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Nano Firin Comprehensive Rejuvenation: Eliminate Sign Of Senescence

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Over time, the skin will experience aging and sagging, which is difficult to avoid. But if there is a timely intervention method Comprehensive rejuvenation Nano Firin will help you have youthful skin without signs of aging. In particular, this is also a great way to help you retain your youthful beauty over time. Let’s explore and find out now!

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What is Nano Firin comprehensive rejuvenation?

Nano Firin comprehensive rejuvenation is an advanced cosmetic method, without surgical intervention, to give you optimal rejuvenated skin. By perfectly combining microfibers and autologous cells including collagen, nano gold, and stem cells, it helps lift and create youthful and beautiful facial contours over time. This will help stimulate the growth of collagen and elastin, helping to bring about younger, smoother, and firmer skin, while also overcoming defects in aging skin.

Customers should carry out Nano Firin rejuvenation

Performing comprehensive Nano Firin rejuvenation can be applied to many subjects. Especially if you belong to the target groups listed below, this method is a great choice that you should not ignore.

  • Men or women aged around 25 years old need skin rejuvenation
  • Have aging skin, wrinkled skin, sagging skin on the forehead, face, and neck
  • Not satisfied with conventional wrinkle removal and skin tightening methods
  • There is a lot of excess skin and subcutaneous fat
  • Want to rejuvenate your skin but don’t want surgical intervention

4 Combo Nano Firin is applied at Gangwhoo Hospital

Currently, Gangwhoo cosmetic hospital offers Nano Firin service with 4 different combos. Accordingly, customers can easily choose and consider to suit their “pocketbook” and demands.

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Nano Firin Premium

Nano Firin Premium is the optimal choice for people whose skin experiences a lot of sagging and unwanted signs such as sunken temples, sunken cheeks, and receding chin. This is not only a cosmetic service, but also a way to perfectly re-sculpt facial contours.

With Nano Firin Premium, you will undergo a comprehensive recovery process, tightening and correcting your skin. The skin’s surface becomes smoother, wrinkles are significantly reduced, and the skin regenerates from within. The results of increased autologous collagen and elastin production will appear over time, helping to effectively lift any sagging tissue. The special thing is, after 6 months of service, you will receive a free warranty to ensure the most optimal and lasting effectiveness.

Nano Firin Luxury

Exclusively for customers with mild sagging and not many signs of aging. Nano Firin Luxury will bring balance and a unique feeling to your face. This service helps improve the surface of aging skin, regenerate skin, and create firm and shiny skin over time. Especially after 3 months after implementation, you will be guaranteed to optimally rejuvenate of your skin.

Nano Firin Gold

Nano Firin Gold is the perfect choice for those who want to improve skin quality and face skin aging that is not much, but has few wrinkles or dry, dull skin that is not yet beautiful. The results after this treatment are impressive, the skin will become youthful, smooth, and beautiful. The increase in autologous collagen and elastin over time helps the skin become more youthful and beautiful.

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Nano Oven Plus

With Nano Firin Plus, special care will be given to young people who are just starting to see signs of aging skin. This is the perfect way to cosmetically intervene and improve your skin. This service will thoroughly fix all wrinkles on the skin, improve the sagging surface, and help the skin tighten and shine. As a result, the skin will be firm, youthful, and beautiful over time, your skin will become smooth and beautiful thanks to the stimulation and production of active collagen.

Nano Firin offers many outstanding advantages and is certified by experts for its effectiveness

Nano Firin comprehensive rejuvenation is a comprehensive method of skin regeneration. According to experts, this is an outstanding cosmetic method that brings high efficiency. Especially when done, it will help get rid of the “nightmare” of skin conditions that you are worried about wrinkles, sagging, loss of elasticity, and excess skin.

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Eliminate wrinkles

By taking advantage of microfibers that create a network structure through the fusion of collagen and elastin, essential elements that help the skin structure become wrinkle-resistant. The pressure from this microscopic fiber not only repels wrinkles but also reshapes the skin, making it more vibrant and smoother by up to 70%.

Increases collagen and elastin production in the skin over time

Not only is it effective immediately after treatment, but over time, your skin will have a mechanism to increase collagen and elastin deep in the skin. This will effectively fill the gaps in the skin. As well as helping to fill in the wrinkles that form and keep your skin effectively shiny.

Increases skin capacity

Nano Firin’s comprehensive rejuvenation will not only help with new size but also promote the skin’s self-regeneration mechanism. By awakening this mechanism, the skin becomes plump, shiny and full of vitality. Increasing skin density also makes the skin healthier, and more resistant, and reduces capillary dilation.

Lifts and restructures the skin

The special thing that few methods can do is the ability to lift muscles on the skin. You will see that the skin’s surface is effectively smoothed. As well as clearly feeling the firmness and smoothness. This is also the time when you feel your skin is younger.

Painless and non-invasive

Because it is a non-invasive method, treatment and recovery time is quick. It also does not cause pain like surgical methods. In particular, the effectiveness is no less, you should consider doing it to have rejuvenated skin from today.

Safety for the body

All active ingredients for Nano-Firin comprehensive rejuvenation have been certified effective and safe by the US FDA. Microfibers have a microscopic structure so they do not show threads and do not cause inflammation or allergies. The effect can also be maintained for many years.

5-step process to make Nano Firin

Nano Firin comprehensive rejuvenation when applied at Gangwhoo cosmetic hospital will go through a 5-step process. Following this process will help give you beautiful, rejuvenated skin and minimize existing skin imperfections.

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Nano Firin procedure at Gangwhoo Hospital

  • Step 1: 1:1 examination and consultation directly with a specialist doctor performing the service. Thereby, we will evaluate and analyze the aging condition and agree on a comprehensive rejuvenation combo Nano Firin will perform for customers.
  • Step 2: The doctor will sanitize and clean the skin surface to prepare for comprehensive skin rejuvenation operations.
  • Step 3: Mark and shape the skin area to be treated accurately. Through these points, the doctor will help apply active ingredients to help create a solid surface for the skin. As well as helping to comprehensively rejuvenate and correct existing skin imperfections.
  • Step 4: Doctors at Gangwhoo Hospital will perform the Nano-Firin combo procedure according to the customer’s needs. As well as pushing essence and adding ultra-thin microfibers to support the surface and restructure the skin. Helps repair and improve while regenerating natural collagen and elastin for the skin.
  • Step 5: The doctor will advise and guide you on how to care after performing Nano Firin comprehensive rejuvenation at home to have completely beautiful skin.

How much does the Nano Firin service cost?

Depending on each combo chosen and each individual’s skin condition, Nano Firin treatment will have different prices. On average, the cost of performing this service will usually be from 25 million to 150 million.

If your skin is in a mild and not serious level of aging, perform comprehensive Nano Firin rejuvenation as soon as possible. Because the skin condition can now be radically improved without having to pay too high a price.

Service name Service prices Promotional Price
Nano Oven Plus 1200 USD 1000 USD
Nano Firin Gold 2900 USD 2000 USD
Nano Firin Luxury 3800 USD 3100 USD
Nano Firin Premium 6200 USD 4200 USD

Why should Nano Firin comprehensive rejuvenation be performed at Gangwhoo Hospital?

Gangwhoo Cosmetic Hospital is an ideal cosmetic address that is highly appreciated by many customers for its aesthetic quality. At Gangwhoo, it fully meets many safety and quality criteria that have been strictly tested by the Ministry of Health. Performing comprehensive Nano Firin rejuvenation at Gangwhoo is something you should not miss to have comprehensively beautiful and youthful skin over time.

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  • Gangwhoo is an address that meets 5-star space and facilities, invested in top modern equipment.
  • The team of Vietnamese-Korean doctors at Gangwhoo is well-trained, as well as a team of Korean experts who have worked at major cosmetic hospitals in the world, achieving international certification.
  • Each customer is directly examined by experts 1:1 to determine skin condition and create a specific treatment regimen.
  • The clinic is sterile, safe, and clean without fear of infection and negative effects on cosmetic results.
  • Equipment, active ingredients, and microfibers are imported directly from abroad with safety inspection before being delivered to customers.
  • Gangwhoo has served more than 10,000 customers who have received satisfaction in terms of results and service quality.

Instructions on how to care after Nano Firin procedure

After you have undergone skin improvement treatment with Nano Firin microfibers, proper post-procedure care is important to ensure optimal results and maintain rejuvenated skin. Here are the points to note:

  • Use medication as prescribed by your doctor: Follow the dosage and prescription your doctor has provided to help your skin recover quickly and stabilize. Do not take medicine beyond the allowed dosage to ensure safety and not cause bad complications.
  • Caring for the skin after fiber implantation: Avoid chewing hard foods and make sure the skin area after fiber implantation is stable.
  • Dealing with swelling and mild pain: If you experience swelling or feel mild pain, you can apply ice to reduce the condition.
  • Limit vigorous facial movements: During 4 weeks after the procedure, avoid vigorous facial movements, do not laugh or speak loudly to ensure the microfibers stay in place.
  • Sleeping position: Sleep in a standard position and avoid lying on your side after the procedure to maintain the stability of the results.
  • Avoid steaming and massage: Do not perform steaming or facial massage for at least 2 weeks after the procedure to avoid washing away the results.

Comprehensive rejuvenation Nano Firin is a great choice to improve aging defects on the skin. If you observe that your skin has shown signs of aging and lack of elasticity, quickly come to Gangwhoo to get this rejuvenation service done to regenerate your skin right away!

Please connect Gangwhoo hospital to CONSULTATION and SUPPORT If you have many other questions and answers.

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