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Korean Rhinoplasty with Cartilage – The Hottest Trend of 2022

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With the continuous development of the beauty industry, many people have chosen rhinoplasty surgery. What is Korean Rhinoplasty with Cartilage? What are the advantages of this technique? These are the common questions of many people. Take a look at the article below to find out!

What is Korean Rhinoplasty with Cartilage

Korean rhinoplasty with cartilage is the solution to improve the shape of the nose with technology and techniques from Korea. This is a method that combines biological cartilage with autologous cartilage (septal cartilage, ear cartilage, …) to raise the projection of the nose and help protect the tip of the nose, giving you a natural high nose shape. This leaves no room for the complications and disadvantages of the old methods such as nose redness, cartilage exposure, burning pain at the tip of the nose.

Korean Rhinoplasty with Cartilage
Korean Rhinoplasty with Cartilage

The material used

The harmonious combination of autologous cartilage and biological artificial cartilage.

  • Autologous cartilage: Ear cartilage, costal (rib) cartilage, septum cartilage, etc. are used to coat the tip of the nose.
  • Artificial cartilage: Gore-tex, Nanoform, flexible silicone, etc. are used as implants to raise the entire projection of the nose.

Suitable candidates for Korean Rhinoplasty with Cartilage

  • All men or women over 18 years old with low, deviated, or flat nose bridge, humped nose, etc.
  • People who wish to have a new nose shape that is high, natural, straight, and in harmony with the facial contours.
  • Customers want to correct the shape of their nose to help change their fortune, find success in their career path and happiness in their family.

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The advantages of Korean rhinoplasty with cartilage

No nose redness/cartilage exposure: The materials used in Korean rhinoplasty are mainly autologous cartilage (rib cartilage, ear cartilage, septum cartilage, …) and artificial cartilage (identically biological cartilage material) that is extremely body-friendly, ensuring that the tip of the nose is not red or exposed.

Safe and cause no complications: This procedure is performed via simple and gentle procedures to minimize invasiveness in other areas, so it is very safe for the client’s body. The material used in Korean rhinoplasty is mainly autologous cartilage and biological cartilage that is suitable for most customers, so it will not cause complications.

Long-lasting results: The Korean rhinoplasty with cartilage procedure has been performed by well-trained and skilled doctors in countries with developed aesthetic industries. This procedure is considered to provide lasting results.

The procedure of Korean rhinoplasty with cartilage

  • Step 1: Advise and discuss with the patients to ensure that the customers understand the Korean rhinoplasty with cartilage.
  • Step 2: Measure and draw the new nose shape.
  • Step 3: Anesthetize and sterilize to ensure safety and a comfortable feeling for the patient.
  • Step 4: Surgery to remove ear cartilage
  • Step 5: Carry out Korean rhinoplasty with cartilage
  • Step 6: Wrap up the process and schedule a follow-up appointment with the client.

How to take care of the nose after having Korean rhinoplasty with cartilage

If you wish for the wound to recover quickly and the result to last for a long time, you should do the following things:

  • Change dressings within the first 12-24 hours.
  • Continuously apply ice to reduce swelling for about 2 to 3 days after rhinoplasty. Remember to use a soft towel wrapped with ice. Do not let ice directly touch the wound.
  • Limit touching, palpation, or impact that affects the shape of the nose.
  • Clean the nose area daily gently with saline.
  • Do not expose the wound to direct sunlight during the early stage after the surgery.
  • It takes about 3 to 4 weeks after surgery to be able to put on makeup.
  • Consume a lot of water, fruits, and vegetables that contain a lot of vitamin C to help the wound heal quickly.
  • Maintain an upright sleeping position for the first 10 days after surgery.
  • Abstain from foods that easily cause scars such as chicken, water spinach, sticky rice, beef, … or hot spicy foods and alcoholic beverages.

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Where to have beautiful Korean rhinoplasty with cartilage

There are many people who always want to have a Korean rhinoplasty with cartilage. In Vietnam, Gangwhoo Cosmetic Hospital is a prestigious place trusted by many customers.

Korean doctors regularly come to Gangwhoo to support and transfer safe Korean cartilage-coated rhinoplasty techniques. Accordingly, before cosmetic surgery, customers are examined by specialized doctors and will consult directly with them. Based on the wishes and shortcomings of each customer, the Korean rhinoplasty technique will be applied accordingly.

Korean rhinoplasty with cartilage at Gangwhoo Cosmetic Hospital is performed in an enclosed operation. During cosmetic surgery, the doctor will perform the operation meticulously, accurately, and safely.

In just 60 minutes, the low nose shape and defects are transformed entirely. In particular, the customer will be anesthetized so there will be no pain.

With small and precise incisions, the Korean rhinoplasty with cartilage technique at Gangwhoo Cosmetic Hospital leaves bad scars, ensuring high efficiency and a long lifetime.

The Korean rhinoplasty technique also works to prevent the redness from showing. This is also considered the optimal solution for those with a low nose shape.

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Gọi tư vấn miễn phí

If you still not sure about the Korean Rhinoplasty with Cartilage service, head to Gangwhoo Cosmetic Hospital to get a free consultation right now!

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