticky rice, sticky rice cakes, beef, seafood, water spinach…

Does Perfect non-incisional blepharoplasty effects last long?

While other techniques have to use minor surgery, Perfect non-incisional blepharoplasty is a completely different technique for it does not invade any part of the eye skin area. However, that does not mean its effectiveness is as not good as others.

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It takes only 30 minutes to complete the blepharoplasty procedure. After surgery, your new eye lines can last for more than 10 years or even more. This result came out great not only thanks to the International standard technique but also thanks to the high expertise and experienced surgeons. However, how long the Perfect blepharoplasty result can be held depends on the customers’ natural disposition and how they care for their eyes after surgery. So the result depends on both objective and subjective reasons.

Perfect non-incisional Blepharoplasty Gives Soulful Eyes
Perfect non-incisional Blepharoplasty Gives Soulful Eyes

Is Perfect non-incisional blepharoplasty safe?

As mentioned above, Perfect non-incisional blepharoplasty is a simple technique without having to use the invasive method so customers can stay assured of safety.
Furthermore, this technique does not cause any pain, bleeding, invasion to the tissue so no dangers shall be caused to the customers. So customers can stay assured when choosing this technique.

Using the Perfect non-incisional blepharoplasty technique is the simplest, safest, and most trendy way to have big round eyes. If you also want to improve your imperfect eyes, contact the doctors at Gangwhoo Cosmetic Hospital to have immediate examination and consultation.

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