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How to Recognize 8 Signs of Successful Lip Spray That You Should Know

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What is a beautiful lip spray result, is it standard? You need to rely on 8 signs of successful lip spray to recognize. With the current lip spray results, have your lips called beautiful and successful yet? Let’s explore now!

8 signs of successful lip spray that you should know

Lip spray is an artistic beauty technique, and to achieve perfect results, professionalism needs to be based on recognizing 8 signs of successful lip spray. For customers after lip spray at Gangwhoo cosmetic hospital, if there are signs as mentioned above, the lip spray result is definitely successful.

lip spray

1. Correct lipstick color

One of the happy signs is that the lip color is standard according to the initial desire. The color sprayed on the lips is not discolored or discolored compared to the actual color. Especially, the color of the lips must ensure naturalness and not be altered after the flaking process to be considered a successful lip spray sign.

2. Lip color is even

The lip color after spraying must be even throughout the entire lip area, without any smudging or unevenness. This shows that the lip spray technique has been performed well, bringing excellent aesthetic results.

3. No lip line is visible

A sign of successful lip spray is that there is no visible lip line, natural and beautiful. According to tattooing experts at Gangwhoo, when applying spray ink, it must be done in such a way as to create a clear lip line. Especially, it should not be darker than the inner lip, bringing a youthful and natural look that ensures proper technique and best results for customers.

4. Quick flaking

Lips after spraying will flake off within a period of 5-7 days. This is a normal process when lips start to peel off and stabilize in color. If anyone’s lips flake off at this time as expected, congratulations, this is a sign of identifying that your lip spray results will be successful quickly.

5. No infection

After spraying lips, a successful sign will not have signs of infection such as excessive swelling, bruising, blood vessels and pain. It will be an additional prerequisite for 1 good sign about your lip spray results will be naturally beautiful as desired. 

6. High ink color durability

In fact, high ink color durability after lip spraying that lasts long and durable over time is also not an exception as a sign of successful lip spraying. If your lip color is beautiful and maintained for a period of 4 to 5 years, it has marked a beautiful lip spray result with high durability.

7. No pain and swelling after lip spray

An important part of the successful lip spray process is not causing pain and swelling. At many addresses, the outdated technique with a large spray head will cause pain and swelling with deep impact force on the skin’s epidermis, affecting the lip spray result.

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However, at Gangwhoo, customers always undergo the lip spray process with sophisticated techniques and modern tools. The injection line is even and delicate, minimizing the swelling and pain that may occur. 

8. No water pimples appear on the lips

Lips are a sensitive area of skin that can be easily irritated. Therefore, if water pimples appear after lip spray, this is a warning sign. Your tattooing result may fail and need to be corrected as soon as possible.

With successful lip spray signs like above, you should evaluate whether your lip spray result has been successful or not.

The stage of lips peeling after lip spray

As you know, peeling lips after lip spray is a sign that can determine whether your lips have succeeded or failed. Therefore, experts at Gangwhoo recommend that you should follow the stages of lips peeling after spraying to have appropriate care and protection for your lips.

Below are signs that you should pay attention to when your lips are about to peel after lip spray:

lip spray

Lips start to dry

This is the first sign that the lips are about to peel. You will feel your lips becoming dry and tight. Don’t worry, this is a natural process of the lips and at the same time, it is also a precursor sign for the upcoming peeling stage.

Lips become tight

The second sign is that the lips become tight, indicating that the lips are about to peel off the color flakes. You can feel the fullness and your lips become more sensitive. This is a sign that the lip spray process has been successful and your lips are moving on to the next stage.

Lips gradually peel off flakes

On the 4th day after lip spray, you will see your lips starting to peel off flakes gradually. The color flakes will peel off in small parts until they are completely peeled off. At this stage, let your lips naturally peel off flakes without using your hands, this helps ensure that the lip color is beautiful and stable.

Lips start to have color

After the peeling process, your lips will start to have color and the ink will stabilize. You will see your lips become naturally beautiful and standard in color. This is the final sign that shows that the lip spray process has been successful and your lips will become more attractive than ever.

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Signs of failed lip spray you should note

In the lip spray process, not only do we need to pay attention to signs of successful lip spray but we also need to recognize and prevent signs of failed lip spray. These are warning signs so that women can promptly correct them and avoid negative impacts on their lips.

lip spray 

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With the experience of a team of doctors with professional qualifications at Gangwhoo cosmetic hospital, if you have the following signs, your lips may be damaged and the failure rate of lip spray is very high. Specifically, they include:

Itchy and uncomfortable lips

The sign of damaged lips will cause your lips to itch and feel uncomfortable. It can usually be due to the quality of the irritating ink and its impact on the epidermis of the lips.

Lips grow water pimples

The condition of lips growing water pimples around or within the lip skin is a sign of failed lip spray. Swelling and pain around the lips are also abnormal signs that affect lip color and lip recovery process. When encountering this sign, seek advice from reputable lip spray experts for timely correction..

Unevenly colored lips

If your lips become unevenly colored after peeling off color flakes, or even change color compared to expectations, this is a sign of failed lip spray. The reason is often due to the technician’s lack of skill in spraying ink evenly and using poor quality ink. To avoid this situation, always choose experienced and reliable experts.

Painful and bruised lips

When your lips are swollen and bruised, painful after lip spray process, it may be accompanied by bleeding, ulcers, weight loss, fever,… these are dangerous signs of infection. In this situation, you need to seek medical attention for timely treatment and avoid serious consequences.

Lip necrosis after spray

The condition of lip necrosis after spray has signs such as pain, bruising, darkening and not peeling off after cosmetic lip spray process. Lip necrosis causes negative effects on the aesthetics and health of the lips. When correcting necrotic lips is a top priority. Note that do not wait until severe lip spray results in necrosis before handling because it is very difficult to treat successfully without timely corrective measures.

Note:  In case there are any abnormal signs after lip spray, you should contact a doctor or specialist for advice and support as soon as possible. 

Instructions on how to care for lips to achieve beautiful standard color

To ensure that your lips have a standard color and meet the signs of successful lip spray, cosmetic experts at Gangwhoo recommend that you apply care methods to achieve beautiful standard color lips and recover them in the best way. Please note and apply them to own a successful lip spray result!

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lip spray

Proper lip hygiene

After lip spray, the lips may swell and leak fluid, so be sure to clean your lips carefully to help them recover as quickly as possible.

  • From 6-8 hours after lip spray, you need to use a dry tissue to wipe away excess moisture on your lips.
  • In the first 2-3 days after lip spray, you need to minimize direct contact with water on your lips.
  • Use sterile cotton to remove any remaining fluid.
  • Regularly use a cotton swab soaked in physiological saline to gently touch your lips.
  • Avoid letting your lips come into contact with smoke, dust, or direct hand contact.

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Take medicine as directed

In some cases, doctors may prescribe oral and topical anti-inflammatory drugs. Please follow the dosage and usage instructions of the doctor. Do not use antibiotics without permission from the doctor.

Appropriate diet

For customers after lip spray at Gangwhoo, experts will guide you in detail on the most scientific diet. Usually, experts will always advise customers on specific dietary issues as follows:

  • Increase daily water intake to keep your body and lips sufficiently moisturized.
  • Ensure adequate vitamin C intake from sources such as oranges, lemons, kiwis, and pineapples to support skin regeneration and increase lip elasticity.
  • Supplement omega-3 from sources such as salmon, chia seeds, and flax seeds to help soothe the skin and reduce inflammation.
  • Increase the use of antioxidant-rich foods such as fruits and vegetables to protect the lips from harmful free radicals.
  • Limit consumption of artificial colorants, sweets and high-fat foods to avoid negative effects on the lips.
  • Avoid eating non-benign foods that affect lip spray results such as beef, seafood, water spinach, eggs,…

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Some questions after lip spray

Is it okay for the upper lip to be darker than the lower lip after lip spray?

Spraying lips makes the upper lip darker than the lower lip does not affect your health. However, uneven color of the upper and lower lips can significantly affect the aesthetics of the face. An imbalance in the color of the lips can make you lose your charm and confidence in daily communication.

Do you need to re-spray your lips?

You have sprayed your lips and are wondering if you need to re-spray them? In fact, the best time to re-spray your lips is after about 2 months. However, experts at Gangwhoo Aesthetic Hospital also advise that you can re-spray them for a longer period of time, but not earlier than this time frame.

In some cases, you can also re-spray your lips if:

  • Lip color is uneven, color is still pale
  • Lip color does not change significantly

How long does lip spraying last?

Lip spraying is an effective beauty solution for attractive and seductive lips. Usually, the results of lip spraying can last for a period of 1 to 2 years. However, if you choose to spray your lips at Gangwhoo Aesthetic Hospital, the results will last longer, from 3 to 5 years or even longer.

At Gangwhoo, high-quality spray ink with organic ingredients safe for lips is often used. Especially, long-lasting color retention combined with even ink spraying technique will ensure the most natural and durable result.

Hope that with 8 in the article above will be useful and help you evaluate the results of your lip spraying. Especially, signs of successful lip spraying should apply proper care methods to help lips recover quickly. Wish you will soon have a satisfactory and successful lip spraying result as desired.

Especially, if you have any other questions, do not hesitate to connect with Gangwhoo Cosmetic Hospital for earliest CONSULTATION and SUPPORT!

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