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The 4 Ways to Make Double-lidded Eyes at Home

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 Many women are scared of cosmetic surgeries, leading to them trying to have double-lidded eyes using makeup. In this article, we will tell you how to make double-lidded eyes at home.

How to have double-lidded eyes without any surgery

To possess a pair of double-lidded eyes is the dream of many women in pursuit of beauty. For this reason, there have been many techniques to own double-lidded eyes with cosmetic surgery, However, as some people are afraid of pain, they choose to do it by themselves at home.

How to make double-lidded eyes at home
How to make double-lidded eyes at home

1. Make double-lidded eyes at home with double eyelid pads

One of the ways to turn your monolid into double eyelids is using double eyelid pads. With this method, your monolid will turn double-lidded, making your eyes bigger and more attractive.

To make double-lidded eyes with double eyelid pads, you will need to stick the pad with extreme precision. This can help to prevent you from trying to do it over and over as it can reduce the adhesiveness of the glue, making it falls off. After placing the pads on your eyes, you can put on a little bit of eyeshadow to make the eyes prettier.

Some notes when using double eyelid pads:

  • After placing the pads, you should not open your eyes instantly.
  • People with hidden eyelids should choose the most visible creases to create the lids.
  • The pads should only be used once you have finished your makeup.

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2. Make double-lidded eyes with double eyelid thread

The trend of having double-lidded eyes with double eyelid thread is still now losing its heat. Almost every girl tries this method to quickly have double eyelids.

  • Pull the 2 ends of the thread so that you can see a thin thread in the middle.
  • Gently place the thread onto a suitable position and glue it down. Remember not to pull it too much, causing the thread to be severed.
  • Use a scissor to remove the excess thread.
  • Use a tweezer to secure the thread.

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3. Make double-lidded eyes at home with double-edged glue

Similar to the pads, the double-edged glue is also one of the non-surgical and simple ways to have double eyelids at home.

This glue is a liquid applied directly on areas where you wish to create a crease. The glue will adhere the skin together, creating the natural creases without exposing the makeup like the pads.

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After applying the glue onto the creases, you should wait until the glue is nearly dry before using the Y shape makeup tool to adjust the creases. You can use micellar cleansing water to easily remove the glue.

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4. Make double-lidded eyes at home with the double eyelid trainer

Double eyelid trained is a product that originated in Japan and Korea, the 2 developed nations in cosmetology. The design of this product is quite simple as it is in a form of a normal eyeglass. You can adjust the temples to suit the structure of your face.

This product is rather light, convenient, and can be used anywhere. You will only need to adjust the frames of the glasses to fit your eyes and wear them 20 minutes before doing your makeup. After removing the glasses, you will have the perfectly natural and attractive double-lidded eyes.

However, one downside of this is that the crease can only be visible for 3 – 4 hours. The trainer could also cause some inconvenience due to the hard hinges, hence you should try it first before making the final purchase.

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Create the natural double eyelid at Gangwhoo

At this point, you should already know some ways to make double-lidded eyes at home. The disadvantages of these methods are that they cannot keep the result visible for a long time yet can be so time-consuming.

Check out the services to create the double-lidded eyes at Gangwhoo Plastic Surgery Center that are so highly recommended by many clients. With cosmetic surgery, your eyelids will be beautiful and lasting, improving all the flaws of the eyes.

Bấm mí (Perfect) cho đôi mắt đẹp hoàn hảo

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We hope that this article about how to make double-lidded eyes at home has helped you to find the right method for you. You should also check out the blepharoplasty technique at Gangwhoo. With a team of dedicated plastic surgeons, Gangwhoo will make you beautiful and happy.

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