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The Immense Dangers Of Korean Nose Shaping Clips

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For less than 5 dollars, we could easily possess a Korean nose shaping clip with the miraculous ability to elevate the dorsum. However, is this product truly effective as the advertisements said, or is it just a way to grab the customers’ attention? The article below will help you to answer this question.

The Immense Dangers Of Korean Nose Shaping Clips
The Immense Dangers Of Korean Nose Shaping Clips

What are Korean nose shaping clips?

Oriental women, especially Vietnamese ones, tend to have low nose projection. This can greatly affect the aesthetic look of the lady. For that reason, many wish to have a better and higher nose.

Knowing this desire, manufacturers have announced the nose shaping clips that are advertised to be capable of improving the projection of the nose. But why is this Korean nose shaping clip so special?

Korean nose shaping clips are a very simple tool. It can be made from elastic plastic. Its structure consists of one splint in the middle and 2 silicone splints on the side.

According to the manufacturers, the customers will only need to put the 2 side splints into the nostrils then adjust until the dorsum is straight.

These wonderful advertisements have made the Korean nose shaping clips become one of the most best-selling products. However, its effectiveness is not what you imagine.

Korean nose shaping clip
Korean nose shaping clip

Are Korean nose shaping clips effective?

Many cosmetic experts stated that using Korean nose shaping clips or any other tools for nose lifting will not help you to achieve the projection that you desired. Even if it can do such things, it would only be for a short amount of time, from a few minutes to the maximum of a few hours, no more. This is because the clip will affect the cartilage, making it look narrower and higher.

However, using the Korean nose shaping clip, in fact, will bring pain and irritation to the nose. Moreover, the clips that got sold on the Internet tend to be ones without transparent origin and certifications. They can even contain dangerous chemicals to the body.

For that reason, experts suggest that we should not use Korean nose shaping clips. If you want to own a high and elegant nose, you can choose between nose filler injection or rhinoplasty surgery. A surgery will offer greater longevity than a filler injection.

Regardless of the one you choose, you should only seek a reputable facility with experienced and skillful doctors to ensure the safest and best results for your nose.

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Where to find a safe and lasting rhinoplasty surgery?

As said above, to have a beautiful nose contour without having to use Korean nose shaping clips, you should seek a reputable location. Gangwhoo cosmetic hospital is the name that can meet all of those requirements.

Gangwhoo cosmetic hospital is licensed by the Ministry of Health to operate with a team of experienced and well-trained doctors with training in Korea. Moreover, all the rhinoplasty surgery done at Gangwhoo will be supervised and witnessed by Korean experts to ensure the best result for you.

Rhinoplasty results at Gangwhoo cosmetic hospital

hinh anh khach hang nang mui cau truc

nang mui cau truc bvtm gangwhoo 1

nang mui bvtm gangwhoo 78

nang mui bvtm gangwhoo 6

nang mui han quoc tai gangwhoo min 768x768 1

nang mui Surgiform bvtm gangwhoo 1

Final words

We now know that using Korean nose shaping clips will not give you the results promised by the manufacturers. In fact, it can also cause great dangers to your nose. We hope that after reading this article, you will know the correct answer to whether should you use that tool or not!

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