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Permanent Leg Hair Removal with Korean Technology

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The problem of “hair” is always one of the eternal worries of women, especially the problem of “leg hair”. And that is also the reason that Gangwhoo Cosmetic Hospital wants to give you this article, to help you gain more knowledge about the top leg hair removal methods on the market today…


Permanent hair removal is becoming popular in spas and beauty salons. It is one of the essential beauty needs for women today. Besides, it is still a lot of conflicting news, saying that hair removal will be harmful to health and sweat glands.

Therefore, the doctors at Gangwhoo Cosmetic Hospital evaluated the real source of this story. To answer the question “should people have permanent leg hair removal?”

Permanent hair removal is used by high technology to remove hair, causing hair to not grow back for a long time. Mainly using wavelengths that act directly on hair follicles, including new hairs.

After that, the hairs are not nourished, so they cannot regrow for a long time. However, those wavelengths only affect follicles but do not penetrate deep inside to change hormones to damage sweat glands.

Therefore, the question “Should I remove leg hair?” was confirmed by doctors at Gangwhoo Hospital, “Hair removal is completely harmless to health. If you want to be treated, feel free to use this service!”

Leg Hair Removal
Leg Hair Removal


1. What is DOUBLE LIGHT hair removal? How effective is it?

Hair removal by using DOUBLE LIGHT technology was born with a mission to completely destroy the hair follicles.

Double Light Hair Removal technology is:

  • Using modern technology, continuous mobile point scanning technique.
  • The combination of IPL – RF technology absorbs the melanin in the hair follicles, then, transmits the energy to the ends of the hair follicles and destroys the germ layer of the hair
  • Besides,  OPT – SRH goes deep and destroys the nutrition sources of the hair, causing the hair to weaken and soften and fall out naturally.
  • It contains light filaments and creates a barrier that prevents hairs from growing back.

2. Advantages of removing leg hair by using DOUBLE LIGHT.

  • Reduces the number of hairs that will regrow, hairs gradually thinning by 80 to 90%, limiting the hair growth cycle.
  • Helps skin become whiter, smoother, no longer in the state of folliculitis, ingrown hairs…
  • The removal process is quick, safe, painless, and without recurrence.

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3. The process of permanent leg hair removal.

  Step 1: Visit, consult, and check the health of the customer, to make sure they are eligible to use the service.

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Stage 2: The doctor takes measurements, marks the areas of skin that need to be removed hair, and corrects the defects of the skin areas that need to be changed.

Stage 3: Obligatory disinfection on the skin before doing hair removal. 

Stage 4: Carrying out the leg hair removal.

Price for leg hair removal at Gangwhoo Cosmetic Hospital

For 1 time, the price will range from 270,000-450,000 VND

For 10 times, the price will range from 2,500,000 to 2,600,000 VND

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Does leg hair grow back after removal?

After permanent leg hair removal, will it grow back? The answer is yes, but it takes a long time (about 1 year) for the hair to grow back, and at the same time, the hair color when growing is as light as fluff, and sparse, so it still ensures aesthetics.

There is currently no technology that can completely eliminate hair growth. Using DOUBLE LIGHT technology can only prevent hair regrowth for a relatively long period of time. If the hair grows back, the hairs will not be as thick, stiff, and dense as before, but the hairs will grow thin, thin, pale, sparse, and not visible to the naked eye, so it ensures a very high aesthetic factor

Because permanent leg hair removal technology has inhibited the growth of hair follicles, cutting off the source of hair nourishment, so the hair growth time is very long. In addition, the time to maintain permanent leg hair removal results also depends on many factors such as technology used, genetics, hormone levels, diet… So the time to regrow for each person will not be the same.  Some people take a few years while others only take a few months to grow back.

Are there any consequences to waxing legs a lot?

If you wax your leg hair too much, your skin will lose its elasticity. There is a risk of early appears wrinkling. No matter how good quality hair remover you use, too much waxing will stretch your skin.

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Instructions on how to take care of your skin after leg hair removal treatment.

  • Keep your skin always clean.

Hair is responsible for protecting the skin, preventing dirt, and controlling the amount of oil on the body. After leg hair removal, the pores will be more open, but that means the skin will be more prone to accumulation of dirt and damage easily. If the skin is not cleaned, you will face skin infections and inflammation of the pores. Therefore, you need to use quality skin care products and exfoliate your skin periodically.

  • Do not use cosmetics after hair removal

Using skin care cosmetics such as shower gel, perfume, and armpit roller … will make the skin quickly more vulnerable after being removed. You need to at least 3 days not using cleansing cosmetics to protect your skin.

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  • Moisturize the skin the right way. Moisturizing is one of the ways to soothe the skin after hair removal. After each hair removal treatment, you should apply a thin layer of cream to help smooth and firm the skin. However, you need to choose the right cream so as not to clog pores and cause skin inflammation.
  • Use a toner to close poresYou know that, after hair removal, the pores will expand. If it is not quickly tightened, bacteria and dirt will quickly attack and damage the skin. Therefore, apply a layer of rose water on the newly cleansed skin and gently pat to penetrate deep into the skin. Toners not only shrink pores but also support skin to be firmer and healthier.
  • Do not expose to sunlightAfter hair removal, the melanin pigment under the skin accumulates a lot, when exposed to light, this melanin will absorb that reducing the hair removal efficiency. Therefore, you need to limit going out when it is sunny, use sunscreen with SPF> 30, wear long pants, and wear sunglasses before going out to ensure UV can not damage your skin. skin.In addition, to take care of your skin the right way after hair removal, you have also limit bathing with hot water, and sauna, especially do not use stimulants or wear tight or tight clothes …

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How is leg hair removal done? Should people do leg hair removal? Which hair removal method is the most effective?… Now, your questions have also received the most satisfactory answers. Once again Gangwhoo Hospital would like to wish those of you who are in need of cosmetic surgery – will always receive the most satisfactory cosmetic results for you!

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