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Mesotox Melasma Treatment – Korean Technology

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Mesotox melasma treatment is a method that helps you achieve a youthful and vibrant beauty, removing the smallest defects on your face. With the latest cosmetic technology, Mesotox melasma treatment is not only carried out quickly but it also brings the most flawless results after only one procedure.


Mesotox melasma treatment is the top chosen melasma treatment technology in major cosmetic hospitals in Korea. Mesotox Brightening Solution will help get rid of melasma and freckles, nourish and recover the skin to be brighter and more youthful comprehensively. This method is also applied to restore the firmness, smoothness, and brightness of the skin.

If you are upset due to because of long and tiring melasma treatment that does not give any improvement, then this new melasma treatment technology from Korea will help you to be free from melasma quickly and safely.

The Mesotox melasma treatment method involves using the Mesotox Brightening Solution to inject directly into the darkened skin or the skin that needs to be rejuvenated. This solution has a unique formula with a high concentration of nutrients, including the perfect combination of Vitamin C and Glutathione, Glucolic acid, Kojic acid.

These ingredients have been researched and proven to be effective in antioxidant, skin whitening, skin regeneration, making the skin quickly recover from freckles, and remove dark spots. Thereby promoting skin health and bringing a more natural and brighter skin.

Mesotox Melasma Treatment
Mesotox Melasma Treatment


  • Inhibits melanin to treat freckles, melasma, brown spots, fades melasma and prolonged melasma.
  • Stimulates cell proliferation, collagen production, helps to rejuvenate the skin comprehensively.
  • Antioxidant and prevent melasma from recurrence.
  • Provides extra moisture to the skin, preventing skin dryness.
  • Regenerate the skin to be smoother, firmer, brighter, healthier, and more naturally shiny.
  • Regulates sebum and shrinks pores.
  • Effective for thin, weak skin with low elastic.


  • Step 1: Examination and consultation

Customers will be directly examined by a dermatologist at Gangwhoo Cosmetic Hospital. The doctor will examine the skin to understand the condition of the melasma or freckles, and then plan a course of treatment.

  • Step 2: Facial skin cleansing and disinfection

To prevent infection and ensure the safety of customers, the doctor will clean and disinfect the skin area that need to have melasma.

  • Step 3: Numb the skin

To ensure that the customer will not feel any pain or discomfort, the doctor will numb the skin before treatment.

  • Step 4: Mesotox melasma treatment

The dermatologist will inject the Mesotox essence in the skin areas with melamas.

  • Step 5: Resting at the hospital

The customer will stay at the hospital for 1-2 hours for the doctor to monitor their health for any unusual signs. After 1-2 hours, the customer will be able to go home and be scheduled a follow-up visit.

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Mesotox Melasma Treatment


The price of Mesotox melasma treatment is always one of the biggest concerns among customers. Because in fact, this is a quick and effective melasma treatment method ensuring the best results without taking too much time.

The price of Mesotox melasma treatment at Gangwhoo Cosmetic Hospital is greatly reasonable. With a price of 5,000,000 VND, your skin will be free of even the most stubborn melasma.

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Among the other melasma and freckles treatment methods, the Mesotox melasma treatment method is considered the most effective method with the best result. As a result, most customers coming to Gangwhoo Cosmetic Hospital will like to choose this method to get rid of their skin defects.

Gangwhoo Cosmetic Hospital is one of the most prestigious cosmetic hospitals under the Korean standards, ensuring safety, quality and effectiveness. At Gangwhoo, Mesotox melasma treatment method is performed by highly qualfieid Vietnamese – Korean dermatologists who have years of experience in the beauty industry. On top of that, we greatly invest in the state-of-the-art machinery and equipment approved by the Ministry of Health. Thereby giving the best experience and result of beauty service for customers.

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At Gangwhoo Cosmetic Hospital, there is not only Mesotox melasma treatment service but also a wide range of skin treatment services such as Lucid Dream Freckle Treatment, … and other top-qyality beauty services. Coming to Gangwhoo, all defects can now be overcome, bringing a whole new and attractive appearance to customers.

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In short, Mesotox melasma treatment technology will help women effectively get rid of melasma, improve dark pigmentation on the face. If you want to have Mesotox melasma treatment or have any further questions or concerns, please leave a comment below or come to Gangwhoo Cosmetic Hospital now for more thoughtful advice from our Vietnamese – Korean Dermatologists.

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