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What Is Korean Rhinoplasty Cartilage? How Many Types Are There? Is It Good?

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Korean rhinoplasty cartilage is a type of high-quality rhinoplasty cartilage that is widely used in Korean rhinoplasty technology. So what is the Korean rhinoplasty cartilage? How many types are there? Is it good? Let’s find out the answer to all of them in the article below.

All types of Korean rhinoplasty cartilage
All types of Korean rhinoplasty cartilage

What is Korean rhinoplasty cartilage?

Korean rhinoplasty cartilage is a type of implant popular in Korean rhinoplasty technology. It is manufactured in Korea and imported into Vietnam. Nowadays, aside from American cartilage, Korean rhinoplasty cartilage is very much appreciated by rhinoplasty experts.

All types of Korean rhinoplasty cartilage

Artificial Korean rhinoplasty cartilage

Nowadays, the most widely used Korean rhinoplasty cartilage includes:

Silicone cartilage

Silicone cartilage has been around for a long time. This type of cartilage is used in traditional rhinoplasty.

Although it has many benefits like great aesthetic and easy shape adjustment, silicone cartilage also contains many disadvantages that cause it to lose its rank to the advanced and modern rhinoplasty cartilage ones.

Surgiform cartilage

Although surgiform cartilage is made in the United States, it is widely used in Korean rhinoplasty technology.

Surgiform cartilage is made entirely from ePTFE, a material used in creating artificial blood veins. The material is approved by the FDA to be safe for use.

Surgiform cartilage is flexible and easy to shape. Moreover, the surface of the material is made from billions of tiny holes, allowing easy connections between the tissue to create and stable structure. In addition, these holes will allow the nutrients to be delivered easily to nurture the autologous cartilage, reducing the risk of complications.

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Surgiform rhinoplasty cartilage
Surgiform rhinoplasty cartilage

Nanoform cartilage

Nanoform cartilage has the same structure as Surgiform one with the ability to simulate the autologous cartilage, offering great compatibility. The Nanoform rhinoplasty cartilage is mainly used in structural rhinoplasty to completely alternate the structure of the nose, fixing all its flaws.

Bistool Softxil cartilage

Bistool Softxil rhinoplasty cartilage from Korea is one of the most advanced materials nowadays. With Softxil, you will have yourself a natural and beautiful nose contour without having to worry about flaws or dangers.

Goretex cartilage

Goretex cartilage is softer than silicone cartilage. It is also made from ePTFE, thus having great safety. The cartilage also allows further adjustments to ensure the nose will be symmetrical and harmonious afterward. The appearance, therefore, will be much improved.

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The autologous cartilage used in Korean rhinoplasty technology

Aside from the artificial Korean rhinoplasty cartilage, the surgeon can also combine the use of autologous one to increase the safety and the aesthetic of the nose. The types of autologous cartilage used in Korean rhinoplasty include:

Ear cartilage

Ear cartilage is the most popular autologous cartilage in Korean rhinoplasty. It is flexible and easy to be shaped. Normally, this is used to coat the nose tip to protect it and to offer natural softness.

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Ear cartilage is most suitable for structural rhinoplasty or first-time cartilage rhinoplasty.

Sụn vành tai được sử dụng nhiều cho các ca nâng mũi lần đầu
Ear cartilage is mainly used in the first-time rhinoplasty

Nasal septum cartilage

The nasal septum cartilage is the cartilage that lies inside the nasal cavity. In Korean rhinoplasty technology, the doctors usually use this cartilage to build the columella, helping the nose to be firm and elevating the projection of the nose tip.

However, as Vietnamese nasal septum cartilage is weak and bendable, it is less likely to be used.

Rib cartilage

The autologous rib cartilage is taken from the numbers 6 and 7 ribs. As the cartilage is quite firm and hard, it is used mainly for the nasal dorsum to protrude the nose tip and build the columella. This cartilage is suitable for severe nose revision cases.

Temporal cartilage

Temporal cartilage is the type of cartilage that lies under the skin at the temple regions. It is, in fact, a thin cell layer with white color and natural elasticity. The temporal cartilage is usually used to coat the nose tip. However, as this material contracts rather quickly, it is not widely used.

Is Korean rhinoplasty cartilage good?

The Korean rhinoplasty cartilage is the most premium rhinoplasty material nowadays. It is highly compatible with the body to ensure future nose contour. Moreover, this type of cartilage is rather shapeable, ensuring the aesthetic feature of the nose afterward.

The application of Korean rhinoplasty cartilage in surgery

Korean rhinoplasty cartilage is used in almost all the Korean rhinoplasty technology, including:

Gọi tư vấn miễn phí

Structural rhinoplasty

the 3D, 4D, 6D structural rhinoplasty is the most advanced rhinoplasty technique nowadays. It can reformulate the entire nose structure and get rid of all the flaws of the nose to create a natural and beautiful nose contour without leaving any sign of cosmetic intervention.

nang mui cau truc bvtm gangwhoo
The beautiful nose shape after getting structural rhinoplasty

Cartilage rhinoplasty

Cartilage rhinoplasty is the technique that uses artificial rhinoplasty cartilage to increase the projection of the nasal dorsum while autologous cartilage is used to coat the nose tip to complete the nose perfection. This technique has high safety and is suitable for many.

S-Line / L-Line rhinoplasty

S-Line and L-Line are the 2 most adored nose shape nowadays. To form these nose contours, the doctors will use Korean rhinoplasty cartilage, both artificial and autologous, to create the soft and natural S-Line or the manly L-Line. With these 2 nose contours, your face will be full of attractiveness.

Is the 3D Korean rhinoplasty cartilage good?

If all the types of cartilage above are used in nose lifting surgery then the 3D Korean rhinoplasty cartilage is just a non-surgical nose lifting pad.

Although this product can offer a relatively high nose shape, its result will not last very long. Therefore, this is not the most optimal option if you want a permanent and beautiful nose shape.

At Gangwhoo cosmetic hospital, the type of cartilage that the surgeon suggests the client use the most is Surgiform cartilage as this is the most advanced rhinoplasty cartilage nowadays. This material is durable and causes no complications.

After having rhinoplasty using Surgiform cartilage, the patient can return to their normal lifestyle. You can play football, go to the gym, or enjoy a casual jog without worrying about anything.

Gangwhoo cosmetic hospital has introduced to you some Korean rhinoplasty cartilage that is trusted by plastic surgeons at the moment. We hope that this article has given you some useful information.

If you still have any questions, you can leave a comment down below or contact 0901666879 for an immediate answer!

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