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What Is Korean Rhinoplasty Technology?

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Korea is known to be the birthplace of plastic surgery. Their standard is applied in many countries and hospitals. Korean rhinoplasty is one of the popular techniques that are applied everywhere. Let’s find out why is Korean rhinoplasty technology so renowned in the article below!

What is Korean rhinoplasty technology?
What is Korean rhinoplasty technology?

What is Korean rhinoplasty technology?

Korean rhinoplasty technology is the most advanced and modern rhinoplasty technique nowadays. The Korean rhinoplasty technology is transferred directly by the experts and surgeons from Korea to plastic surgeons in Vietnam.

Korean rhinoplasty technology is the method that combines high-quality artificial cartilage and autologous ones to reshape the nose. Artificial cartilage is used to elevate the nasal dorsum, while the autologous ones are used to build the columella and coat the nose tip. This technology is recognized for its aesthetic aspect and safety.

What is the available Korean rhinoplasty technology?

Here is some Korean rhinoplasty technology for you to choose from:

S-Line / L-Line structural rhinoplasty

S-Line / L-Line structural rhinoplasty is the best rhinoplasty technique nowadays. This method will reformulate the entire structure of the nose, correcting all of its flaws.

The final result that this Korean rhinoplasty technology will bring about is a high, elegant, symmetrical, and harmonious S-Line nose shape or a manly and attractive L-Line nose shape. The face will therefore be improved aesthetically.

Structural rhinoplasty with Korean technology is the most optimal measure to deal with failed rhinoplasty or nose damaged due to trauma.

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Korean cartilage rhinoplasty

Different from structural rhinoplasty, the Korean cartilage rhinoplasty is slightly less effective and chosen. This method is suitable for those with a relatively beautiful nose shape that require only small improvements at the nose projection and the nose peak.

This method uses autologous cartilage taken directly from the patient to protect and reshape the nose tip. By having this procedure, you are limiting the risk of complications like nose redness, dorsum shift, or dorsum exposure.

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The advantages of having Korean rhinoplasty technology

Korean rhinoplasty technology possesses many benefits that no other technology can provide.

Offer a beautiful nose contour

Having surgery with Korean rhinoplasty technology will guarantee to give you a beautiful, elegant, and natural nose shape by Korean standards. All of the flaws of the nose will be correct without leaving any scars while still remain the appearance of a normal nose.

Is safe and complication-free

Modern Korean rhinoplasty technology involves a high-quality implant that is compatible with the body. For that reason, the safety level of the procedure is exceptionally high, preventing all the common complications like nose redness, dorsum shift, cartilage rejection, or dorsum exposure from occurring.

Is suitable for many

Korean rhinoplasty technology has a variety of performing techniques to create many different nose contours. Therefore, everyone can choose to have it without worrying too about the lack of options.

Guarantee a lasting nose contour

While the traditional rhinoplasty technology can only offer beauty for a few years, Korean rhinoplasty technology can ensure your attractiveness lasts for eternity.

Is the ultimate solution for nose revision

For people with failed rhinoplasty, Korean rhinoplasty technology is the most suitable procedure to deal with nose damages.

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The procedure of Korean rhinoplasty technology

Step 1: Consultation

The doctors will directly inspect and diagnose the flaws of the nose. From that point, a suitable rhinoplasty technique will be given. The patient can also have all their questions answered during this step.

Step 2: General health assessment

The doctors will perform some necessary health tests to ensure that the customer’s health is qualified for the surgery.

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Step 3: Meticulous marking

From the previous judgment, the doctors will mard and sketch the new nose shape, as well as discuss with the patient how the new nose contour will look afterward to ensure the most harmonious nose shape.

Step 4: Anesthetization and sterilization

To ensure the safety of the surgery, the doctors will begin disinfecting the surgical area. In addition, local anesthesia will be applied to make sure that the patient will not feel any pain during the entire procedure.

Step 5: Operation

A Korean rhinoplasty will be performed by exceptional and experienced surgeons to ensure the best results for the patient.

Step 6: Monitoring

After the surgery, the patient will be asked to remain at the hospital for health supervision. If no problems appear, the client will return home after receiving post-operative care instructions, medications prescription, and schedule for follow-up appointments

Step 7: Follow-up appointments and suture removal

From 7-10 days after the surgery, the customer can return to the hospital for a follow-up appointment and suture removal.

Where to experience safe and quality Korean rhinoplasty technology?

Gangwhoo cosmetic hospital is a Korean standardized hospital. The hospital has a team of experienced and skillful surgeons trained in Korea and supervisions from Korean experts. For that reason, all the rhinoplasty at Gangwhoo cosmetic hospital gives the best results for the customers.

Rhinoplasty results at Gangwhoo cosmetic hospital

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The Korean rhinoplasty technology price list at Gangwhoo cosmetic hospital

Korean Rhinoplasty12,000,00010,000,0005 YEARS
Cartilage Rhinoplasty18,000,00014,000,00010 YEARS
3D S-Line / L-Line Rhinoplasty20,000,00017,000,00015 YEARS
4D S-Line / L-Line Rhinoplasty30,000,00025,000,00015 YEARS
6D S-Line / L-Line Rhinoplasty38,000,00035,000,000PERMANENT
S-Line Superstructural Rhinoplasty50,000,00045,000,000PERMANENT
L-Line Superstructural Rhinoplasty50,000,000 PERMANENT
100% Rib Cartilage Rhinoplasty80,000,00070,000,000PERMANENT
Alar Base Reduction7,000,0004,000,000PERMANENT
Nasal Hump Removal10,000,0007,000,000PERMANENT
Nose Tip Reduction/Adjustment25,000,00016,000,000PERMANENT
Nose Defects Correction15,000,000 CASES VARY
Nasal Bone Correction15,000,00012,000,000PERMANENT
Damaged Nose Correction Due To Trauma Or Cleft Chin30,000,000 CASES VARY
Nose Revision5 – 7.000.000FREECASES VARY

The article above has given you some interesting information about Korean rhinoplasty technology. We hope that the knowledge will be proven to be useful for you. If you still have any questions, you can leave your queries down below or contact 0901666879.

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