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The Most Popular Korean Breast Augmentation Trend in 2022

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PNO – Line-X breast augmentation, breast augmentation with autologous fat using endoscopic technology, non-invasive techniques, short recovery time to ensure safety and long-lasting results are the reasons why these two methods are more and more popular. These are the top choices of Korean VPOP female idols and are becoming more trending in Korea in 2022.

Perfect breasts are well-proportioned and well-balanced breasts. According to research, an average breast weighs about 0.5kg. Each breast has about 4-5% body fat and is equal to 1% of total body mass. Normally, a woman’s breasts will contain about 15-20 lobules filled with hollow cavities called alveoli, where milk is secreted. These lobules are connected by ducts to carry milk to the nipple.

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Always at the top of breast cosmetic trends and natural beauty, doctors Gangwhoo Cosmetic Hospital cooperates with Korean doctors to research and improve successfully the Line-X endoscopic breast augmentation method, breast augmentation with autologous fat using endoscopic techniques applied to Vietnamese women.

Line-X breast augmentation

The reason why the Line-X endoscopic breast augmentation method has been so popular among Korean women recently is because of the 45-3-12 principle: 45 MINUTES – 12 HOURS of resting – 3 NO (no swelling – no pain – no recovery time) was applied at Gangwhoo Hospital. In addition, Line-X endoscopic breast augmentation follows the golden ratio: the distance between the cleavage is 1.5cm, the breasts are firm and protruding with high elasticity, low risk of prolapse in only 30 minutes with little resting is needed. The final result is a Line-X breast shape that can last for a long time, even a lifetime.

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With specialized endoscopic equipment, only a small incision (from 1-1.5cm) is created in the armpit folds. The doctor shall insert the breast implant and the endoscopic device that has a micro-camera to magnify the image up to 10 times in the customer’s body. Thanks to this, the doctor can prevent bleeding, avoid damaging the blood vessels, affecting the muscle tissue, or causing infection. Because of less bleeding, the capsular contracture after endoscopic breast augmentation surgery can be prevented, the process of dissection and placement of implants takes place quickly, gently, and does not invade the surrounding areas.

According to doctor Phung Manh Cuong – Director of Gangwhoo Cosmetic Hospital, the advantage of the Line-X endoscopic breast augmentation method is to limit the complications. In addition, the Line-X breast augmentation through the armpit method also helps to avoid scarring to the skin and the risks of complications. This technique does not affect the mammary gland tissue, which prevents the risk of infection of the mammary gland tissue and mammary ducts and the risk of mammary duct blockage during breastfeeding.

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Breast augmentation with autologous fat – 2 in 1 method

Applying modern techniques from Korea to ensure safety, time-saving, and quality Lipo Ultrasound fat reduction technology for customers.

With this method, customers can both reduce excess fat on the body and safely enhance their breasts because they use their autologous fat for the surgery. First, the doctor confirms the excess fat areas on the customer’s body: abdomen, thighs, biceps… By applying the Lipo Ultrasound technology, excess fat is removed under the witness of the customer. Excess fat after being removed will be extracted in a closed and sterilized process to remove toxic substances and retain the fat that contains stem cells and growth cells. Then the doctor shall use the retained fat to implant on the breast areas to form charming and natural breast shapes.

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Dr. Phung Manh Cuong said: “The breast augmentation with autologous fat is popular among women and sisters because this method can be applied to reduce excess fat and enhance the breasts safely with such removed fat without leaving any scars.” Dr. Phung Manh Cuong added: “Because with this method, the fat will gradually dissolve over time, it is obligatory that the areas on the body must have enough excess fat for breast augmentation.”

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Before undergoing these 2 methods, customers are anesthetized with the exclusive Plus Anesthesia technology of Gangwhoo Cosmetic Hospital. This technology can ensure painless and highly safe surgery for customers. Before, during, and after being anesthetized, customers can still function normally without having to rest. Customers are free from worrying about the side effects of anesthesia or pre-anesthesia.

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