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5 Modern Face Lift and Rejuvenation Technologies of Today

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What is the most superior skin tightening today? If you are wondering about this question, please refer to the following price list at Gangwhoo Cosmetic Hospital.

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Skin tightening are method implemented to help rejuvenate wrinkled, sagging, aging skin… From there, it helps customers own a beautiful, youthful new look with brighter and smoother white skin.

Currently, there are many aesthetic methods that can help the facial skin become glossy, and even rejuvenate oneself. These include surgical and non-operative approaches.


Currently, there are many rejuvenation methods that can be mentioned such as laser rejuvenation, and using cosmetics…but most of those methods only work in case the skin is slightly aged, dark skin conditions. About the heavily aging conditions, wrinkled skin, sagging facial muscles,… Doctors often advise customers should use Thread lift method (the first priority is the absorbable sutures).

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It is no exaggeration to say that Face Lifting Thermage is a method that helps to stretch the skin – comprehensively optimal your face skin. This method will help rejuvenate the skin, stimulate growth and improve collagen quality and quantity.

Face Lifting Thermage Technology is the perfect combination of wireless frequency Thermage and Collagen Thread Lift without surgery, no pain, no need for rest, no scarring, and few other complications

Face Lifting Thermage Technology’s Effects

1. Lasting beauty

Inheriting the latest in Thermage technology combined with Face Lifting, the results you get are not only fast but also effective for up to 10 years depending on the body, skin pigmentation, and each person’s diet, nutrition, and skincare. Especially, the amount of collagen will maintain and generate

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2. Deep Smas Laser 5.0 Facelift Technology

Deep Smas Laser 5.0 is a breakthrough in facial skin rejuvenation. It overcomes the limitations of traditional methods and gives you a youthful, beautiful skin over time. Deep Smas Laser 5.0 uses RF wavelength and Diode Laser to penetrate through skin layers, from the surface to the epidermis and dermis. This stimulates aging muscles, making the skin firmer, more elastic, and smoother.

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Deep Smas Laser 5.0 helps solve many aging skin problems such as wrinkles, sagging skin, and loss of elasticity. It’s a comprehensive solution for those who want to rejuvenate their skin naturally and effectively. It stimulates the production of Collagen and Elastin, important factors that help maintain skin elasticity and firmness.

3. Firin Nano Collagen Thread Facelift

Facelift with Firin Nano Collagen thread is also a pioneering technology leading in facial skin rejuvenation. Firin Nano Collagen thread stimulates the natural production of collagen in the skin, making it firmer, smoother, and full of vitality. A major plus of this method is that it does not cause injury or leave scars on the skin. As Firin Nano Collagen is a self-absorbing biological thread, this beauty treatment is completely natural and leaves no traces of external intervention.

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Facelift with Firin Nano Collagen thread effectively combats sagging skin, wrinkles, and skin aging. The result is firmer, younger-looking skin, and you will feel more confident with your naturally beautiful skin.

4. New Hifu Wrinkle Removal and Facelift

New Hifu is an advanced technology that uses high-intensity focused ultrasound to deliver firm skin and effectively blur wrinkles. This ultrasound technology generates an ultrasound wave with a frequency of 3.2 MHZ, capable of penetrating 3 to 4.5mm beneath the skin surface.

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Along with the impact of ultrasound energy heating the tissues at the treatment area, it initiates the process of producing more collagen and elastin. As a result, the skin becomes more elastic, plumper, and wrinkles are significantly reduced. The natural lifting effect originates from here, bringing a youthful look to the face.

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New Hifu wrinkle removal and facelift technology focuses on treating deep layers under the skin and the inner muscles, therefore, the skin surface is not damaged. This means there are no wounds or traces of external intervention.

5. Thermage Skin Rejuvenation Technology

Thermage technology also has an extremely effective facelift effect. This is a non-invasive beauty solution originating from the United States, famous for its superior ability to erase wrinkles, lift muscles, and rejuvenate the skin safely.

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Thermage uses single-pole radiofrequency (RF) technology to safely heat the layers deep under the skin. This process stimulates the skin’s natural regeneration process, helping both current and new collagen to form, making the skin firmer and more elastic.

Thermage is not only safe but also does not cause side effects and does not require recovery time. With the automatic regeneration ability of skin cells, you will feel younger and more beautiful after just one treatment.


How Much Does a Facelift Procedure Cost?

If you are going to get Thread lift and you’re wondering about the cost problem, it’s actually going to be different depending on the method that the cost of facial stretching is not going to be the same. If you need a specific price, please refer to the following price list at Gangwhoo Cosmetic Hospital:

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Forehead 2,089
Temple 839
Frown lines 1,879
Cheekbone 1,879
Cheek 1,879
Jowl 1,879
Neck (7) 2,089
Neck (8) 2,089
Neck (9) 2,089
Facelift Revision (Extra Fee) 1,259
Facelift Scar Fixing 1,259 – 2,089
Endoscopic Equipment 419
4K Endoscopic Equipment 1,259
Forehead Reduction 2,919
Facial excess skin removal 2,089
Face + neck Thermage rejuvenation
Face Thermage rejuvenation 629
Neck Thermage rejuvenation 419
Face + neck Hifu rejuvenation 629
Face Hifu rejuvenation 549
Neck Hifu rejuvenation 209
Deep Smas Laser (small areas, based on the description table) 1,259
Deep Smas Laser For Face (not including forehead) 2,509
Firin Nano Collagen Thread Rejuvenation (small areas, based on the description table) 839
Collagen Thread Lift (small areas, based on the description table) 1,259

Reputable Facelift Address in Ho Chi Minh City

Gangwhoo Cosmetic Hospital in Ho Chi Minh City is a reputable beauty address that always ranks among the top high-quality cosmetic addresses in Ho Chi Minh City. Having passed the strict examination of the Ministry of Health, Gangwhoo is honored to be the address that achieves an absolute score of 5/5 for safety in surgery.

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Gangwhoo uses advanced technologies and modern equipment such as modern facelift technology. Always updating and refreshing beauty trends that are signed and exclusively transferred in leading countries in cosmetic beauty.

We are also proud to have a team of experienced doctors who are well-trained according to Korean standards. Always ready to advise and meet the increasingly high beauty standards of customers.

Gangwhoo adheres to strict procedures and quality standards, ensuring that you will receive quality and safe services. In addition, the modern and comfortable amenities at the hospital will give you a satisfying beauty experience.

Images of customers performing facelifts at Gangwhoo Cosmetic Hospital

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