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Painless And Quick Lip Tattoo Removal With 1 Session

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Lip tattoo is the cosmetic procedure that many adore. However, there are cases the tattoo is not up to expectation and require removal or revision. As the lip skin is very agile and sensitive, performing lip tattoo removal require tremendous dexterity to avoid any lip damages and complications.

All you need to know about lip tattoo removal
All you need to know about lip tattoo removal

What is lip tattoo removal?

Many people believe that lip tattoo removal is putting a new layer of ink onto the old one, but that is not true. Lip tattoo removal is a procedure done to remove the old ink from the lip skin.

When should you have lip tattoo removal?

If you are having the problems below, you should consider having a lip tattoo removal:

  • The lip color is too vivid and unnatural.
  • The lip is not evenly colored.
  • The vermilion borders (the borders of the lip) have different colors to the tubercles (the center of the lip).
  • The lip color is not harmonious with the skin.
  • A desire for a new lip color rises.
Cases that require lip tattoo removal
Cases that require lip tattoo removal

Let’s take a look at the lip tattoo removal procedures that are popular at the moment:

1. Lip tattoo removal using natural ingredients

This is the manual lip tattoo removal method that makes uses of natural ingredients like oxidants, strong disinfectants, and anti-inflammatory substances to remove the tattoo of the lip.

Some popular hand-operated techniques to remove lip tattoo are:

  • Removing lip tattoo using honey
  • Removing lip tattoo using salt
  • Removing lip tattoo using specialized fluid


  • Simple and easy to perform
  • Cheap and easy-to-find ingredients


  • Takes a lot of time and requires great patience
  • Doesn’t guarantee the expected results.
  • Can damage and abrade the lip skin, especially when using strong disinfectants.
các phương pháp làm mờ màu xăm môi phổ biến
Widely used lip tattoo removal methods

2. Lip tattoo removal using advanced laser technology

The application of modern laser into tattoo removal is a highly appreciated technique that is popularly applied in many facilities.

Laser lip tattoo removal will use the appropriate wavelength to beam directly on the lip skin to eliminate the ink from the lips without causing any damages to the skin.


Gọi tư vấn miễn phí
  • Remove the ink from the lips effectively up to 99% regardless of the ink
  • Cause no pain
  • Leave no skin damages or complications
  • Can be done quickly


  • Require great expertise from the technicians
  • Come at a higher cost than the DIY methods

The tips to have a safe and effective lip tattoo removal

You should not do it at home

Although DIY lip tattoo removal using natural ingredients and disinfectants can be simple and cheap, its efficiency is not high and it contains a risk of skin damages, especially on sensitive skin.

If you don’t know how to do it safely at home, consequences like infection or damages can occur.

You should choose advanced tattoo removal technology

To maximize the effectiveness of the removal, you should only choose to have modern technology. Nowadays, laser tech is considered to be the most optimal, efficient, and safe technique to have.

You should seek a reputable facility

Only a prestigious location can provide quality tattoo removal with cutting-edge technology and great expertise from experienced staff.

If it meets all the requirements above, the result will be wonderful, safe, painless, and free from complications.

You should take care of yourself carefully afterward

After having a lip tattoo removal, you should pay close attention to post-operative care. Great care will allow the lip skin to recover quickly and ensure the best removal results.

The way to take care of your lips after a tattoo removal will be listed below:

How to take care of your lip after a tattoo removal

  • Maintain the lip skin sanitary by keeping it away from water and dirt.
  • Don’t put on lipstick for 1 week.
  • Avoid eating food that can cause scarring or allergy like beef, chicken, duck, seafood, glutinous products, alcohol, spicy, hot, and oily food.
  • Eat more vegetables and fruits.
  • Don’t touch your lip.
  • Wear a mask when going out to protect you from the dirt and the bacteria in the air.
  • Come to the doctor’s office immediately if any problem occurs after the lip tattoo removal.
Cách chăm sóc sau khi xoá xăm môi
How to take care of your lip after laser lip tattoo removal

Can you get a removal instantly after getting the lip tattoo?

It is best that you have a removal 3-4 months after getting a tattoo to ensure the best safety and efficiency.

Does a lip tattoo removal hurt?

Before having your tattoo removed, your lip will be sedated for 15 minutes. Therefore, the tattoo removal will not cause any pain.

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Is lip tattoo removal dangerous?

Having your lip tattoo removed at a reputable facility with advanced technology under the hands of skillful and experienced technicians will ensure the safest procedure.

How much does a lip tattoo removal cost?

According to a survey, the cost to remove your lip tattoo on the market nowadays costs between 2 – 6 million VND.

How long after getting a lip tattoo can you remove it?

To ensure your lip’s safety and convenience for aftercare, you should only remove it after getting the tattoo for 3 – 4 months.

How long does a lip tattoo removal take?

Using laser to remove a lip tattoo can be done quickly. After 1 – 2 sessions, the ink will be completely removed. Each session should cost you 40 minutes.

Is getting a lip tattoo removal with advanced technology good?

the Laser Nd YAG tattoo removing technology is the most superior one at the moment with the effectiveness up to 99%.

A reputable facility for tattoo removal

Gangwhoo cosmetic hospital is one of the most prestigious locations that provide lip tattoo removal using modern technology in Ho Chi Minh City.

Gangwhoo cosmetic hospital has a team of experienced experts and technicians with great skill and dexterity. They are supported by cutting-edge machinery to offer the best quality tattoo removal services. If you have the need to have a safe and painless lip tattoo removal, contact Gangwhoo cosmetic hospital by dialing 0901 666 879 or message the fan page HERE

Aside from tattoo removing services, Gangwhoo cosmetic hospital also provides a variety of in-depth skin therapy and treatments with the best quality. You can check out the services in the link down below.


Final words

The information above gives you the detail about removing lip tattoo that you should not skip. We hope that this article has given you ssome useful knowledge. Thank you for your attenttion. 

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