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Mandible Trim and Jawbone Realignment

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Mandible trim and jawbone realignment is the fastest way to correct a deviated chin that makes the face unbalanced. This method is performed safely, quickly, does not leave scars, and brings natural results.

The need of having beauty makeovers and plastic surgery to correct facial defects is increasing greatly. Accordingly, many customers choose to have mandible trim and jawbone realignment at Gangwhoo Cosmetic Hospital for a slimmer chin and more balanced face.

Mandible Trim and Jaw Bone Realignment
Mandible Trim and Jawbone Realignment

What are mandible trim and jawbone realignment?

Mandible trim and jawbone realignment is a surgical method to cut and reduce the jawbone. This is also a solution to realign the jawbone to be more balanced. Thanks to modern techniques, this method is minimally invasive and leaves no complications.

Like other cosmetic methods, mandible trim and jawbone realignment are can be applied to both men and women. However, you must be over 18 years old, have stable health and physical conditions. Plastic surgery is not applied to pregnant women, lactating women, patients with psychological disorders, people with high blood pressure, cardiovascular disease, hemophilia…

The advantages of mandible trim and jawbone realignment

  • Have a more delicate, slimmer face with a more balanced chin.
  • Remove asymmetrical facial defects on the face such as large chin, deviated chin,…
  • The surgery is performed under sterile conditions, ensuring safety and no complications.
  • Customers will not feel any pain during the surgery.
  • Only 1 surgery, the recovery time is short, and the results are long-lasting.

The standard mandible trim and jawbone realignment procedure

Step 1: After knowing the desires of the customer, the doctor will examine the jawbone area. Then the doctor will use the 3D X-ray machine to check and suggest the most appropriate methods.

Step 2: Check and analyze the condition of the customer’s jawbone and chin. Use analytical technology and specialized software to calculate the most correct ratio of the jawbone. Then, the doctor shall make a detailed surgery plan to correct the jawbone.

Step 3: Simulate the final results before surgery. If the customer is not satisfied, the doctor will remake the outline and provide information about the surgical process, time, and procedure for customers to understand.

Step 4: To ensure safety, no complications, customers must have a general health check. The doctor will conduct blood pressure tests, heart rate measurements, blood tests, drug reaction tests …

Step 5: Sterilize the instruments used during surgery. Sanitize and numb the bone area to limit the pain. This step also helps customers feel more comfortable during the surgery.

Step 6: The doctor shall cut and realign the jawbone based on the planned bone ratio. Different bone realignment methods shall be applied to different customers.

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Step 7: Close the wound with cosmetic sutures. Customers are transferred to a special care area for nurses to take care of and monitor their health.

Mandible trim price list at Gangwhoo Cosmetic Hospital

Service First surgery (VND) Re-surgery
Gummy smile treatment
Overbite treatment (upper jaw) 80.000.000
Overbite (upper jaw) + Gummy smile treatment
Overbite treatment (both jaw) 140.000.000
Overbite treatment + Chin augmentation
Lefort maxillary osteotomy 90.000.000
BSSO Overbite treatment (lower jaw)
Lefort upper jaw + BSSO lower jaw
Cheek augmentation
Korean temple augmentation with soft cartilage 30.000.000
Mandible trim
Chin implant with mandible bone 50.000.000
Mandible trim + Side mandible trim
Mandible trim + Side mandible trim + Square mandible trim
Mandible trim + Jawbone realignment
V-Line mandible trim
80.000.000 100.000.000
V-Line mandible trim + Jawbone realignment
V-Line mandible trim + Chin augmentation
Cheekbone reduction
70.000.000 80-90.000.000
Cheekbone augmentation 100.000.000
Facial fat grafting
V-Line chin trim
Korean Implant chin augmentation (no braces) 20.000.000
Chin trim
Chin reduction
Chin trim + Chin reduction 70.000.000
Chin augmentation with braces 25.000.000 30.000.000
Chin augmentation surgery

Why should you have mandible trim and jawbone realignment at Gangwhoo Cosmetic Hospital?

Gangwhoo Cosmetic Hospital is trusted by many customers thanks to the following:

Highly qualified doctors

Gangwhoo Cosmetic Hospital has highly qualified and experienced doctors. The doctors at Gangwhoo have trained for years across the country and abroad and have had high practical experience. They are also understandable and dedicated to their work.

State-of-the-art facilities

Gangwhoo Cosmetic Hospital has the most advanced equipment system, international standard rooms, closed sterile surgery area, special post-operative care area, and advanced software, etc. Gangwhoo constantly updates the most advanced aesthetic technologies from many countries around the world.

Standard surgical procedure

Gangwhoo Cosmetic applies the international standard procedure of mandible trim and jawbone realignment. The surgery is carried out safely, quickly, and gently with the most advanced anesthesia technology. After surgery, customers will have special care regimes…

Therefore, the mandible trim and jawbone realignment of Gangwhoo Cosmetic Hospital not only helps customers to have a beautiful and well-proportioned face but also ensures customers’ safety. If you have any further questions or concerns, please leave a comment or contact Gangwhoo Cosmetic Hospital for the most thoughtful advice and guidance
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