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Micro-Needling Pitted Scars Therapy

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Micro-needing pitted scares therapy is the savior of anyone with a long-term pitted scars problem that has been going through many different procedures without any positive results. This will not only treat but also will brighten the skin as well. Let’s take some time to read about this effective pitted scars therapy technique!

What is micro-needling pitted scars therapy?

Micro-needling pitted scars therapy is known to be a makeover method using a specialized tool with tiny needles (derma roller). This will cause tiny damages to the skin, promoting the generation of elastin and collagen. At the same time, autologous cells will be used to heal the skin faster and correct deal with the pitted scars effectively, allowing the skin to be softened and whitened.

The needles using in the micro-needling pitted scars therapy will have diameters from 0,5mm to 2,5mm.

This method will create what’s called “false” damages that can trick the cells into sending signals to the neuro systems signals to initiate the healing process of the area having micro-needling, increasing the generation of elastin and collagen to make the skin stronger and thicker.

Micro-needling pitted scares therapy
Micro-needling pitted scars therapy

The pros and cons of micro-needling pitted scars therapy

1. The benefits

  • Derma rolling has very high effectiveness.
  • Micro-needing pitted scares therapy has a relatively low price.
  • The procedure doesn’t require much resting time.
  • The method can help to treat skin problems like discoloration, acne dark spots, wrinkles, and deterioration.

2. The drawbacks

  • It is not effective for long-term pitted scars.
  • The process requires many sessions to improve and maintain good skin results.
  • Bleeding will happen, requiring proper care to prevent infection.

By analyzing the advantages and disadvantages of the procedure, we can know if the micro-needling pitted scars therapy is effective or not. If you are afraid of having derma rolling, you can take a look at the other makeover procedures at Gangwhoo cosmetic hospital to pick the one that suits you the most.

Skin types and conditions that should not undergo micro-needling pitted scars therapy 

  • Skin with scleroderma
  • People with hemophilia or thrombocytopenic purpura.
  • People with Collagen disorders.
  • People with immune system disorders.
  • Pitted scars over 6 months old.
  • Skin with infection due to bacteria or fungus.

The micro-needling pitted scars therapy standardized procedure

A derma rolling procedure will have to go through 8 steps:

Step 1: Skin and condition diagnosis

The dermatologist will diagnose your skin and pitted scars condition. You will have your own treatment and instruction provided for the condition of your pitted scars.

Step 2: Makeup removal and photos taking

  • The staff will remove makeup for the client (if any).
  • The skin will be cleansed with a mild facial cleanser.
  • The current skin condition will be photographed for the medical record.

Step 3: Anesthetization

Gọi tư vấn miễn phí
  • The staff will rub anesthetization cream on the skin region that required derma rolling.
  • Food wrap will be used to cover the anesthetic so that the skin can absorb it entirely.
  • The cream will be left on your patient skin for 30-45 minutes.

Step 4: Equipment preparing

  • When waiting for the anesthetic to take effect, the staff will prepare the equipment needed and take the blood for serum extraction.

Step 5: Disinfecting

  • Dry gauze will be used to wipe the anesthetic from the skin.
  • The sink will be sterilized with Povidine.
  • The skin will then be washed with saline.

Step 6:

The dermatologist will pick the length of the needles and the type of needles for you. Normally, the length of needles will be from 0.5mm to 2.5mm. In addition, you can choose among the 2 techniques of micro-needling pitted scars therapy:

  • Hand derma rolling: This will be done directly by the hands of the dermatologist. The doctor will use a derma roller to affect the skin regions. This will only be done by exceptional and experienced doctors to ensure skin safety.
  • Machine derma rolling: This can be done either by a doctor or a technician. This method involves a specialized pen to affect the skin. As the pen will regulate the length of the needles, a nurse can perform this safely and effectively.
Lăn Kim Điều Trị Sẹo Rỗ
Derma rolling to treat pitted scars

Step 7: Serum application

Serum is an element that is being researched by dermatologists to stimulate the growth of the skin. Serum can help to heal the wound. This product for long has been used in skin therapy, especially in treating pitted scars.

By combining micro-needling pitted scar therapy with serum, a large volume of collagen will be generated, recovering and healing the skin swiftly.

Step 8: Aftercare instructions

Before sending you home, the doctor will provide you with medications and explain the skincare routines that the customer must oblige after derma rolling. You will need to follow the instructions provided to get the best micro-needling pitted scars therapy results.

Gangwhoo cosmetic hospital – The reputable facility for makeovers

Quality and safety are what we must aim for regardless of the method used. Safety represents the ability to protect the skin from side effects, while quality equals the effectiveness of the therapy.

Gọi tư vấn miễn phí

When we compare the different methods of pitted scars therapy, derma rolling is not the most optimal one. Micro-needling pitted scars therapy will only help to save the cost and time while exposing our skin to many potential risks. Therefore, you should not exchange your beauty for the cost.

Gangwhoo cosmetic hospital has always been a reputable location in the industry. The equipment used to serve its customers is the most advanced and modern technology that got imported from foreign countries. In addition, all the materials used are from trustworthy sources with transparent origin. With the expertise of the facility’s exceptional doctors, the customers can rest assure in the pitted scars therapy at Gangwhoo cosmetic hospital.

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We hope what we shared with you can help to understand micro-needling pitted scars therapy more. Derma rolling although still offers some positive results, its effectiveness is not optimal. For that reason, you should seek the high-tech procedures provided by Gangwhoo cosmetic hospital. Gangwhoo promise to bring you not only smooth and scarless skin, but also the nutrients needed for a healthy and gorgeous appearance.

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