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Why Should You Choose The Korean Soft Cartilage Rhinoplasty?

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Rhinoplasty implant material is a very important factor in ensuring the safety of the surgery. According to experts, soft cartilage is a type of cartilage material that can maintain the natural look of the nose and guarantee the safety of the patient. So what is Korean soft cartilage rhinoplasty? Let’s take a look at the article below to find out.

What is Korean soft cartilage rhinoplasty?

Korean rhinoplasty is a nose lifting technique that originated in Korea, researched by experts to ensure the suitability of the facial features of Asian people.

In recent years, the cartilage used in nose lifting is the big silicone cartilage that got carved to fit the nose of the customers. However, this is not the most optimal method. For that reason, Korean experts have studied and come up with soft cartilage that got manufactured in different sizes. For this moment, the Korean soft cartilage rhinoplasty was born.

The main purpose of Korean soft cartilage rhinoplasty is not only to give out a beautiful and natural nose contour but also to minimize the risk of complications. The material is soft and elastic, different from the firmness of the old material. For this reason, the nose can withstand damages or injury up to a certain point.

Korean soft cartilage rhinoplasty
Korean soft cartilage rhinoplasty

The advantages of Korean soft cartilage rhinoplasty

All plastic surgery lovers who chose to have Korean soft cartilage rhinoplasty are satisfied with the quality of the outcome as this is a method with many great benefits:

  • Great safety: As soft cartilage is originated in Korea, this technique can guarantee the safety of the patient.
  • Quick operation: The Korean soft cartilage rhinoplasty surgery can be done in just 40 minutes, making this the perfect option to “upgrade” your nose.
  • Fast recovery: Changing the dorsum of the nose using this technology will limit the amount of invasion onto the inner structure of the nose. Therefore, the recovery time is much shorter.
  • Outstanding result: By lifting the nose, the customer will have an elegant and symmetrical nose contour to the overall look of the face.
  • Lasting outcome: With the soft cartilage being highly compatible with the body, the result of the surgery will last for a very long time.

Is Korean soft cartilage rhinoplasty painful?

There are many ways to lift the nose; however, the same question regardless of the method is whether does the makeover painful and will it leave any complications.

Pursuant to Dr. Phung Manh Cuong, the specialist at Gangwhoo cosmetic hospital: “All cosmetic makeovers come with pros and cons. The Korean soft cartilage rhinoplasty will cause you some pain, but it is tolerant. During the entire surgery, the patient will be under an anesthetic, guaranteeing a minimum amount of pain. During post-operative care, doctors will subside the swelling with medications and provide the correct aftercare guidance. For that reason, the customer will get the nose shape that they desired without suffering too much pain.”

It can be said that Korean soft cartilage rhinoplasty will not cause tremendous pain. Therefore, if you want to improve your nose contour, you should choose to have this procedure in a reputable facility.

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The prestigious place for Korean soft cartilage rhinoplasty in Ho Chi Minh City

With the aim to provide an EFFECTIVE – SAFE – LASTING rhinoplasty, Gangwhoo cosmetic hospital has been leading the Vietnamese industry in rhinoplasty surgery. We guarantee to give you an elegant and high nose, not with just Korean soft cartilage rhinoplasty but also other techniques.

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Regardless of the flaws you are having, Gangwhoo cosmetic hospital can make sure your future nose to be beautiful and breathtaking. This can be done easily thanks to the hands of Dr. Phung Manh Cuong with his great expertise and experience. Your nose will be carefully inspected to give out the best technique and result possible.

After having rhinoplasty, the client can return home right away and get back to their daily lifestyle. Before going back home, the staff at Gangwhoo cosmetic hospital will brief the detailed aftercare procedure to the patient.

In addition to the quality, Gangwhoo cosmetic hospital also offers reasonable prices for rhinoplasty procedures in general and Korean soft cartilage rhinoplasty in particular. With hundreds of promotions and discounts every month, the chance to get the perfect and safe beauty lies right in your decision.

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We hope with the information above, you can get to know if Korean soft cartilage rhinoplasty is safe or not. If you still have any questions, you can contact Gangwhoo cosmetic hospital by leaving a comment down below. Let us make your dream come true!

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