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The needed knowledge to deal with malocclusion

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The jaw bone can greatly affect the elegance and the symmetric of the face. An orthognathic surgery using Korean technology will correct all the flaws of underbite, overbite, round chin, short chin, etc., bringing you a symmetrical and harmonious face in just 90 minutes.

In fact, many women have lost their confidence because of malocclusion. So is malocclusion treatable? What is the solution available for this condition? Let the team of doctors at Gangwhoo cosmetic hospital show you the needed knowledge to deal with malocclusion in the article below!

When should you have orthognathic surgery?

In cases of overbite, underbite, or crowding, surgery is not entirely needed since orthodontics treatment (bracing) is sufficient.

Braces only use the pulling force to correct the malocclusion and improve the overall appearance. Orthognathic surgery can be the combination of both orthodontics treatment and surgery. Orthognathic surgery is necessary as it will recreate the symmetric between the jaw bone and rearrange the alveolar bone. Before the surgery, the surgeon will inspect the 3D structure of the mandible and the maxilla using specialized programs to determine the position of the bone and the nerves. Experts will depend on the result and the analysis to suggest the most appropriate ratio of the face.

The cases that require having orthognathic surgery:

  • The maxilla is overgrowth and protrudes overly.
  • Crossbite.
  • Overbite or gummy smile.
  • Muscular mandible.
  • The chin is too long or too short.
kien thuc can thiet de khac phuc ham tho mom 1
The team of surgeons at Gangwhoo is operating an endoscopic jaw surgery

Is orthognathic surgery dangerous?

For cases of malocclusion, safety and precision are the 2 important factors that must be prioritized as even the smallest mistake can affect the function of the jaw and the appearance of the customer. In addition to its time-saving nature, the safety of each surgery at Gangwhoo cosmetic hospital is also placed as the top key point.

The Lefort 1 or BSSO technique can directly affect the structure of the jaw bone, meaning that only one operation is required to bring about the symmetric bite and the harmonious look to the patient.

These are the 2 highly recommended techniques thanks to their safety, quick procedure, and outstanding aesthetics. They can surely bring out the beauty and the confidence of a client.

Bác sĩ BVTM Gangwhoo phân tích ưu điểm và lợi ích sức khỏe sau khi thực hiện chỉnh hàm móm cho bệnh nhân
The doctors at Gangwhoo cosmetic hospital analyze the health benefits of having orthognathic surgery

The technique and knowledge to deal with malocclusion

Lefort 1 orthognathic surgery for overbite

Lefort 1 orthognathic surgery is the technique used to adjust the structure of the maxilla to take care of the protruding state of the jaw, gummy smile, or maxillary complications.

When performing Lefort 1, the surgeon will create a small incision at the internal mucosa of the mouth and open up the tissue to expose the maxilla to cut and adjust it to the correct position.

Gọi tư vấn miễn phí

BSSO orthognathic surgery for underbite

BSSO is the technique used to correct the structure of the mandible, fixing the state of an underbite.

When performing BSSO, the surgeon will operate on the mandible and slide it inward so that the maxilla and the mandible are symmetrical.

Đoàn bác sĩ Hàn Quốc sang Việt Nam và làm việc tại BVTM Gangwhoo
The Koren experts visiting and working at Gangwhoo cosmetic hospital in Vietnam

BSSO and Lefort 1 – The combo to deal with both underbite and overbite

Different from the 2 surgical techniques above that require a long recovery, the 3D technique will correct all of the existing limitations.

To be more specific, the surgeon will adjust the size, length, and position of the jaw bone by making a small incision inside the mouth. The jaw angle will also be cut to ensure the aesthetic look.

kien thuc can thiet de khac phuc ham tho mom 4
The doctors at Gangwhoo cosmetic hospital worked in the Catholic University, a reputable medical school in Korea.

For cases in which underbite and overbite both exist that make the face looks less harmonious, an orthognathic surgery will be a combination of both Lefort 1 and BSSO techniques.

When performing the surgery, the surgeon will cut both the maxillary and mandibular bone to adjust it for the best look possible, bringing about the symmetrical and harmonious face for the customers.

kien thuc can thiet de khac phuc ham tho mom 5
Gangwhoo cosmetic hospital

An orthognathic surgery that combines both Lefort 1 and BSSO techniques can only be operated on customers that are above 18 as their bone structure has fully developed.

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Source: https://www.phunuonline.com.vn/kien-thuc-can-thiet-de-khac-phuc-ham-tho-mom-a1442892.html

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