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Is Laparoscopic Breast Augmentation Painful? 5 Things To Keep In Mind When Breast Augmentation

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The implementation of breast augmentation to own a perfect breast is increasingly becoming a general trend in recent years. Is laparoscopic breast augmentation painful? Is it dangerous? Is it expensive? That’s also a time when these questions are asked more and more…

Right now, so that the above questions can be explained most entirely, please follow the Gangwhoo Cosmetic Hospital to find out through the following article!


Laparoscopic breast augmentation is an advanced surgical method, that aims to increase the volume of breasts by placing implants (that is, gel or seawater bags).
This method of breast augmentation shows the advantages of less trauma, quick implementation, and quick recovery.


Before coming to the question “Does laparoscopic breast augmentation hurt?”, let’s take a look at what is the reason why many women choose this method to upgrade their breasts.
Does not affect the milk glands:  For women who haven’t had children or still want to have children, the fear of breast augmentation affecting the milk glands is also one of the considered things. And according to Dr. Park Sung Yong, because the method is carried out by placing the breast implant under the muscle, it almost does not lead to the affecting the milk glands or cause loss of sensation after cosmetic surgery.
No scars:  If you choose to carry the breast implant through the armpit fold, most laparoscopic breast augmentation methods will not leave bad scars, because the incision is very thin and small.
Less invasive and painful:  Another advantage of this method is that it causes very little invasiveness and impact. So after laparoscopic breast augmentation, the customer’s health will be very restored, besides, there is almost no worry about leaving complications after cosmetic surgery.


Regarding the question “Is laparoscopic breast augmentation painful?”, according to doctor Park Sung Yong – who is currently working at Gangwhoo Plastic Surgery, “in most surgery methods, it is the same, And of course, laparoscopic breast augmentation is no exception. Performing cosmetic procedures by this method will cause pain. And accordingly, the degree of pain will mainly depend on the skill level of the doctor and only appear in the postoperative period – after the anesthetic or anesthetic has worn off.
Usually, the pain level will occur mostly in the first days, then will gradually decrease after 1-2 weeks of surgery. And you can improve by applying warm or cold packs and pain relievers as advised by your doctor.


According to experts, similar to the answer to the question “is laparoscopic breast augmentation painful?”, the sensation of nipples will only affect in the first days. When the breast has entered, the breast implant has adapted to the body… the sensation of the nipple will completely return to the same.


To have a perfect breast shape, as well as to reduce the pain after breast augmentation surgery, the doctor advises the customer to choose the size of the implant, as well as the incision line… along with the health and mental factors… should be the top concerns.

Ensure the best health conditions before laparoscopic breast augmentation

In addition to the rigorous testing steps before performing breast augmentation conducted by the doctor, according to experts, a month before the breast augmentation, people need to pay attention to eating a healthy and nutritious diet as well as doing more physical exercise to ensure the best condition for a time on the operating table.

Follow all instructions after surgery

Following hygiene, eating, resting, exercising, and taking medications after surgery as advised by the doctor, not only is a factor that helps you quickly improve the pain, but it will also be invaluable. It is also necessary to help you avoid the risk of dangerous complications and achieve the most satisfactory aesthetic results.

Choose the suitable breast implant size

Skin and adipose tissue will be completely different from person to person. Therefore, choosing the suitable implant size for your body is a very important factor.
For transgender people or women with too small breasts, the amount of breast tissue is extremely small. Therefore, when breast augmentation, it is necessary to consider choosing the right size of the implant to limit pain, and tightness … as well as after breast augmentation, the color of the first round will be similar to other areas.

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Choose the right incision

For laparoscopic breast augmentation, there are 4 most commonly applied incisions:
– Nipple line: This is the position closest to the chest cavity, so in general, it will be very convenient for implant placement. However, customers should note, that because the nipple contains a lot of nerves and is quite sensitive, this position seems to be the position that causes the most pain after breast augmentation.
– Armpit line: Most cosmetic centers in the world apply this incision because this is the position that minimizes scarring. However, breast augmentation surgery through the armpit is also considered to be less painful than other incisions.
– Umbilical line: With laparoscopic breast augmentation, the navel is the least used surgical route because it causes a lot of discomfort. Because the distance from the navel to the chest is quite long, when transferring the breast implants into the chest cavity, it will cause more or less invasion to other locations.
– Breast crease line: Most women will not choose this line because it is easy to leave large and exposed scars. This line is only prescribed by doctors for breast augmentation surgery

Choose a reputable places

Choosing a facility for breast augmentation needs to be a top issue, in this case, not only the pain factor but also the health, the aesthetic level, and health.
Accordingly, the factors of equipment, the skill level of the doctor, as well as the prestige of a cosmetic center will determine the level of pain, aesthetic results, and complications that you will experience.
In case of looking for a reputable address, you can refer to the address of Gangwhoo Cosmetic Hospital, which has been approved by the Ministry of Health through 83 criteria and evaluated as one of the leading cosmetic hospitals in Vietnam with completely imported equipment. The doctors are famous people with many years of experience and have participated in training trips in countries such as Japan, Korea…


Please refer to some before and after pictures of customers after laparoscopic breast augmentation at Gangwhoo Aesthetic Hospital


Besides “Gangwhoo”, if you want more options, the selection of the implementation facility should ensure the following factors:
– The place of cosmetology must be a reputable place, fully licensed to practice, and highly appreciated by those who have done it.
– A doctor must be a person with a heart, a vision, and a well-trained, right professional.
– Infrastructure and equipment must ensure safety standards, and be able to meet the needs of major surgery…

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With the question “is laparoscopic breast augmentation painful?” One thing is almost certain the pain will appear during the postoperative period… but the degree of pain will depend on whether you choose a reputable and quality cosmetic facility.

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