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Is Korean Nose Thread Lift Dangerous?

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Although it just got in Vietnam recently, Korean nose thread lift has also made a name for itself, in a very bad way. The reason is mostly due to the poor facilities choices. But is Korean nose thread lift dangerous as the press reported? Let’s find out in the article below.

What is Korean nose thread lift?

Nose thread lift is the non-surgical rhinoplasty technique that originated from Korea; hence the name Korean nose thread lift. In this technique, the doctors will implant biological threads into the nose to tighten it, lifting the nose in the process.

Biological threads used in the procedure have a spiky design that helps them to hold on to the SMAS of the nose skin. The threads will first be put inside a specialized tool with a needle-like tip. It then is implanted into the nose to elevate the nose to a certain height.

Some types of biological threads are:

  • Ultra V Lift Dissolvable threads: This type of thread is imported directly from Korea that is made from AHA, polymer, etc. The longevity of the result of this type of thread can be between 6 months to 8 years.
  • 24K gold threads: This thread is made mostly from gold, cut into pieces to lift the tissue.
  • Misko/Misju threads: This type of thread is originated in Thailand. It is mostly used to lift the nose tip and dorsal.
  • Helix threads: This thread is made from animal collagen. Thanks to its helix shape, it is 2 – 3 times more durable than a regular one; therefore, it tends to be used for people with thick nasal skin.

Some facilities even combine the use of fillers with nose thread lift in one procedure. These 2 materials after being inserted into the nose will bond together, creating a better result.

Benefits of Korean nose thread lift

The Korean nose thread lift has these advantages:

  • Require no surgery or invasion, causing minimal pain.
  • Bring a natural, narrow, and protruding nose.
  • Take a very short time for one procedure (around 20 minutes for one operation).
  • Need no recovery or specific diet, allowing the customers to return to their normal life immediately.
  • Has a relatively low price.
Is Korean nose thread lift dangerous?
Is Korean nose thread lift dangerous?

Is Korean nose thread lift dangerous?

Korean nose thread lift is actually a safe and highly aesthetic non-surgical method of rhinoplasty. However, when the technology got transferred to Vietnam, many problems occur, causing “fear” among the ladies.

Many cases of nose thread lift have resulted in dangerous complications that affect the health of the patients. Some fearsome side effects are a permanently deformed nose, purulence, infection, necrosis, and crooked nose.

This problem is due to poor research made by the customers on the facilities and the teams of doctors as some of them are not qualified for the procedure to happen.

Is Korean nose thread lift permanent?

The common problem with all the non-surgical rhinoplasty techniques is that its result cannot last forever, and Korean nose thread lift is not an exception. If the threads are high quality, after a while, the threads will self-consume and return to the normal size.

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If the threads use are low quality, they won’t dissolve themselves, causing a higher risk of complications. Soon after the nose thread lift, the nose will encounter unwanted problems.

For these cases, the doctors will have to perform surgery to remove all the threads out. After that, cartilage can be placed inside to have a beautiful contour.

Korean nose thread lift is not permanent
Korean nose thread lift is not permanent

How much does Korean nose thread lift cost?

The cost for a nose thread lift is relatively low, ranging between 6,000,000 to 15,000,000 VND. This is a more reasonable price compares to other techniques of rhinoplasty. However, you must seek a reputable facility to do it.

Final words

The article has provided you with information about Korean nose thread lift. We hope that this knowledge will be useful to you.

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