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Nose Revision of Specialist Phung Manh Cuong – Review

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Having a nose shape you are not fond of, you decide to have a rhinoplasty to have a higher, more beautiful nose. But how unlucky it is, in contrast to your expectation, your nose becomes so damaged that it seems there is only one step away from being necrosis that can tremendously affect your facial appearance and your mental health. No one wants to spend a great fortune, time, and hope for an ugly and damaged nose.


Almost 90% of the failed rhinoplasty cases come from illegal cosmetic facilities, spas with inexperienced that cannot meet the requirements of a standard cosmetic facility, severe complications can be caused such as exposed nose bridge, redness, infected nose, crooked nose, snub nose,…

A nose revision is the most optimal solution to help heal the damaged noses and regain the customers’ confidence. The first time of rhinoplasty can be hard, but the second, third time of nose revision can be 10 times harder. When you notice that your nose may be damaged from the rhinoplasty, you must meet a highly qualified nose cosmetologist immediately. The doctor shall examine the condition of the damaged nose and suggest the most optimal solution. A nose revision method must be performed by a highly qualified and experienced doctor.

First Level Specialist Phung Manh Cuong – Famous Doctor who has “rescued” damaged nose and eyelid both domestic and abroad

Doctor Phung Manh Cuong is working as a Specialized Doctor at Gangwhoo Cosmetic Hospital – The President of the Korean Cosmetic Association KSAS in Viet Nam. At the same time, he is the honorary professor of one of the 3 biggest medical universities of Korea –  Catholic University. With more than 15 years of experience in the cosmetic industry, Doctor Cuong has successfully done more than 10 thousand failed rhinoplasty cases, failed blepharoplasty for domestic and foreign customers.

Doctor Cuong has changed the points of view of the top international cosmetologists about the Vietnamese cosmetic industry. Asides from the assignment of the surgery methods, which gave lots of solutions for surgery especially remove the pain and complications during and after surgery, he also published his ways of performing nose, eyelid, and breast revision. The foreign specialist could not be more amazed that the cosmetic industry of Viet Nam has advanced too fast. This makes Doctor Phung Manh Cuong – a Vietnamese citizen proud and grateful.

2018 is the milestone of Doctor Phung Manh Cuong’s career in cosmetology, Doctor Cuong was invited to be a visiting lecturer about cosmetology at The Catholic University of Korea – The biggest Medical University in Korea.

Needless to say, Doctor Phung Manh Cuong has played a big part in “rescuing” plenty of failed cosmetic surgeries.

How does Doctor Phung Manh Cuong perform nose revision cases?

Doctor Phung Manh Cuong combines nanoform artificial cartilage and autologous cartilage (helix or septum cartilage) for the damaged nose of the customers who underwent artificial cartilage rhinoplasty. The autologous cartilage is used to reinforce the nose tip structure, create curvy lines, form a round nose tip and columella, and recover the nose.

The biological Nano cartilage is used to create the nose bridge and form the Sline or Line shape. The Nano cartilage is 100% made from the ePTFE material; this material is made based on the structure of the autologous cartilage that is a durable, flexible material, and it can attach strongly to the nasal bones.

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Especially, this material is 100% compatible with the body and with extreme flexibility, your nose can withstand any impact, strong external force without being deformed. Your new nose can even withstand strong twisting. The Nano thin and light warp structure combines with the soft tissues that can make you feel comfortable and natural after surgery.

Crooked nose: Doctor Cuong shall use the material to put beneath the periosteum to balance the nose.

For noses that underwent autologous cartilage (helix and septum cartilage), Doctor Cuong shall use the rib cartilage to recover the damaged nose. By taking advantage of the flexible structure, the curvy shape of the rib cartilage, and the high compatibility with the body, Doctor Cuong shall recover the nose tip and the nose bridge.

Doctor Cuong shall remove the rhinoplasty cartilage if the nose bridge is too high or too low, the nose tip is too pointed, the Doctor Cuong shall remove or replace it with the new material for a new ideal nose shape. Doctor Cuong shall remove the old material and use the new one and combine it with the autologous cartilage to cover the nose tip in case the nose bridge is exposed or displaced.

For cases that involve a foreign body, Doctor Cuong shall remove the foreign body and graft fat at the hypodermis to reconstruct the nose structure.

Customers’ feedbacks for Doctor Phung Manh Cuong

At Gangwhoo Cosmetic Hospital, the customer will be directly examined by First Level Specialist Phung Manh Cuong – Professional Director of Gangwhoo Cosmetic Hospital. Then Doctor Phung Manh Cuong shall base on the condition of the damaged nose or eyelid and suggest the most effective revision method.

The price of nose revision at Gangwhoo Cosmetic Hospital is: 5 - 7 million VND
The price of nose revision at Gangwhoo Cosmetic Hospital is: 5 – 7 million VND

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Hình ảnh khách hàng sửa mũi hỏng tại bệnh viện thẩm mỹ Gangwhoo

Hình ảnh khách hàng sửa mũi hỏng tại bệnh viện thẩm mỹ Gangwhoo

Ms. Cam Thuy (Ho Chi Minh City) underwent 2 failed rhinoplasty that made her face looks like the face of a “broken doll”. Even though after visiting lots of hospitals, cosmetic facilities, all the doctors seem to cannot take the risk. The young girl had become hopeless until she met Doctor Phung Manh Cuong.

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The consultants welcome Ms. Thuy back for abdominal liposuction half a year after nose revision. Recalling the turning point in her life of meeting  Doctor Cuong, Ms. Thuy could not hold back her tear and said “After having my nose fixed here, my life has completely changed, everything is fine, I get back everything I’ve lost. Now I only think of Gangwhoo when I want to have liposuction, I can not think of another place.”

Ms. Nguyen Le Thuy shares: “After undergoing rhinoplasty at a cosmetic center in Ho Chi Minh City, about a year later, my nose started to get redness, the doctor told me to wait for further check-ups. Then, my nose was getting worse and worse, my nose bridge got exposed. I came back to ask for a nose revision, but then after 2 and 3 times, my nose bridge almost got externally exposed. I was so upset, lost my faith. My friend suggested I consult Doctor Phung Manh Cuong at Gangwhoo Cosmetic Hospital. After only 40 minutes of procedure, my nose became much more beautiful, I could even twist it normally.” I am wholeheartedly grateful for what Doctor Cuong and Gangwhoo Hospital have done for me.

In cases like these, most cosmetologists tend to refuse because they have to be fully responsible for the customers if the nose revision is failed. Understanding the customers’ pain and desires, the doctors at Gangwhoo Cosmetic Hospital are more determined to help them.

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