Korean Nose Up Lifting Essential Oil – The Truth Or The Fantasy?

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Korean nose up lifting essential oil is rumored to have great ability in elevating the nasal dorsum. You can easily find this product in online shops or on amazon. So what is it? Is it really as effective as people said it is or it is just a fake product? Let’s find out in the article below.

Korean Nose Up Lifting Essential Oil - The Truth Or The Fantasy?
Korean Nose Up Lifting Essential Oil – The Truth Or The Fantasy?

What is Korean nose up lifting essential oil?

Similar to skin serum, the Korean nose up lifting essential oil is also a type of serum that exists in the form of essential oil. It is advertised to have the capability of lifting the nasal dorsum effectively without the need for surgery or filler.

Comparing to filler injection for rhinoplasty or rhinoplasty surgery, using Korean nose up lifting essential oil is a much more economical solution. This also gains popularity thanks to its reputation of causing no pain or recovery time.

Does Korean nose up lifting essential oil work?

Korean nose up lifting essential oil is advertised to provide a beautiful and high nose contour by using an adequate amount for 5-10 minutes with a nose lifting clip in 1 month. The manufacturers will always announce their product to be a “silver bullet” to your problem, but is it effective like they said?

The common opinion of rhinoplasty experts is that the Korean nose up lifting essential oil is not the magical juice like what they said in the advertisements. Specialists also suggest that you should think carefully before making the final decision of using this product.

There are only 2 certified methods so far that can improve the nose contour. They are rhinoplasty surgery and non-surgical filler injection.

Other ways that got rumored on the Internet like nose shaping clips or Korean nose up lifting essential oil don’t have any scientific evidence to back them up.

Another thing that you should keep in mind that no reputable and certified enterprise has announced their nose up lifting essential oil. For that reason, all the nose lifting oil on the Internet are products without transparent sources, origins, and ingredients. Therefore, using Korean nose up lifting essential oil is very risky for your nose.

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What nose lifting technique that you should choose?

As mentioned above, the 2 effective and aesthetic nose lifting procedures with great safety that you should choose instead of the “miraculous effect” of the essential oil are the filler injection and the rhinoplasty surgery.

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Filler injection

If you are thinking about getting nose up lifting essential oil because you don’t want to have surgery, filler injection is a much safer technique. Nose filler injection is a non-surgical nose lifting technique that involves the injection of filler into the nose at the nose tip.

The filler has the same compositions as the natural Hyaluronic Acid inside our body, making it compatible with our body. However, you should only choose to have the procedure at a reputable facility to ensure safety and beauty, otherwise, the risks could be immense.

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Nose filler injection is the most popular non-surgical nose lifting technique

Rhinoplasty surgery

Comparing to Korean nose up lifting essential oil, rhinoplasty surgery can bring about a quick aesthetic impact with superior safety and longevity.

By creating a cavity in the nose, the surgeon can place artificial cartilage to elevate the nasal dorsum, while autologous cartilage will be used to coat the nose peak. This technique offers great safety and a beautiful, harmonious, and symmetrical nose shape to the face.

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Final words

All the rumors about Korean nose up lifting essential oil are unproven. Moreover, the risk when using this method is exceptionally high. For that reason, you should be very careful before choosing to use this oil.

If you have any questions about the rhinoplasty surgery or the nose filler injection, you can contact Gangwhoo cosmetic hospital by sending a message to our fan page: https://www.facebook.com/benhvienthammygangwhoo


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