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Misko Nano Nose Thread Lift

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Hi doctor. Recently I have heard many advertisement on the non-surgical Misko nano nose thread lift. I don’t quite understand this rhinoplasty technique. Can you please explain it to me. Thank you.

Ms. Hang (District 1, Ho Chi Minh City)

Dear Ms. Hang. Thank you for choosing Gangwhoo cosmetic hospital as the place to answer your question. Nose thread lift in general and Misko nano nose thread lift, in particular, is still something new to a lot of people. In the article below, we will explain to you the information about this technique. Please stay tuned.

Understand Misko nano nose thread lift
Understand Misko nano nose thread lift

What is Misko nano nose thread lift?

We are all too familiar with rhinoplasty surgery. In that procedure, the doctor will open up the nose, implant the cartilage, and adjust the dorsal so that the new nose contour will be beautiful and harmonious.

However, many are still afraid of surgical intervention or perhaps that they have keloid problems and have a fear of having bad scars. For that reason, experts have studied and come up with a solution that can satisfy the need for a makeover, yet still requires no surgery – the Misko nano nose thread lift.

Different from the rhinoplasty surgery, the Misko nano nose thread lift uses Misko threads with V spikes to tighten and elevate the dorsal, improve the projection of the nose, and somewhat correct the alar base, bringing the naturally beautiful nose.

The Misko threads use in the non-surgical rhinoplasty are imported directly from Korea with high quality and compatibility.

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Misko nano nose thread lift
Misko nano nose thread lift

Suitable candidates for Misko nano nose thread lift

The fitting subjects for the Misko nano thread lift include:

  • People with a flat nose.
  • Those with a snub nose.
  • Individuals with a  decent nose yet still seek improvement to achieve the Korean S-Line contour.
  • Customers with big and wide alar base.

The pros and cons of Misko nano nose thread lift

The benefits of Misko nano nose thread lift

  • Is a wonderful choice for those with a naturally decent nose shape that only requires a small adjustment for it to be perfect.
  • Require only a quick 30-minute procedure to get the naturally beautiful nose shape.
  • Need no surgical intervention or open wound that causes bleeding.
  • Misko nano threads are certified by FDA to be safe.
  • Limit the risk of infection, nose redness, or some other complications that can occur in normal rhinoplasty surgery.
  • Allow the customers to return home immediately without needing a long recovery period or specific diet.

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The drawbacks of Misko nano nose thread lift

  • Is a very nose-shape demanding procedure that is not suitable for everyone.
  • Offer only a temporary result of approximately 6 months, meaning that extra procedures are needed to maintain the nose contour.

The Misko nano nose thread lift procedure

The process of a Misko nano nose thread lift is as below:


The doctors will meet the clients directly for nose diagnosis and explain to them the technique of Misko nano nose thread lift.

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Nose diagnosis

The client’s nose will be inspected so that the doctors can come up with the most suitable and fitting method for the customer.

Sterilization and local anesthetization

The doctors will begin disinfecting the region where the threads will be inserted, ensuring that the patients will not encounter any infection.

Next, local anesthesia will be done to make sure that the customers are utmost comfortable.

Misko nano nose thread lift operation

The doctors will use specialized equipment to insert the Misko nano threads into the nose and adjust them so that the nose will be natural and symmetrical to the face.

Guidance and follow-up appointments

After the operation is finished, guidance on how to take care of the nose at home and the schedule for the follow-up appointments will be given.

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Is Misko nano nose thread lift permanent?

The chronic disadvantage of Misko nano nose thread lift is the inability to maintain the nose contour. Misko nano threads are dissolvable, meaning that after around 6 months, the threads will consume themselves and require the patient to have additional operations to keep their beauty.

This is a bothersome thing to many customers. Therefore, if you want to own a lasting and beautiful nose for a long time, you can choose among a variety of techniques like structural rhinoplasty (S-Line/L-Line), Korean rhinoplasty, cartilage rhinoplasty, etc.

These procedures can be done quickly and painlessly, offering an everlasting nose contour. Therefore, if longevity is what you seek, these are the perfect options for you. Contact Gangwhoo cosmetic hospital now to receive the details!.

Final words

You now understand the details about the Misko nano nose thread lift technique that has been growing in popularity. We hope that this information has solved all your of queries. Thank you for your attention.

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