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Discover the significance of people having moles on the soles of their feet

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Moles on any part of the body will have certain meanings. Moles on the soles of the feet are no exception, they also have their own hidden meanings. If you also have a mole in this position, don’t miss this article!


Are moles on the soles of the feet good or bad?

According to Vietnamese culture, both men and women who have moles on the soles of their feet are considered lucky and bring success and wealth. This is a great sign for prosperity and a bright future.

Traditionally, moles on the soles of the feet attract good luck and fortune to the owner. Moreover, if the mole is located under the big toe and combined with pinkish skin color, it is a very positive sign. You will always encounter a lot of luck and success in life.

What is the meaning of 9 moles on the soles of the feet?

People who have 9 moles on the soles of their feet are believed to be lucky in terms of career path, love life and destiny. Those who are lucky enough to have 9 moles on the soles of their feet will have a very good destiny.


9 moles on the sole of the foot is extremely rare. Usually, you only hear about it from newspapers, movies or novels. However, if you have these moles on your feet, your career will be extremely successful, your life will always be full of happiness and you will have enough.

At the same time, these moles also bring you a very bright career path. You can work in high positions, always be loved by everyone, always be lucky and can become a great official,… Moreover, according to many physiognomists, some mole positions on the soles of the feet will bring good luck and fortune.

Meaning of mole on the right sole of the foot

Whether male or female, when a mole appears on the sole of the foot, you will be gifted with countless fortunes, wealth and prosperity. For men, a mole on the right foot shows talent, intelligence and a bright future. Society admires and loves them because they are clever, intelligent and easy to advance in their careers.


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For women, when a mole appears on the sole of the foot, it shows your wealth, luck and prosperity. In both work and life, you achieve success because you are talented and skillful in communication and always hold important positions in the company.

In addition, when you have a mole on your right foot, you can easily find your other half in life. You will become an encourager and a pillar for your husband and family. This brings warmth and happiness to your family relationship.

Meaning of mole on the left sole of the foot

For men, having a mole under the left sole of the foot is a sign of good luck, bringing success and prosperity. According to physiognomists, men with moles on their left feet often easily achieve success in life. They have the ability to hold important positions in corporations or businesses such as directors, department heads or supervisors.


The mole on the left foot also brings warmth and happiness to the owner. Although not bringing good luck as the right foot. But your life will be full of fortune, prosperity and always being loved by everyone.

For women, similar to men, the mole on the sole of the left foot also ensures a full and full life. Your work will have many advantages and the love line will also bring happiness with obedient and intelligent children.

Meaning of other mole locations on the legs

Mole on heel

Moles on the heel have a special meaning in anthropology. They are considered a sign of good fortune, indicating sensitivity and good judgment. People with moles on their heels are also seen as highly responsible individuals who prioritize the interests of their team. As a result, they tend to be successful in their careers and relationships.

Men with moles on their heels are often associated with good luck. They are intelligent, talented, and quick learners. They have clear goals and are driven to achieve them. Their progressive spirit and strong will help them overcome obstacles and succeed in their careers and finances. They are also lucky in love.

Women possessing moles on the heels represent a strong, independent and dynamic personality. You have good communication skills, attract attention and are careful and disciplined. Sharp thinking, intelligence and the ability to succeed in any situation are your characteristics. Luck and success will come to you both in career and love.

Mole on the edge of the foot

In addition to moles on the soles of the feet, moles on the edges of the feet are notable. People who own this mole are usually hardworking, kind and knowledgable people. However, they also meet some challenges in life and do not achieve real luck. Therefore, it can lead to difficulty and failure in achieving success. In particular, issues related to marriage and family relations often encounter conflicts and obstacles.

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A mole on the edge of the left foot represents that your luck depends on individual efforts. Not getting help from family or people around. At the same time, the owner of this mole often has bad health. Taking care of your health becomes important because there is a high risk of illness from overwork, which can be life-threatening.

Similar to a mole on the edge of the left foot, a mole on the edge of the right foot also has a bad meaning. People who own this mole often have to overcome difficulties early on on their own. Career and success paths often encounter obstacles and challenges. Moreover, the love and marriage of this mole owner also experienced many difficulties. Finding a suitable life partner and maintaining a long-term relationship becomes difficult.

Mole on big toe

Having a mole on the big toe is often considered a symbol of power and status. It indicates that you are intelligent, talented, and possess excellent leadership abilities.

People with moles on their big toes are often known and have a certain amount of popularity. They are blessed with luck not only in work but also in life and love. Therefore, the meaning of the mole on the big toe is very interesting and worth your reference.

Mole on the little toe

Many anthropologists believe that having a mole on the little toe brings bad luck to the owner. It signifies hard work, hardship, and being unlucky in life, work, and love.


This mole also does not bring joy in marriage. It shows that you often have difficulties and sorrows in love affairs. Your decisions are easily influenced by personal feelings, leading to incorrect choices. Moreover, your married life may be unhappy and prone to difficulties and breakdowns.

Should moles on the soles of the feet be removed?

Moles on the feet bring many meanings about each person’s destiny, career, life and future. However, there are also claims that moles can adversely affect fate. Therefore, removing moles to improve road luck depends on each person’s choice. 


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When you decide to Removing Moles, you should go to a reputable beauty institution and accept the doctor’s advice. There are many methods to remove moles, such as electric combustion, laser combustion, surgery, etc. The doctor will choose the correct method based on the location and size of the mole.

The most important thing is not to use folk methods such as apple cider vinegar, garlic, and razor blades. Remove moles at home as these methods may lead to infection or leave permanent scars.

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Moles on the soles of the feet represent many special meanings. Hopefully, the article that Gangwhoo shared above will be useful for you. Also don’t worry if the location of the mole is not as lucky as it should be. Come to Gangwhoo cosmetic hospital immediately to remove moles effectively. 

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