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Liposuction and Lipotropic Injection – 3 Pros and cons

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Liposuction and Lipotropic Injection are two methods that make many people misunderstand. Many people do not know how to choose a way to reduce excess fat out of their body. Following this article to learn about the advantages and disadvantages of these two methods and make your own decision!

Liposuction or Lipotropic Injection


What are Liposuction and Lipotropic Injection?

Liposuction is a method that uses modern technology and equipment to liquefy and extract excess subdermal fat. At the start of procedure, ultrasound waves help impact the fat area to help eliminate it and put into container. After that, it will help the body appear slimmer as the excess subdermal fat has been eliminated thoroughly.

A lipotropic injection is a method of fat reduction by using the active elements to inject into areas where excess fat accumulate. The operating mechanism helps the excess fat inside the body to be broken down so it is encouraged to be reabsorbed into the body. After that, the amount of excess fat will gradually decrease time by time.

Liposuction or Lipotropic Injection

The advantages of Liposuction and Lipotropic Injection



  • Liposuction is the method that help you reduce fat in as quickly as within 60 minutes
  • When doing for the first time, you can see the obvious result
  • By endoscopy with ultrasound wave, non-invasive and painless
  • Liquefying the most hardened fat area, eliminating the long-term accumulation of fatty tissue
  • Without anesthesia, customers can observe and feel the flow of liquefied fat coming outLiposuction or Lipotropic Injection

Lipotropic Injection

  • Non-invasive, no painful surgery
  • The amount of excess fat will gradually be disappeared after the first time
  • The area with excess fat will become slim and firm, you will feel more confident with your body.
  • The time is very quick, it only takes about 60 minutes each time
  • Affordable Price, suitable for customers.

Liposuction or Lipotropic Injection

The disadvantages of Liposuction and Lipotropic Injection


  • After a few days of liposuction, there will be slight swelling, but not significant. After only a few days it is completely recover.
  • You need to stay for 1 to 2 days at the hospital to ensure your health before you leave. And it’s convenient for the doctor to check up the results.
  • It is necessary to wear a corset after liposuction to shape the abdominal in beautiful and stable form.

Lipotropic Injection

  • Can have adverse reaction with the lipotropic injection, if it not handled promptly, it can be life threatening.
  • Lipotropic Injection can cause pain and discomfort in the injection area.
  • Can cause damage to tissues and structures inside the body, if not carry out properly by experienced experts.

Liposuction or Lipotropic Injection

Liposuction or Lipotropic Injection?

According to the advantages and disadvantages of these two methods of liposuction and Lipotropic injection, when given the choice of liposuction or lipotropic injection, you have your own answer?

The effect of Lipotropic injections has not been proven in terms of effectiveness when applied. The results of Lipotropic injections may not be absolute, especially in cases of long-term accumulation fat or thick fat. In addition, even high quality injections also have some risks such as drug allergies, infections, skin sores, and hormonal disturbances..

There are many nutrients and active elements used as the main active elements to inject lipotropic, but it is not clear whether the effect is clear or not. You should choose products with the clear origin, and carefully read the ingredients in the nutrients to see if they have the correct fat-burning active ingredients.

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Especially with Lipotropic Injection, it is necessary to put the injection needle into the correct position of the fat tissue. Injections that are too shallow or not deep enough will not deliver the drug where it needs to be. Then it will not obtain the desired result.

Liposuction or Lipotropic Injection

On the contrary, the liposuction method can completely overcome excess fat, including thick and old fat. Liposuction will be operated by the mechanism of ultrasound waves impact on the fat tissue, liquefying the fat and excreting it out by a small tube into the glass container. Not only helps to effectively reduce fat, this method also helps to improve the firmness of the skin after the procedure.

Therefore, it can be said that Lipotropic Injection is the optimal and safer method in the process of fat loss. You can consider and choose to be able to effectively lose weight, get back in body shape in the shortest time and fast

If you are hesitating between liposuction and lipotropic injections, we hope the above content has helped you make your own decision. In particular, do not forget to connect with Gangwhoo if you have more questions that need advice and other answers!


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