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Mandible Trimming – How Long Does It Take To Recover? And Influential Factors

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How long does it take to recover from a Mandible Trim and what factors affect it’s recovery? Surely everyone who undergoes Mandible Trim is concerned about this issue. If you are also interested, find out in this article right away!

Do you need to rest after Mandible Trim? Why?

Mandible trim

Mandible Trim is an effective process of caring for and adjusting the shape of the face. Postoperative care after Mandible Trim is necessary and helps your body recover quickly. As well as the time for the jaw to adapt and quickly stabilize after the adjustment. 

Usually in cases where the Mandible Trim process is simple and does not significantly affect the oral condition, you may not need a long recovery period. However, in more complex cases, you should rest to ensure the best recovery process and the safest final result. 

How long does it take to recover from Mandible Trim?

The Mandible Trim process is not only to improve one’s appearance but also bring a functional balance to the jaw. After this process, rest plays an important role in the recovery and healing process. According to experts, the recovery time for Mandible Trim is usually divided into stages, specifically as follows:

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  • Within the first 24-48 hours after Mandible Trim, the jawline may be slightly swollen and feel sore, difficult to move and bite. 
  • After 5-7 days, the pain symptoms will gradually decrease and the incision will begin to heal. 
  • From 7-10 days, the jaw area will be more flexible and begin to form a V-line shape, however, the jawline is still slightly stiff and needs to limit eating.
  • After about 1 month, the cheek and jaw area will stop swelling, the face will become more balanced and you can return to daily activities. However, you still need to avoid strenuous exercise and maintain a moderate diet. 
  • From 2-3 months onwards, the jawbone will fully recover, the face will be more symmetrical and there will be no feeling of tightness or numbness. You need to pay attention to protecting your face area and avoid collisions to ensure that your face is not distorted.

Thus, based on these stages, we can answer that on average it takes about 7-10 days for basic recovery after Mandible Trim. And it takes about 1-3 months for full recovery. This ensures that you will have a balanced and confident face after the Mandible Trim.

Influential Factors Affecting Recovery Time After The Mandible Trim.

In fact, the recovery time after the Mandible Trim is not the same for each customer. There are 4 main factors that affect this process, including the doctor’s implemented technique, the technology applied, patient’s physique and postoperative care.

Doctor’s implemented technique

The technique and skill of the doctor play an important role in the results of Mandible Trim and recovery time. Experienced doctors who understand technology will perform the procedure with high accuracy, minimizing  any damage and adverse reactions such as pain, stiffness, and bruising. Conversely, young doctors who lack skills and experience can cause greater damage and increase the risk of dangerous complications.

Technology applied during Mandible Trim

The technology applied during Mandible Trim also affects recovery time. Modern and superior technology helps increase the success rate of surgery and reduce damage. As well as limiting the recovery time after Mandible Trim to the lowest possible level due to the impact caused not too significant.

Patient’s physique

Each patient’s physique is an important factor affecting their recovery time. The healing rate and reaction of each physique are different, so each person will have a different recovery time. People with good physique, good health and good immunity often recover faster. On the contrary, people with weak physique and strong immune reactions may take longer to recover and are more likely to have complications.

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How to care for your jaw after surgery

The way to care for after surgery also significantly affects the recovery time of the mandible. Compliance with hygiene habits, diet and lifestyle is important to ensure that the healing process goes well. If you do not pay attention to these issues and do not take care of them carefully, complications may occur.

Where is a safe and fast Mandible Trim recovery address?

Safe and fast Mandible Trim at Gangwhoo Aesthetic Hospital can be said to be a choice that many customers trust. In recent years, Gangwhoo has built a reputation for quality services, including mandible cosmetic surgery.

Gangwhoo Hospital is proud to own a team of leading doctors and experts in the field of facial aesthetics. The experts here not only have deep professional knowledge but also have sophisticated skills and passion for their profession. With many years of experience and high precision techniques, they will bring high quality and safe facial aesthetic results. 

Gangwhoo also always invests and applies advanced Mandible Trim methods and technologies to contribute to achieving the fastest and most optimal results. This is one of the things that helps shorten recovery time. 

Not only does it bring good Mandible Trim results, when experiencing at Gangwhoo, customers are also served with the most enthusiastic and attentive service. With luxurious space, modern equipment facilities as well as fully equipped utilities.

Ways to care after Mandible Trim surgery that you should remember

After completing the Mandible Trim process, to help shorten the time for Mandible Trim recovery, please follow the post-operative care instructions for the best results, specifically as follows:

In the first 1-2 days after surgery:

  • Lie with your head raised high and prioritize lying straight. You can lean on both sides but not for too long.
  • Eat soft foods like porridge, soup, cake to limit mouth opening and chewing.
  • Drink with a straw and take supplement electrolytes or vitamin C.
  • Take pain killers and anti-inflammatory drugs if prescribed by a doctor at the prescribed dose.
  • Gently rinse your mouth with saline and always wear a jaw strap around your jaw, replacing when check with your doctor.
  • Use cold ice packs around the jaw area to help reduce swelling and pain, but do not press too hard to avoid damaging the tissue.
  • Prioritize eating nutritious porridge to reduce pressure on the jawbone.

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In the next 4 days:

  • After 4 days, the pain in your mouth will lessen, you can switch to eating soft rice, cereals and stewed dishes.
  • Continue to clean the wound regularly, avoid touching the jaw and perform gentle activities such as walking to enhance blood circulation.
  • Take time to rest, ensuring 7-8 hours of sleep each night.

After 7-10 days after surgery:

  • You can gradually return to normal activities, but need to limit strenuous activities and avoid bad foods such as salty, spicy foods, fat and alcohol.
  • Wear a jaw strap for 4-6 weeks to ensure jawbone stability and carefully perform oral hygiene to clean the wound.
  • Remember the follow-up schedule according to your doctor’s instructions to promptly detect any abnormality.

How Long Does It Take To Mandible Trim And Influential Factors?  Perhaps through this article you have somewhat understood it right? Hope this article is helpful and helps you shorten your recovery time after teeth removal. Especially, don’t forget to connect with Gangwhoo if you still have many other questions that need advice and answers!

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