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Lipo Thin Max – The Top Fat Reduction Technology Nowadays

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Lipo thin max method is also known as the quick waist fat reduction, which helps you to regain your slim body. By using this service, you will be more confident in your new slim body without having to do exercise or be on a diet.

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Belly fat, body fat, and fat accumulation are common defects many people are facing. They tried many ways, spent years doing exercise to get rid of these fat accumulations, and failed to do so. At Gangwhoo Cosmetic Hospital, you will have a completely new body shape by using the Lipo Thin Max service.

What is Lipo Thin Max?

Lipo Thin Max is the latest fat reduction method which many other cosmetic facilities still do not have. It refers to the direct filler injection into the body. Then, the fillers will move to the cells beneath the skin and destroy the fat tissues. Finally, the destroyed fat tissues will be pushed out through the excretory system and the tear glands.

Thanks to this technique, you can still lose weight and have your fat destroyed without having to do exercise or go through painful surgery. The Lipo Thin Max method uses a combination of 120 tropical acids, essence extracted from Lingzhi mushroom, salmon DNA, and amino acid to completely break the links among fat tissues. Especially, it also creates new skin tissues to rejuvenate your skin and prevent wrinkles.

After only 1 time of Lipo Thin Max, the overweight body will be completely gone. Your dream of having a wonderful body is no longer a dream anymore.

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The advantages of lipo thin max fat reduction

First of all, the Lipo Thin Max fat reduction method is an exclusive service of Gangwhoo Cosmetic Hospital. Those who cannot control their weight, or those who gain weight after pregnancy, or those who want to lose weight…will be able to improve their body thanks to this method.

Unlike other methods that use surgical intervention, the Lipo Thin Max method has more ground-breaking advantages:

  • The excess fat is constantly eliminated through the excretory system and the sweat glands.
  • You will have a positive result after only 1 procedure without any dangers or risks.
  • You can easily achieve your desired weight.
  • You will not feel any pain during the procedure, and there are no inflammation or dangerous complications.
  • Those who have high blood pressure, diabetes, blood lipids..can all use this service.
  • The sagging, losing skin will be restored.

International Standard Lipo Thin Max Fat Reduction Procedure

The Lipo Thin Max fat reduction method is performed by injecting essence into your body so the quality of the essence has to be guaranteed. In addition, other tests in the procedure must also be constantly followed.

Gọi tư vấn miễn phí

At Gangwhoo Cosmetic Hospital, the Lipo Thin Max procedure is strictly focused on, and it must be performed by experienced specialists. The Lipo Thin Max process will be divided into these steps:

  • Step 1: The doctor will directly examine and measure the excess fat on the customer’s body. And then the customer will have a general health check for underlying diseases, current health conditions.
  • Step 2: The doctor will recheck the essence which will be injected into the customer’s body. This step is done to guarantee safety and quality standards for the best result.
  • Step 3: The exclusive anesthesia will be used to help the customer feel better.
  • Step 4: The doctor will mark the fat accumulation positions to perform the injection accurately. Then the doctor will inject Lipo Thin Max fat reduction essence into the assigned positions.
  • Step 5: The doctor will instruct how to self-care at home. At the same time, the doctor will advise on a suitable diet, exercise program at home. This will help quicken the excess fat elimination process.

Liposuction, Fat Reduction Price List at Gangwhoo Cosmetic Hospital

Service Price Discounted price
2-side Cheek Fat Removal 20,000,000
Endoscopic 2-side Cheek Fat Removal 23,000,000
Laser Endoscopic Double Chin Lipo 15 – 17.000.000
RF Endoscopic Double Chin Lipo 25,000,000
Nasolabial Fold Fat Grafting 15,000,000
Temple Fat Grafting 20,000,000
Forehead Fat Grafting 20,000,000
Fat Grafting For Facial Rejuvenation 50,000,000
Fat Grafting For Facial Rejuvenation & Filling 70,000,000
3D Arm Lipo 18,000,000
3D Thigh Lipo 25,000,000
3D Abdomen Lipo 20 – 40.000.000
Mini Abdomen Skin Tightening 55,000,000
Calf Reduction 35,000,000
Tummy Tuck & Waist Creation 70,000,000

What Do Newspapers Talk about Gangwhoo Cosmetic Hospital?

Xa Luan Newspaper: http://xaluan.com/modules.php?name=News&file=article&sid=3024592

Eva Newspaper: https://eva.vn/phau-thuat-tham-my/benh-vien-tham-my-gangwhoo-dia-diem-sua-mui-hong-uy-tin-tai-tp-ho-chi-minh-c271a458733.html

Vimed Newspaper: https://vimed.org/review/benh-vien-tham-my-gangwhoo

Images of our customers before & after fat reduction service at Gangwhoo Cosmetic Hospital

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Why should you get Lipo Thin Max fat reduction at Gangwhoo Cosmetic Hospital?

Customers should use the Lipo Thin Max service at Gangwhoo Cosmetic Hospital for only at Gangwhoo there is this exclusive beauty method. This technique was transferred directly to our team of doctors. Hence you can completely rest assured to use this service.

Furthermore, Gangwhoo Cosmetic Hospital from Korea has been operating in Viet Nam for years. The successful cases, the compliments, trust, and satisfaction of the customers are the best proof for the quality that Gangwhoo has brought to the customers.

At the same time, we constantly update and improve our beauty techniques and methods. The latest, safest, and most effective beauty methods are also provided to the customers so that they will have more amazing choices. Thus, Gangwhoo Cosmetic Hospital is proud to be women and sisters’ best support in their beautiful life.

If you are also interested in Lipo Thin Max and the other non-surgical fat reduction methods, come pay Gangwhoo a visit for further details. We believe this is the best beauty method for you to have a perfect body and become more confident than before.

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