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Lefort Maxillary Osteotomy

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Lefort maxillary osteotomy is a surgical method applied to realign the jaw bone, correct the overbite condition, gummy smile, deformities, or injuries of the upper jaw, to restore the aesthetics of the face. This method is named after the fracture model first described by Rene LeFort in 1901.
Lefort Maxillary Osteotomy
Lefort Maxillary Osteotomy

What is Lefort Maxillary Osteotomy?

Lefort Maxillary Osteotomy involves changing the position of the upper jawbone (maxillary) forward or backward, up or down, left or right after removing the entire upper jaw bone.

Lefort Maxillary Osteotomy is a safe, fast, and highly effective treatment method. This method not only helps customers regain facial aesthetics and confidence in daily communication but also helps customers not encounter problems such as stomachache, migraine, temporomandibular joint pain… due to misaligned jaw bite.

The advantages of Lefort Maxillary Osteotomy

Lefort Maxillary Osteotomy causes little pain and customers will not feel uncomfortable during the surgery thanks to our latest anesthesia technology.

Customers only need to undergo surgery once, the final result can last for a long time.

Thanks to this method, the overbite and gummy smile condition can be treated in a short period of time simultaneously.

After the surgery, the upper and lower jaw are more balanced, the chewing function is ensured.

The surgery is performed in a short time without causing any scars and customers do not need to spend much time resting.

Who should have Lefort Maxillary Osteotomy?

Lefort Maxillary Osteotomy is often applied in cases where the upper jaw is protruded or indented too much, the gums are exposed when smiling, the jaw is distorted or misaligned, the upper jaw has congenital defects, the jaw development is disordered, or sequelae from trauma.

Customers with underbite due to weak development of the upper jaw, making the bite misaligned. This condition is common in people with cleft lip and bone loss of the upper jaw.

Customers with severe overbite need to have upper jawbone realignment to reshape the facial bones and realign the bite.

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Customers have a developmental disorder of the jawbone. In case the jawbone is increased in vertical size, making the face elongated, causing gummy smiles and airways obstruction, Lefort upper jaw surgery is applied to reduce the length along the jawbone.

International standard Lefort Maxillary Osteotomy procedure

Step 1: Examination

The doctor shall examine the customer’s jaw condition and recommend the most suitable treatment method.

Step 2: General health check

The doctor will conduct related tests to make sure the customer’s health is qualified for the surgery.

Step 3: Anesthesia

The doctor shall anesthetize the customer so that they will not feel any pain during the surgery.

Step 4: Start the Lefort Maxillary Osteotomy

The doctor makes a long incision on the mucosa inside the oral cavity and below the upper lip layer. Then the doctor will remove the tissue to expose the upper jawbone, then cut and adjust the position of the upper jawbone (forward or backward, up or down, left or right) depending on the case.

After finishing the upper jawbone adjustment, the doctor will fix the customer’s jawbone with a brace and closed the incision.

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Step 5: Post-operative care

The customer will rest for 1 night at Gangwhoo Cosmetic Hospital so that the doctor can monitor their conditions after surgery. After being discharged from the hospital, customers need to follow the doctor’s instructions for the wound to recover quickly.

Maxillofacial surgery price list at Gangwhoo Cosmetic Hospital

ServiceFirst surgeryRe-surgery
Gummy smile treatment20.000.000
Overbite treatment (upper jaw)80.000.000
Overbite (upper jaw) + Gummy smile treatment85.000.000
Overbite treatment (both jaw)140.000.000
Overbite treatment + Chin augmentation120.000.000
Lefort maxillary osteotomy90.000.000
BSSO Overbite treatment (lower jaw)100.000.000
Lefort upper jaw + BSSO lower jaw180.000.000
Cheek augmentation30.000.000
Korean temple augmentation with soft cartilage30.000.000
Mandible trim80.000.000
Chin implant with mandible bone50.000.000
Mandible trim + Side mandible trim90.000.000
Mandible trim + Side mandible trim + Square mandible trim100.000.000
Mandible trim + Jawbone realignment120.000.000
V-Line mandible trim80.000.000100.000.000
V-Line mandible trim + Jawbone realignment120.000.000
V-Line mandible trim + Chin augmentation120.000.000
Cheekbone reduction70.000.00080-90.000.000
Cheekbone augmentation100.000.000
Facial fat grafting20.000.000
V-Line chin trim60.000.000
Korean Implant chin augmentation (no braces)20.000.000
Chin trim50.000.000
Chin reduction50.000.000
Chin trim + Chin reduction70.000.000
Chin augmentation with braces25.000.00030.000.000
Chin augmentation surgery50.000.000

How to care for your health after undergoing Lefort maxillary osteotomy?

After the surgery, the function of the jaw is still limited, so customers should use liquid and soft foods in the first few days.

Avoid intense activities or collisions that damage the jawbone area.

You should have your teeth cleaned with antibacterial mouthwash and use water floss to clean between teeth. However, you should avoid impacts on the incision during oral hygiene.

Customers should practice opening and closing their mouths regularly according to the doctor’s instructions. The doctor will directly monitor the customer’s exercise and recovery progress after surgery.

Take medication as prescribed, following check-up on time and when any unusual signs occur.

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