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Men Brows Sculpting – 5 Steps Procedure for any Gentleman

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Eyebrow sculpting has long been popular amongst women and nowadays men are starting to get on with the trend. Men Brows Sculpting has become the solution for gentlemen who want an impressive, elegant and masculine appearance.
Men Brows Sculpting is a perfect choice for a gentleman

What is Men Brows Sculpting?

Men’s eyebrow sculpting technique is a method to help change the shape and defects of eyebrows, geared specifically towards the conventional male aesthetic. By painstakingly etching each thin, natural and realistic thread, it will help you achieve beautiful, even eyebrows as well as overcoming the sparseness and uneven flaws of your brows. Resulting in beautiful, impressive eyebrows with perfect appearance. Who should have male eyebrows sculpting?

Men’s eyebrow sculpting is a suitable cosmetic procedure for everyone who needs to improve the appearance of their eyebrows or make them more conventionally masculine, specifically includes:

  • People with defects in their eyebrows such as: sparseness, asymmetry, misalignment or shortness.
  • Patients who’ve had their eyebrows sculpting done before but weren’t satisfied with the results.
  • People who want sharp, naturally beautiful eyebrows that suit the conventional male aesthetic.

Men Brows Sculpting is naturally beautiful and can dispel eyebrows imperfection

What Men Brows Sculpting offers

Men Eyebrow sculpting is a modern solution to improve brows appearance:

  • Sculpting men’s eyebrows helps solve unpleasant imperfections such as thin eyebrows, truncated eyebrows, eyebrows without a tail
  • Enhance the masculinity and harmony of the face.
  • Men’s eyebrow sculpting technique is performed with specialized and safe tools.
  • Men Brows Sculpting is very quick, taking only about 45 minutes.
  • The recovery process after sculpting is also very quick. High safety and does not cause damage to the eyebrow area.

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Should you get Men Brows Sculpting?

Throughout history, appearance and beauty is not only for women but also for men. Eyebrows are one of the important and prominent features on the face, so if someone owns a pair of eyebrows with many defects, they are bound to draw attention to themselves and this may affect their confidence. This is doubly true for many Oriental countries, where they perceived their appearance to be closely linked with one’s fortune and fate.

With these in mind, consider having eyebrow sculpting technology to overcome and improve your appearance, self-confidence and, perhaps, your destiny.

In general, whether or not to do so depends on each person’s decision. However, we believe owning a beautiful appearance with attractive eyebrows is something that you should invest in. Beside the obvious gain in physical appearance, it helps with your state of mind as you no longer have to worry about superficial defects and ease up social interactions due to having more robust and expressive eyebrows.

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Conventionally beautiful men’s eyebrows will include certain characteristics and evaluation criteria. Below are the standard characteristics for beautiful male eyebrows.

  • Moderate thickness: Beautiful men’s eyebrows need to have a suitable thickness that is not too little nor too much.
  • Width and height: Have a width and height suitable for the proportions and shape of the face, creating a feeling of balance and harmony.
  • Natural curvature: Should have a natural curvature, not too curved or too straight, creating a natural and masculine feeling.
  • Color: Color matches hair color and skin color, creating natural harmony.
  • Sharpness: Needs to be sharp, not blurred or broken, helping to create sharp, masculine lines.
  • Matching feng shui: This is also a feature that many people should consider because a pair of beautiful male eyebrows not only helps men become elegant but also helps increase luck, health and fortune.

With these in minds, we recommend these beautiful eyebrow profile that are popular especially with men in today’s sensibility:

  • Thick and bushy: Prominence is long alluded to masculinity and can signal feelings of strength and confidence. Thick and bushy eyebrows show a man’s strong, decisive and independent personality due to being very striking and noticeable.
  • Dragon eyebrows: Characterized by long eyebrows, thin eyebrow tips and eyebrow tail higher than the head, dragon eyebrows evoke a sense of luxury, nobility and influence for the owner akin to the dragon from many Oriental mythology.
  • Saber eyebrows: Shaped like a sharp saber blade, this eyebrow shape creates a warrior-like aura, but also leaning towards a sleek and utilitarian style, alluding to a focused and efficient mindset.

The 5 Steps procedure for Men Brows Sculpting

To achieve a beautiful, safe and aesthetically pleasing eyebrow sculpting result, a standardized process is needed. It is necessary to follow the following

Step 1: Visit and Consult

Before performing eyebrow sculpting, customers will be examined and evaluated by experts on their current eyebrow condition. Based on facial characteristics, experts will advise and recommend the most suitable eyebrow shape.

Step 2: Sketch

After agreeing on the appropriate sculpted eyebrow shape. Customers will have their eyebrow shape outlined with pencil by an expert to easily visualize and adjust to suit their wishes.

Step 3: Sterilize and Numb

In this step, the technician will thoroughly clean the skin and numb the eyebrows to reduce discomfort during the procedure.

Step 4: Sculpt

With the Men Brows Sculpting technique, the specialist will use specialized eyebrow sculpting equipment to create a natural eyebrow shape, meticulously detailing each strand of eyebrow according to the customer’s wishes.

Step 5: Finish and Aftercare

After completing eyebrow sculpting, customers will be instructed by a cosmetic expert on how to take care of them, as well as providing notes on diet and lifestyle to ensure the longest lasting and beautiful results.

How much does Men Brows Sculpting cost?

Eyebrow sculpting will have different prices depending on your condition, chosen style and implementation method. However, the price to have beautiful eyebrows is relatively cheap. You can refer to the price list of Men Brows Sculpting at Gangwhoo below:

Gọi tư vấn miễn phí





Heaven Powder Scattering Brows Spray  89  
Ombre 3D Spray 179  
Perfect Beading Eyebrow tattooing 219  
Luxury Shading  269  
Eyebrows Physiognomy tattooing 349  
Eyebrows Restoration (off colored ink) 269  
Eyebrow Restoration (slightly off shaped) 269  
Eyebrow Restoration 439  
Upper Eyeliner (inner opening, light eyelids, cat eye eyelids…) 129  
Lower Eyeliner (inner opening, light eyelids, cat eye eyelids…) 89  
Multi-Line Eyebrow Sculpting 139  
Meliora 9D Eyebrow 269  
Ordill Fiber Sculpting 399

Where to go for your Men Brows Sculpting

Gangwhoo Hospital is a preeminent establishment in providing eyebrow sculpting services, equipped with state-of-the-art technology and adhering to international standards. With an unwavering commitment to prioritizing customer satisfaction, Gangwhoo Hospital is dedicated to implementing procedures to deliver the most optimal outcomes to its clientele.

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The technical experts at Gangwhoo are highly trained, skilled, and specialized in their field. They adhere to the correct techniques to create the most delicate and perfect eyebrow lines. In addition to investing in equipment technology, Gangwhoo ensures modern facilities, amenities, and international standards to provide customers with perfect and memorable service experiences. With a focus on service quality and modern equipment, Gangwhoo cosmetic hospital is the optimal choice for Men Brows Sculpting procedures.

Aftercare instructions for Men Brows Sculpting

  • Take care to not let your brow come into contact with water.
  • Avoid skin care products or hair gel that can affect the recovery process after sculpting.
  • Avoid peeling off the eyebrow sculpting layer by yourself. Instead, let it flake off naturally.
  • Avoid arbitrarily applying any medication not prescribed by our specialist.
  • Eat nutritious foods and fruits but abstain from foods promoting melanin production such as water spinach, soy sauce, sticky rice, seafood, beef and stimulants such as alcohol, caffeine, nicotine
  • Drink enough water to keep yourself hydrated, your skin moisturized and maintain good metabolism or a speedy recovery.


Men Brows Sculpting is a viable solution that aids in enhancing the elegant and confident appearance of men. Hence, opting for eyebrow sculpting is an impeccable choice that should not be overlooked. To attain optimal and superior outcomes, it is recommended to select Gangwhoo Hospital, a distinguished establishment that has garnered the trust and satisfaction of numerous clients. Please do not hesitate to contact us for guidance and assistance if you have any queries that require clarification.

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