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Penile frenulum surgery and what you must know

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What is penile frenulum (frenulectomy)? Why should we cut the penile frenulum? This article shall provide the necessary information to help men have an overview of the frenulectomy procedure!

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What is penile frenulum surgery?

The foreskin is fixed by the penile frenulum. The penile frenulum is used to prevent the foreskin from sliding too high up the body of the penis. Because of this, if the penile frenulum is damaged or broken, it can cause pain and potential infection. In these cases, men must undergo circumcision immediately to prevent complications that severely affect health.

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There are many blood vessels and sensory nerves at the penile frenulum, making this area sensitive. If being pulled strongly, it will cause pain and loss of sexual desire.

In some cases, the penile frenulum is too thick or too short, causing the penis glans to be pulled down during erection. Thereby making it difficult to have sex and causing pain, …

In these cases, men need to undergo frenulectomy.

Is penile frenulum surgery dangerous?

Penile frenulum surgery – also known as frenulectomy. This method does not affect men’s health. On the contrary, this procedure can bring great benefits for men’s health and mentality. As follows:

Is penile frenulum surgery dangerous?
Is penile frenulum surgery dangerous?

Easier to clean the private part

Men may have difficulty in cleaning the penis without undergoing penile frenulum surgery. This can lead to urine retention, smagma accumulation… causing a very high risk of male infections.

Undergoing penile frenulum surgery can make it easier for men to clean their private parts and prevent infections.

Better sex life

After having penile frenulum surgery, men’s sex life shall be greatly improved. The penis can easily get an erection and is no longer restrained causing pain.

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The penis size is improved

Undergoing penile frenulum surgery can improve the size of the penis. In the case of a short or broken penile frenulum, if not treated, a scar will form, causing the skin to shrink, greatly affecting the size of the penis. While having sex, bleeding can happen and can be life-threatening.


Better orgasm

Undergoing penile frenulum surgery can help men easily have orgasms during sex. In particular, it can prevent pain during sex.

Prevent the risks of infertility

Undergoing penile frenulum surgery can reduce the risk of infertility because if the penile frenulum is broken, it will lead to impotence because of excessive blood loss, causing it difficult to have sex.

Reduce the risks of male infection

Men who do not undergo penile frenulum surgery will cause ulcers deep into the foreskin. This condition is a penis infection, causing pathogens, viruses, and bacteria to develop into dangerous male diseases, such as balanitis, …

Men can have normal life

Men who underwent penile frenulum surgery can prevent the negative impact on their daily life and work.

With all the benefits of undergoing penile frenulum surgery mentioned above, men can rest assured that this procedure is not dangerous at all. However, to ensure the best results… men should come to a reputable medical facility to have this surgery.


Can a penile frenulum procedure be done at home?

Penile frenulum is a simple minor surgery. However, it must be carried out by a highly qualified and experienced doctor. Therefore, men must not perform penile frenulum surgery at home.

To ensure safety and the best result… the following criteria must be met:

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Modern equipment: Although penile frenulum surgery is a simple minor surgery, it must be carried out with the support of advanced and modern equipment to ensure a successful surgery.

Highly qualified doctor/technician: Penile frenulum surgery must be performed by a highly qualified and experienced doctor…

Sterile operating room: The procedure does not last too long, but it must be done in a sterile operating room. Medical instruments are disinfected to prevent infection. Therefore, if you perform this procedure at home, it can lead to serious health impacts.

Through the above criteria, once again, Gangwhoo Cosmetic Hospital emphasizes, gentlemen must not perform penile frenulum surgery foreskin at home. They need to find a reputable and quality medical facility.

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We hope you’ve had enough useful information about penile frenulum surgery. If you have any further questions or concerns, please leave a comment or contact Gangwhoo Cosmetic Hospital or our Hotline: 0901.666.879 for the most thoughtful advice and guidance!

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